Love from sky (epi 12)

Four of them came to the underground lab..
B,so bhabi how you feel now
P,bit fine bulbul.but i feel dificulity in walking..
B,oh then let me check it..
Bulbul checks pragya’s BP,BMR,Heart beat etc..
B,dont worry bhabi.u will adapt to you have abhi’s blood in your body.itz bit light thn your you must have dificulity in walking till your blood density adapt to gravity of earth.have rest for few days..then easily you’ll bear your new heart beat rate,metabolic late,weight blood pressure etc..
P,you are a docter.right?
A,yes fuggy.she is. She awarded best young docter in our world.hey na purab(abhi asked in teasing manner)
Purab,bhai why dont you take your wife to room and make her’ll be good na.. then we can discuss about our enimies.
A,haan fuggy lets go.. you need some rest.

Abhi and pragya went to their rooms while purab and bulbul going to have their dinner.abhi makes pragya to sit on bed.
A,honey you are hungry right?
P,bit baba.i know you are hungry too.give me my food tablet.i’ll select something.
A,no i’ll select.letz eat something healthy okey.
P,okey. But dont ask me to eat your healthy all by yourself.i am going to sleep
A,hey select anything you want.but dont sleep in hungry..
P,hee hee thatz my sweet hubby..i love you soo much..
A,enough some thing to eat
P,okey then letz eat Chicken Biriyani and jalebi and gulab jamun.
A,okey as your wish..
Pragya texted for two portions from them
A,woww realy yummmy our planet we used eat healthy foods.those are not like this.there is a catogary of foods accroding to itz nuetritional value %.nutrients are the main.not the taste.thatz why our people are healthy. But i love foods in earth too..
Abhi is continously speaking while eating.then he just looked at pragya.. she finished her portion and already had her second portion too…

P,why abhi,is there any thing wrong..
A,no no carry on.(with widen eyes)
(How could anyone eat this much,luckily we had these food tabs to eat without spending money like in earth.if i am a odinary man doing job in earth,cant imagine what kind of job suits me to feed her.. )abhi thinks..

P,no need to do a job yaar.just make foods for me being at’ll be nice na

A,what fuggy?? Did you here what i said?that mean you too can read minds.
P,haan.why i also like extra odinary young it sounds good na??
A,haan haan.. actully fuggy i’ve thought to make you like us after reach my planet.but it happens before.any way thanx to luck.. nothing happened to you.

P,look abhishek i cleaned our room by controling gravity..nice na
A,yes fuggy.. letz have a bath and go to bed.. i am so sleepy yaar.
P,you are so lazy man..i wont let you to sleep today..
Pragya pushes abhi and he fell on d bed..pragya in mind odered for some songs from the room.
Manwa lage plays in bg..
Then she jump to the bed and came on to abhi..and sit on his belly..
A,fuggy what are you doing..
Pragya holds abhi on His shirt coller and pull towards her till his face come close to her face ..
P,i hate you… i hate you are going to die now.
Abhi looks at pragya and shakes her
A,arey fuggy what happened? You hate me? I am your something happend with treatments.oh no…

P, yes youare the one who i hate mostly in this world.

A,hey what are you talking..(abhi tries to get up.but pragya didn’t let him)
P,(laughing like gone mad)
Heeee heeee arey pagal.itz just a joke yaar.hee heee idiot..
Pragya took abhi’s hand and kissed it with so much love. How can i hate my lovely are my everything abhi. But i love the way that your face changes when i say i hate you..very funny

A,you are kidding me right? Then you must pay for this..
Then abhi drags pragya to him and huggs tightly and kissed her lips for few minites.
A,how is that is your idiot’s kiss
P,thank god.if you kissed me little more surely i’ll die bcoz lack of oxygen.that much tight grip.still my bones are paining.
A,thatz the revenge pagal played prank with me you want more,?
P,no i will give you more..
This time pragya cups abhi’s face tighly and kissed his lips without letting him to have even single breath.
And she odered the rooms to turn off light in mind..

A,oh mery ma..what a romantic kiss.. i want more..
Abhi pushes pragya to bed and come on to her .
P,arey you are too heavy.. i cant bear.i am going to die
A,Shhhhh… dont shout.if you shout like this alarm system will turn on’ll spoile our i get off from you.
P,romance?you told that you are sleepy na
A,but not now..
Abhi put blanket over them and started romance…. with his fuggy

P, i want raw mango and tamarine.

sorry for late update friends… and if this is booring again sorry…

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  1. not boring yaaaa really nice n

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  2. Epi is awesome. Eagerly waiting for next one.

  3. Ohh darling its jst fabulous????no words but y u thought its boring and dnt upload tis much days very bad yaar nxt time if u think its boring i ll kill u idiot???anyway so cute abhigya scene loved it thank u but pls update regularly ma☺

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  7. Hey tina y u think like this its really a awesome epic. and pls uploadot regularly… Waiting for next epic…

  8. Hey tina y u think like this its really a awesome epic. and pls uploadot regularly… Waiting for next update…

  9. Hey tina y u think like this its really a awesome epic. and pls uploadot regularly…

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