Love from sky (epi 10)

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This epi is dedicated to my best friends dimple,saranya,reshma pradeep,rithu,bakyashir,karthika,abhigya,tharu,monesha,sugan,lawanya(ranveer’s),lakshmi,krithika,durga,varsha,di,maya,reena & emmy.. all we were separated country wise,nation wise,rilligion wise,ethnic wise,race wise,tradition wise… etc.but blessings from my dear friends and carings proved that we all are the same kind homo sapiens. Thanq every one for the kindness..

Previwe.Abhi and pragya sleeping peacefully.abhi’s chain vibrates continously..

Suddnly the room begins to vibrate. It makes abhi to jump from the bed.. and he wears his cloths..
A,stay in this room.. whatever happens dont come out okey..
P,what happens abhi.please dont leave. I also comewith you
A,no fuggy stay here.this happens only when there is something dangerous happens.. i ll inqure about that . Till you stay here.
P, ok as your wish.but take care abhi.coom soon
Abhi went hurrily to the control room..he sits on a chair and ask main computer to turn.(it turn on only when abhi and purab ask)
A,why this alarm rang show me what happend.
COmputer,there’s a massage for you sir. Its from purab sir.he is in a troble.
A,oh shit.. why didnt you inform me.just open it damn idiot.
(Then abhi realized that fuggy removes his chain when bathing)
Oh i totally frogot na.. now what to do.
Computer, here is the massege sir.

Video is started.. dark room shown.but abhi identified that two are there non other than purab and bulbul.purab talk in very low pitch

P,bhai why didn’t you react tho the chain.i tried my best to contact they took my chain also.i am talking from bulbuls hair clip.till i dont know who done this.. but trap the signals of this massage.then u’ll be able to find us.but please comesoon.i am damn sure they are going to use us for their test.ah one more thing dont bring di here.she wont be able to bear these..

A,abhi is super shoked after the mg..
Fb is shown.
In abhi’s planet.
Abhi purab and bulbul sitting on a table while making some gadjets.
A,i am ready guys.what about you.
P,i also finished. I cant wait for the exibition.. letz see who will win this time.
B,ufff. Pls shut your mouths yaar. I cant consentrate on this.
A,what is the thing that you are going to exbit ha?
B,see this is hair clip..
Abhi and purab begins to laugh loudly.. bulbul is staring at them.
B,arey idiots.. look @ this.this is not a normal hAirclip.this can transmit radio signals. But only to one cab trap it and theres a micro cam also.can send vedios too.and i added a invisible chip from my food tablet too.
A,ha ha ha do you think itz useful ha? Theres no war why we transmit signals secreatly.
B,haan haan i know.but guys don’t froget we are planning to join planet exploring mission na. So this can be now tell me what you both have made
P,i made this for My to be wife.when i leave here for the mission i’ll send massages to my wife through this.though where i am i will appearo live infront of her.we can even hugg.. kiss…
Bulbul is blushing..abhi too noticed that.
A,enough for now pura.. just see what i have made.a invisible jaket..
B,woow abhi.. how did you do this..
A,itz nothing yaar.. just arranged air particles in the shape of jaket and inseterd nano titanium gives the tragidity but itz invisible.

Fb ends.
Abhi turns to go to their room and inform fuggy about this.but pragya already standing behind him
P,abhi dont worry. Lets find them.i am here with you na.. pragya cares abhis hair smoothly..
A,haan i know fuggy.. but i only going to find them.. you have to be one can harm you when you are here..
P,no i want to come with promised to be with me in every pls dont try to stop me.
A,no i said must be more talks on this matter.
Pragya sat on the floor and kept her chin on abhis leg by looking at his eyes direclty with teary eyes like a puppy begging something to eat… sanam re plays in bg
Abhi cups her face
A,you are realy clever yaar.. you blackmailed me imotionaly.ok get ready to go with me.but you have to obey my words okey.
P,okey captain.. i am ready.but to where we have to go.. by what..
A,i’ve catch the place.. itz more than 200km from here.
P,oh then those kidnappers must have to use helicopters to travel that distance in few could we go there.Do you have helicopters here.
A,arey fuggy dont mind. We have so many kinds of flying objects here.your people call them ufo na.your father is the one who is under duty of researching them.
P,haan i know abhi. Lets go now.. no time to waste.

Both of them get ready to go.
A,fuggy you have to wear this chashma. Here take it
P,no abhi pls its not matching to me yaar i ‘ll keep it with me and use it when needed.
A,okey do that by being here.dont come with me fuggy.. here i am leaving. Bye.. take care..

Abhi packed his bag and took something like remote.suddnly a ovale shape small object appears infront of him. He pressed some keys and then that object becomes large which has enough space for few men.. then itz topper part opened with a bright light which cant seen in directly..
Abhi kept his frist step in to that and looked for his fuggy..
Pragya is not there.. abhi gets down and searched every where.. then only he felt some one is in the flying object..
A,this fuggy na.. how you got in to this ha. I didnt see even..
P,ha ha ha.. i am your wife abhi.. so i have right on your technology. So i used your unvisible jacket.its really amazing yar.itz very light.even i dont feel that i am wearing something.
A,is that so Mrs.invible.what to do.. this humans na.. ok ok letz go now..

Its in the FO(flying object)

Its just like a small room.few seats are there and one side is totally made wuth glass fibers.and theres a huge keybord.that glass fiber works as the screen of the machine..
P,abhi pls catch me if i fainted.. i cant even imagine anything about your technology.woooow !!!
A,hahaha there are so many things that you even dont know.. just leave it. Have your seat belts. We are going to fly…

FO rotates around itz own axis in high speed but it didnt felt to the ones who are inside.. then it disapperas…

P,hey abhi where a we..whats that.. oh no.. dont say that itz earth and we are in space..
A,yep fuggy we are in space.. 20000km above from the place we settled.. here look.. when we need to reach any place it comes to 20000km above as much as possible speed. Then it calculates the long and lat and reach that place in same speed..
Speed is preventing us from seen by humans. Thatz y we come this much distance and go back.. then no one can see us n catch us from redars.

Precap pragya’s last breath

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