Love from sky (epi 17)


A,just abort it.i want my fuggy back..i cant sacrifice her for anything
B,but abhi she wont accept that.
A,i know but what else i can do..just do what i told..
B,ok then ishu you stay here i need your can stay out.

Abhi is with teary eyes.purab and ranveer try to console him..
Bulbul and ishu are busy with operation. .
After fer hours..
B,abhi operation is done..she is out of danger can talk her after few mins..

Abhi went to pragya and sat beside her.he cares her hair and his tear drop fallen on pragya’s forhead and she wakes up.
A, you feel there any pain
P,nothing like that abhi..but what happened.why i am in a surgery room.
Abhi explained whole insident..
Pragya get up with much anger…
P,you are pranking on me.right.i know you cant abort our baby
A,pls try to understand.i have no other selection.why are you shouting at me..

P,i cant belive this disgusting can you love rude you to kill my unborn are a murder
Abhi came to pragya and touched her sholder
A,fuggy calm dowm.what else i can do to save you.
P,dont dare to touch me..stay away.. i hate are the most selfish man i ever seen..
Bulbul purab ishveer came inside and tried to console pragya..but she blame every one.
P,i am leaving Mr.abhishek..dont try to find me.

Pragya leaves from surgery room and went to her room.. she packed her all stuffs and thought for a flying object.
As soon as it appears she get in to that and

R,everything will fine abhi.just give her some time.and dont worry we can follow her becouse she took armed FO.

A,haan ranveer.but can anyone tell.. what i can do else aborting that baby..


T,hey look i got armed FO in redars.. lets scan it..
Yes… we got it.its pragya.nikhil i want your men.ask them to get in my FO and follow her..

Abhi tried to contact pragya..
A,hey fuggy i know you can hear me.i am sorry. But you can give me another chance na..

P,no yaar..though i give you another chance my baby wont please leave me alone.

A,no fuggy.. we can get him back.. we can have our baby again.but frist you must be safe na.. so come again.

P,i cant trust you abhi..sorry.. but can you please tell me how we get our baby back..

A,i told you na.. there is a way.
So come soon as you come i’ll make everything perfect like before..

P,okey…this will be your last chance.i ll come back..

Tanu also hearing this convo.. she asked nikils man to follow her.
Precap time traveling and tanu’s attack

guys i know this is too short.. sorry for that..i am suffering from cold ya.the wrost illness that i hate is whole body is paining like i was flatted by something heavy..and sneezing.,headache.. i am suffering lot bcoz this damncold… and guys thanks for commenting my vamp ff.

Credit to: tina(suha)

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