Love from sky (epi 11)

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Thanq friends for commenting and really sorry if i hurt you.but trust me i never let you to worry..& i completed my 10th epi succesfully.. thank to you all again.
They came to the place it seems to be like bit urban both of them get off their FO disappears.

P,abhi is this the place?how can we find the building that they are in..
A,look at this fuggy.this the object wich follow the signals emitted by find the building we have to follow this rays.. it will strech to the point which signals are emmiting..but rays are only seen by the person who have this gadjet in his hand only..
P,oh.. i got it.and let me guess.these rays are strech towards the signals becoz of i right..
A,yes fuggy.. thatz it.i think we came near.please be alert and always stand behind me okey..

Both of them entered to a building..few men are comming towards them with wepons.pragya hides behind to abhi and hold from his waist..
A,fuggy dont be scared.this is nothing to me..wear that invisible jacket.hurry up..
Pragya wears invisible jacket without uttering anyword.abhi was looking at pragya till she becomes safe.suddnly some one hardly hits abhi from behind.
A,hey Mr.i’ll froget this and offer you one chanse to run and escape with your henchman.
Man,hahaha,acting like hero.. not bad.comeon boys finish him..

All came near to abhi and sorrounded him.abhi kneeled down and bent his head towards earth bit.. in the next second all the goons were thrown here and there like toys.most of were them injured.abhi took a 4n like something from his bag and plays jabra fan song.
Amd he began to dance for the music.

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Pragya also looking at him in damn shocking.that much funny and suberp dance just like sharuk khan.but she didnt ask anything becoz he is enjoing it.
Again fight started.. insted of injured one others came to the battle field.abhi welcomed them while dancing and treat them in the same manner.when the song finished all the goons were here in the floor which is reddish by their blood..praga came out from the jacket.
P,you okey na?but what hapenned to their guns..i saw them at frist.
A,of course fuggy.i am fine.guns are mostly made by using ferrous and copper na.i just melted them.
P,hey abhi why did you dance that a technic of fighting.
A,arey pagali i just have some know what i love that song and that actor very much.after i came to earth i watched his all moves
P,having fun while fighting.what a alien.. so now what.
A,lets go inside one is there as the redars.but purab and bulbul is there.

They went to the room which purab and bulbul are kept by the kidnappers. Abhi broke the passward and opened that chamber.
Purab and bulbul came out from that and hug abhi and pragya.
Prb,thank god. We are escaped. Lets go now.. if not they will come.
a,,they? Who did this yaar
B,letz move from here frist.then talk about that.pls abhi i dont want to be here any more.
A,tell me purab.who did this.
Prb,itz non other bro.itz th..

Before purab completes the sentense someone shoot pragya.. yes its thanu.

A,you?? Dirty B**ch.wht did you done. Of something happen to my fuggy i wont spare you.

T,ha ha ha ..what great love.just froget her abhi.come to me.she is already diying.this wont hppend to her if you accepted my see you are the one who responsible for her death..
A,leave here before i kill you. I ll look after you tanu.purab lets take her to the out side.she needs pure air.i bought some medicines.lets treat her. Help me bulbul.she was fainted.
T,dont waste your time one can save her.cant you remember the gun that i made for our exibition.i made a gun to hunt creatures in other planets. But my dad disqulified that.this is the same gun that i’ve made.. no one can save her. Hahaha.i am waiting in my space ship. You come there. I will be waiting for there letz talk about our mrg and that machine..

Thanu disappears.
Abhi bul and pur brought pragya outside and started to treat her.

Bulbul,abhi her heart beat getting low.her blood is poisened.we cant save her in this condition.we need sterile conditions.
Prb,yeh we need to remove her blood and pure that same blood group from begin.
A,no i cant let her something bulbul.your the best younger docter in our planet na. Pls pls do some thing.

Prb,her heart beat becomes very may be her last breath.
Abhi slaps purab hardly
A,dont dare to talk like that.. this is the last warning.. bulbul give me a selain tube and two canuelas..
B,abhi what are you going to do..
A,i am going to donate her my blood.. our blood can resist to this poisoned chemicals.hurry up dude.
Prb,but whai if her body refused your blood.i mean if it dismatched.
Abhi shouted very angrily.shat up me to save her insted of talking..

Abhi cut her wrist with tears.. it begings to bleed..
And he pinned one canulae to him and another one to her..and begings to give blood..
A,i never let you to die fuggy.. i asked you to stay there.. but you… you came with me na. I didnt save you.. i broke my promise..

B,hey be strong.everything will be okey.see her bleeeding.i think her own blood is in out now.. and your blood is in inside .see blood colour turns to pink as ours..

Prb.i think she cant breath properly.. see here.she breath with much difficulity.
A,no no no no you cant leave me fuggy.. please dont pls pls..

Pragya stops breathing…bulbul and purab looks at abhi with tears im their eyes ..

A,i am the one who responsible for this.i dont want to live without my beloved wife.guys i am leaving.pls dont follow me or search me.our mission on earh is over now.

Abhi started to walk from there.purab and bulbul didnt stop him bcz he need some time to be alone. But at ones…pragys duppatta comes in air and wraped on abhis hand which is s bleeding due to the canulae.. abhi cant understan anything.then he looks backword and shoked by what he saw..
Pragya is standing infront of him..

P,hey why are you shoked my sweet alien..i also can control the gravity now.i have your own blood na..

Abhi cries like a kid who lost his mom in park and after few hours he got her..
He runs to his fuggy and gave a bone crushing hug..(slow motion guys) sanam ray in bg
.pragya slowly lossened abhis grip and wipe his tears and hugged him again..

Bulbul and purab also hugged with the tears of happy… and the came to sense and immedietly broke the hug….

A,hey man i saw that..carry on.. hahaha (teasing manner)

Bulbul and purab hugged again and allah wariyan plays in bg…

P,abhi let me wrap my wrist.. its paining yaar. I am fine are my cute baby stop crying..i am always wth you as i promise.for that i can fight even with my death.

Precap p,please stay away from me..& yes you are the one who i hate mostly in this world.

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