Love from sky (epi 16)


Sorrry friends… for late updates.. i ll end this in 20th epi..and letz strat new will be boooring if not

A,where is your wife man..ask her to come
R,arey dude she take more time to get ready..till she come letz begin the party..
Suddnly someone twist his ear..thats ishu..she is wearing blue and whight velvet & net saree.
Ranveer is mesmerized by his beuty .
I,how you going to enjoy party without me . Itz not fair yaar..
R,arey meri ma i’ve just asked them to start the party only..who said that i am going to enjoy without my cute ladki.
A,hey lets strat the party now…
Abhi clapped and in bg music begins…
All three couple had great romantic time..
R,ishu u stay here till the end..i am sleepy yaar.. i will go to bed
I,okey baba.before goto bed gave a will let you feel comfortble.i’ll come after few minutes..

A, stomach is paining na.. i ll come back stay here wth others.
Abhi too left.but bulbul purab ishu and pragya enjoyed the party..

After few minutes pragya comes their room and saw abhi sleeping on bed.
P,this abhi na.. he asked me to be there.but he is sleeping bad he is.
Pragya wished for the washroom and it appears.and she was hell shoked after seeing the wash room..
She walked into a haven of romance. Her mouth dropped open when washroom filled with trail of rose petals, champagne, chocolates, bubble bath dimmed lights, candles and soft music playing in the background…
Abhi came from bed, do you like this sweetherat..nothing wrong with my stomach yaar.. i make an excuse to arrenge this.Pragya turned to abhi in utter disbelief.
P,All I could think in my head was WOW
A,then come darling..itz our night
I,raveer.where are you honey..i am going to have a bath okey
But ranveer was not there..suddnly ishu’s chain vibrates.

R,i am in a trouble..coom soon
Ishu panicks with that msg and she detected the place where ranveer was and went there.
I,here i came . Where are you
Suddnly a grass land appears rose petals fallen from the sky..clouds are so near to ground and ranveer slowly came down from the clouda where he was hidden..
R,srprs to my beloved wife..
I,wow its awsm a relaxing place
R,yes i know that you love nature.and one more thing..we didnt got time to rest for few i thought to do this mission while having vaccasions.
I,good letz enjoy..
Ishu hugged ranveer and in bg some romantic songs were playing.
Bulbul slept bcos she eat lot in the party.. purab too.

In space city project area..

Tanu,nikil what the hell are you doing man.i told you na i ll give technology something to catch them before they leave here.if they left to our planet never i will get my abhi..

N,and also my machine too..he will take that with him.

T,we have time.they will leave after on month bcoz pregnt once cant travel light yers with baby in woomb.though we can hear some of their talks we can identify the place that they are

N,but i have an idea.. lets send some invisible robbots to that area with we

Can guess.when the come out we can get the idea about there hiding place.

T,ok lets try.. i will give you some robbots…

Next morning..
Abhi get up but pragya is still sleeping
A,get up fuggy .we have to do some check get ready soon.
But pragya didnt move even..
A,pragya dont do pranks on this matter ok get up.
Abhi checks pragya,s heart beat. Tears continously falling from his eyes
Bulbul come soon..her heat beat is very low..(abhi shouting)
Bulbul ishu came soon and ask abhi to keep his tablet on pragya’s stomach..
It becomes transparent and shows her baby inside her womb.
B,abhi her baby want more blood.. but she also have no sufficient blood. We have to abort this baby.if not di will….

Abhi cuts off her…

Precap pragya left abhi and underground dwelling.tanu observes that and follow pragya

Credit to: tina(suha)

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  1. Ohh god dii awesome episode orecap scares me and last part I am so worried dii upload next one faster and dii no ending we will decide afterwards coz I lo e this story to the core love u too dii tc….

    1. vaishu i ‘ll continue it but i thought to end this after they left earth.. but i ll think onece more

  2. where are u these days…..missed u a lot ya…

    by the way episode was nice sweetheart….


    1. my grany came to visit us yaar.i have to be with her.yesterdy only she left..
      whatever i didnt missed any update of your ff.. and i am really waiting for their unite.. but its taste only in suspense.. i also missed you darling.. emmy darling… i had only bro for myselt.. but now i have sis tooo… one of them is you that i love sooooooo much..♥♥♥♥ tc dear

      1. k k sweetheart……tc…..enjoy

  3. Precap Is really freaking me.out…..omg…will prags hav dat baby??r b aborted??
    Pls dont stop this ff….

    1. then i ll try to start season 2 in abhi’s planet..and tommo you will know whatz going to happen.. thanx dude fore commenting

  4. superb are they going to abort pragya child i like your ff very much dii is it okay for you to call you di

    1. sure sis .. you can call me di.. & from now i’ll call you choti.. and wait for tommo to see whatz going to happen

  5. superb are they going to abort pragya child i like your ff very much dii pls continue it di is it okay for you to call you di

  6. Its super

    1. thanq sriti..♥

  7. this different ff i like it very much n lovely thinking as abhi as alien is very nice yaaaaaaaa

    so don’t end yaaaaaaaaa pls pls…………

  8. Lovely tina dear??i missed ur ff tis much days i hve mentioned it in my ff too thank u yaar☺

  9. Superb epi…but shocking precap

  10. Superb epi and next ff? that’s great yar i m very excited plz start it soon..keep going

  11. Super episode but feeling bad for pragya

  12. Waiting for ur ff many more days…today really happy I see ur ff. episode super… recap is interesting.. what next? Really excitement

  13. Shocking precap dr

  14. Akka I am angry on u.y u didn’t update this many days. but I know u have some reason that ppl will feel bore r u may have some personal work so I forgive u.please continue this if u feel bored please come with another ff please please please

  15. Omg wat vl hpn to pragya n her baby plzzzz update next part soon yaar…

  16. Awesome Tina

  17. Superrrr yaar wat wil hapn to pragya n hr baby scary n shockng pecap yaya…….. don’t end it ya plsssss I luv ur ff plss ya if not strt season 2 soooon ya

  18. Hey superb epic pls continue… Update daily yaar….

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