Love from sky (epi 15)


Thanq to you all for reading my ff.. and sorry for the mistakes in this…

A,close your eyes fuggy.
P,ok but hold i closed..
Abhi holds her hand and took her to a hall and he took a tablet like something.
A,fuggy what is the beach that you love to go
P, Orissa Beaches. Puri.
once i went there with my dad

A,then open your eyes sweetheart..

P,woow..itz really here..amazing..
Pragya rans towards the sea.
A,arey be carefull.our baby..
P,haan i know.nothing will did you do this this beach comes here.this is 100% natural na..
there golden sand and blue water.woow..
A,its possible fuggy..there is a system which creat any envirionment which we has been introdused to reduse the stress of explores.
P,abhi i want to have a bath. Shall i.. i love this place abhi.i feel like i am flying.
A,yes you can.but with me. You are going to be a mother you have to be carefull.abhi lifts pragya while looking at her eyes..
Tere naina plays in bg..
Abhi tooks pragya to the sea.and make her to stand on his feet.pragya stand on abhis feets and hugged him tighty..
P,its bit cold here na..but i love this abhi..
Abhi shakes his hand and put it into the water..then huge wave came and fall on them slowly..
P,do that ones more abhi.. wow itz really superb yaar..
Again also abhi did the same and wave comes to shower them.he had to repeat many times.
A,enough will get cold..
P,okey but lets wait in shore..i really really love this place.
Both of them came and sit on floor.
P,abhi….. suniye
A,now what fuggy
P,i want paani
A,simple na.he took his tablet and selected paanipuri.and after having them he feeds pragya.
Pragya begins to sneez.
A,i told you you got cold..lets ho to room..
P,no i cant..there are more time to party too.i will be here.better you go now..
A,see fuggy .your clothes are already’ll get cold..itz not good to be in cold long time for pregnant mom.
Then pragya cuts abhi and undress his slowly.
P,yep i am really let me feel the warmth of your heart.
Pragya also undress herself and hugged abhi tightly.
P,now i am not cold.i love this warm abhi..
Pragya kissed abhi’s chest and closed her eyes.
A,this fuggy na..

After few hours.
Ishu,ranveer arey baba utto na.see the time.we have to go to di’s party.
Ranveer drags ishu to bed and hugged her tightly.when ishu tried to escape his grip only becomes more tight.
R,okey letz go.. but if you dress like a human,you must wear what i bought for you after we land to earth.
I,ok frist let me go.i dont know to wear that i need time baba..let me go
R,if you want to go,kiss my lips.then i will let you go..
Ishu bend towards ranveer to kiss his lips.but she just bit his nose and escaped
R,itz not fair must pay fir that.letz see it after the party.
Ishu went for dressing..

Abhigya’s room..
Abhi is getting ready.then screen shifted to the bed.pragya is sleeping and she is wearing Cream and Maroon embroidered net velvet saree with light makeup and beutifull hairstyle..
Pragya wakes up and see her self
From mirror..
P,abhi is this me.. what happened.we were on beach na.
A,haan meri ma.itz befor 3 hrs.i bought you slept 3 hrs..and i didnt wake up i dressed up you..
Dont you like this?
P,no abhi.i love care too much..

Purab is waiting in the hall and checking arrengments.bulbul comes there wearing Light pink and beige embroidered georgette saree and free hair.. purab’s mouth dropped when he saw bulbul
B,what happened yaar.why are you stand like a dumb.
Instenly purab kneeled down and looks at bulbul
Prb,meri jaan..will you marry me..

Pragya abhi and ranveer are looking at them..and the said say yes…
Purab was panicked bcoz everyone saw them.but he didnt care..
Prb,arey say yes.. my legs are paining..
Bulbul holds purab’s hand and asked him to get up.. after he stand up.. bulbul hugged him tightly.. i always say any thing for what you ask.even my life..

Pracap pragya fainted due to lack of blood.

again sorry guys if there something something more than limits.. pls tell me about my mistakes too…and if you dont like some scientafic explains pls tell me..i thought those explanation will help you to imagine what i need to express..

♥♥♥smile and act like nothing is wrongutz called dealung with life and staying strong—to emmy♥♥♥

Credit to: tina(suha)

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