Love from sky (epi 13)

Specially dedicated to my choti bahan krithika…
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Nxt day morning..
Prgya wakes before everyone and have a bath..then she walk around the lab..itz with main countrol room which is fulled with computers,5 bedrooms,gym,and a modern kitchen too..
Pragya wnt to the kitchen and using food tablet she got all the food items need for a kitchen..

After couple of hours
P,suniye.. get up baba..itz already 9.30 na..letz go to havd breakfast.itz boring to be hear all the time
A,arey fuggy pls let me.. last night also you didn’t let me to sleep..
P,chup lier..get up now.. if not i ll let you to have a bath here itself.
A,arey meri ma here i wake up.. now what should i do..
P,come with me.. i’ll show you.

Pragya drags abhi to the kitchen..

P,taaarrrra…. brkfast.i made all these dishes for you..
A,wow fuggy i thought that you only know to eat. Smell is realy good..
Pragya serve to abhi and sat beside him.purab and bulbul too came there and sat to have breakfast.
Abhi drags pragya to him and gave a kiss to her hand..
A,itz very yummmy fuggy.your hand deserve this kiss
B,haan di,i havent eat this much tAsty foods never..upto now i’ve explored 23 planets..but there foods are not taste like this..

P,abhi give me one second..
Pragya ran to washroom.and Vomited..
(Pragya to herself, oh no whats going to happen now… )
Pragya looks at her on mirror,and then she looks at her belly… she smiled to her self..
She thought to disappear the washroom but unfortunatly she is about to fall but abhi catched her..
Pragya closed her eyes for a while and abhi lift her & kept her on the bed.
A,are you fine fuggy,you ate too much last night..may be that why you vomit.
(By kissing pragya’s forhead)
Rest for a while,i’ll back with medicines..
Pragya holds abhi’s hand..
P,suniye.. when you come please bring row mangos and tamarine too.. i want them
A,okey but why fuggy? I cant understand enything..
P,ok then mention what i thought when i was kidnapped.. you read my mind na..
A,alien babies..
P,yes abhi.. you got the point..i am so happy today..

Pragya huggs abhi tightly with a wide smile in her face.. but when screen shifted to abhi’s face he is just crying…
His tear drop fallen to pragya’s sholder.
P,are you crying sweethheart.but why.. aren’t you happy..
Pragya brokes the hug and wipes abhi’s face.
A,this can’t be happen fuggy.. you cant give birth to this baby..
Pragya shattered with those words.she stood from the bed..
A,how dare you to talk like that ha?i thought you are a loving caring husband.. but i am totally wrong.please i want be alone.leave here..
A,listen will die if this happen.i cant lose you..
P,tell me directly.
A,i also want to be a father.but more than that i want you. You know na,we removed your own blood And pure my blood.. till your body didnt adopt to my blood type.and till your body didnt started to make new bloodcells.if you need this baby,it will need lot volume of blood to grow inside your will you fulfill that required amount of blood without having enough blood for you even?

P,oh just calm.bulbul is here na.i’ll find a way.. i want this baby to come to this world..pls let me abhi.pls i beg you
A,okey but there”s one condition.if something happened to even a small thing you must abort this.. deal?
But again dont utter that much unlucky words…

Abhi make pragya to sit again and kissed her belly with lots of love..and he kept his head on pragyas lap..pragya caresses abhi’s hair by singing sanam re…

Warning alarm begins to ring.
Abhi ask pragya to wait on bed and ran to the control room.
Purab and bulbul too came
Prb,look some one is there.. seems to be somewhat intelectual guys.they have modern equipments too..

A,take cameras closer.bulbul scan them with our new scan machine.
B,new machine? Whatz it.i dont know guys..
Prb,are pagali itz made to scan even cromosones.genes.. itz done by xrays.. in this planet x rays are useing in hospitals.but still theu havent invented other uses of x rays.

A,stop explainig dude..just do whay i say.. i have doubht on them bcoz their new gadjets.hey look they have a gun which can used to stop moving objects too.
(Abhi to computer) give me more data about their wepons.

Computer,sir they have mini robbots with them.they can destroy any electric equipments.. even artifical inteligent like me too.. and they have two war trucks..those are in that ladies bag and they turns to trucks when they needed.and two flying objects,redars and unidentified modern gadjets are with them.sorry sir i cant identify then bcoz they already secure them self from indentfying.

Prb,what to do now.if they find us.who are they

Massage appears on screen.
Precap €£₩~%¥££₩%£€€£₩%%£¥₩€€££¥¥£¥₩₩¥£¥₩₩₩£££

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