Love from sky (epi 08)


Friends… please let me know of your interesting is going down okey.. then only i can do something na.

After the rituals four of them came to the underground lab.abhi makes pragya sit on a flying chair.
A,keep balance fuggy.this is just like norml chair but when you need to go somewhere just use this stick and bend to the side that you need to go.

P,ok abhi bt how can i control speed..
A,its automatically conected to the brain fuggy.directly to the itz speed will act as your wish.and dont worry about the hight it gose just only few inches above from the surface bcoz it moves by making combination of electrostatic charges of earth and this metal surface.

P,ok but dont take this as excuse okey.. always be with your wife.
A,arey fuggy i am always with you na. But the matter is i cant lift you always becoz you are too heavy like baby my fitness i can lift two adult elephants for three hours without any tired. But you… i dont know why your getting this much heavy

P,achcha… then let me decrease my weight…
(Pragya started to chase abhi by sitting on flying chair.purb and bulbul comes to there)
P,arey bhai stop your fightings.lets talk about that robbot yaar..
B,of course. We are too late even now abhi. Dont froget our main target
A,ufffo.why dont you let this newly married couple be free . This is not fair guys.anyway bring that mogAmboo here and activate that truth senser chip
(Purap just click on air..and a transparent screen apperas on there.he clicks some symbols and with that clone robbot appears wth the ray cycle)

P,abhi she is very pritty na.. that mean i also… ha ha ha
A,no fuggy.if you cant see trough this rays just wear that chasma.. this robbot is fare than you and her nose is cute.
Pragya looks at abhi wth teasing look..
B,arey ma pls don’t start again.i am realy tired of seeing your booring fights..
Prb,i also agree with you. Now letz talk to robbot..
A,haan tell me where you from
Who made you
Whats your mission

Why did you came with me..
DOP, i made in sky lab of space city project.and nikhil and thanu are the ones who made is from thanu.. my mission is to marry you and then kill pragya.
A,thanu?? Who is she
DOP, she is from your planet.her name is @##$₩£€% .and Mr nikhil name him as thanu.
Prb,i know who she is. Dont you remember abhi? He is the doughter of the chairperson of MEP.onece you slapped here bocouse she try to behave wrong with you.
Abhi,haan i can remember.but why she came here
DOP,becouse she needs abhi..and she dont want to let abhi to marry other girl.
Bulbul,then why nikhil help her
DOP,Bcoz he need to know about that machine and find it.abhi is the only one who know that.
A. I can understand two villans are holding their hands together to destroy us.. ok. Letz c

Purab destroy this robbot and give me a full detail file about this robbots tech..
Prb,k bro….
Bulbul and i ll do that.. abhi one more thing..
Bulbul and i desided to go outside for walk. And explore the nature.. can we??
A,yeh…sure purab. But be carefull and always ware your chain and bracelet. We can commiunicate then only both go. I’ll manage here.. but take care

Precap purab and bulbul are missing

Guys i ll going to continue this if you are realy like this only.sorry if i heart you.. actualy i dont know wht you think about this.sometimes i feel this is 100% commody and useless ff becouse it cant be true.. anyway i ll continue this if i felt positive about your feelings. Sorry for short epi..

Credit to: tina

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  12. Reshma Pradeep

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