Love from sky (epi 14)

Thanq friends for your valuble comments..

A,bhai look,there is a massage..


A,bulbul let them to come in.dont froget to give names to them too..

B,thanx dude for giving chance to name them.. lets let them come in frist.then i’ll name them.

Bulbul pressed some keys on wall and,that system asked for the confirmation.then she took her hair and let it be on a bord which came out from the system..

Pragya came out from the room and go towards the abhi..
P,sorry for comming here sweetheart..but itz booring to be there.what bulbul is doing with her hair
A,just confirmation your world you use fingerprint na.. but itz differant in our world.for gals we use hair.becoz each and every one hair root have itz own mass.when considering total mass of hair itz obvsly different from one another.itz more accurate than your fingerprint system.

P,oh… then what for boys?

A,we have to blow to that bord..the air comes out is differ to one another due to metabolic consist some special gases in differnt %s.that bord is sensitive to those it also accurate than fingerprint.

P,then who are they abhi?
A,wait they will tell that..

One girl and boy came to the lab with fully equipied costumes.
A,bulbul name them and fix language transmitres
P,wait bulbul.i ll name fix that language transmetres..
B,ok di..

P,mmmmm this cutie is going to be…. ishani and this hndsm is going to be ranveer.nice na?

A,haan fuggy..really nice.
Ranveer, thanq fuggy for naming us.
A,arey idiot.Call her as di or pragya.i only call her as fuggy..
Ranveer huggs abhi bul and purb.ishani too..

P,can anyone tell me whatz going here..

Purab,di both of them are our budies.but we seperated bcoz we chose to explore other planets.but these to chose to resque the ones who face trobles while exploring..they got senior ranks in our universal army too..and one thing both of them were married last century.

P,wh.. what last century? How is your life span..then how old is abhi..

A,we can live more than 100 centuries i’ve already passed 24 centuries.but dont get upset you too can live that much bcoz we completed your transmit sergery succesfully.

P,then pls just tell long our baby takes to come out..

A,just only 1month fuggy..

B,baby?? That mean di is pregnent.
Bulbul picks a bag of ishani and throws it to abhi..
You idiot didnt tell us..i wont spear you..
I,arey pagali dont do that again.there is a Beta particle means High energy, high speed electronsor positrons emitted by certain types of radioactive nuclei.dont touch my bag again.

A,sorry guys.before inform it to you alarm i came here.
Prb,sorry is not enough.we need a party..
A,okey bro.. but why you cane here ranveer.who send you .
R,itz your mom only.she told us to protect her bahu. From tanu.thatz why we both came.
P,wow.. how sweet my motherinlaw.this much consern.
A,then mom know about this na.
I,though you are far fae away from you she know everything about you.

R,di take this.itz from your mother in law..
Ranveer gave her a lil box made with pure gold.
Pragya opens that box like a small girl who is unwrapping a ice cream.
P,abhi look what is this.its a neckles with a large red gem.woow..pragya wears it with a wide smile.abhi there is a note.i cant read this letters..can you please
Abhi translates it..
A,my dear pragya beti.. this is the most presious gift i got from my mother in i will gift this to you to show my love to you.and think me as your own mom and call me by her name.i am waiting for you and my little grandson.ranveer and ishu will protect you untill you come to me.
With love,your sarala ma..

Pragyas eyes becomes wet and ishu wipes them.
I,dont cry di.think your mom is back.can anyone show a room to us.itz very tired yaar.we came from billions of light years away from this planet.till anyone didnt asked us to sit even.very bad..

Bulbul,come with me ishu.i ll show you a room which is near to di’s room.
Trio went and purab too go behind them..
A,so fuggy..what do you think now
P,i am really lucky to have you and have my mom back..
A,abhi hugged pragya and kept his chin on pragyas head..
Letz have a party at evening..
Untill then letz go to beach to have a walk.itz good to my baby.
P,beach.itz very far from here na.though it didnt take much time to travel it wont be good to our baby..
A,i know baba.beach is inside this.
P,inside this? Beach?

Precap.. romantic sea bath.

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