Love from sky (epi 07)


Episode 6

Hi friends….

Abhi went to pragya’s room and sat on her soon as pragya saw him,she move to oppesite side which abhi sat.
P,why did you came here.your best friend is there na.go go be with her.i am fine here
A,areey baba.. dont get angry.itz not go for human health.i’ll introduce our world there’s no any continents,countries,boundaries,walls like china great wall… only one continent,only one country,one nation.. and our inter relationships are better than humans becouse we love and care each’ll be easily understand when we go to our planet.. so in there me,purab,and bulbul works together in mean universe exploring mission.. while that we met your father i’ll explain it later okey?but i need to rell you that bulbul is the best friend of me and my bro.and as i geuss both of them are in love.
P,i dont need your excuses abhi.. just leave me alone. And i want to know one thing. Why cant you read their minds too. As you did to me..
A,i dont want to disterbs anyones privacy fuggy. I did it on you bcz you r part of me.i know that you are angry
with me. But i asked you to stay on tree..
P,hmm now legs are painig. I need to sleep.
Abhi stands while thinking “this fuggy na..i know she was jelous at me and bulbul”
P;arey arey Mr alien.. how dare you to think that i am jelous at you and bulbul.i am angry with you only becoz you frogot me when you meet your friend.
A,wooooooowwwww… you too can read Minds na.. thats the benifit of having alien bodygurd with you.really grear yaar
P,i cant read minds abhi..only your becoz i am your part na(pragya with puppy dog eyes)
A,now have rest fuggy..and dont lie me again about pain in the can’t be pain.accroding to the our medicines it heel the woonds without anypain.and i i’ve increased the pain killers consentration of the mediciens bcoz you are a that?
(I know fuggy you are still angry with me. But wait surprice is on the way.)
Abhi came out of pragyas room wth the ideas to surprice her.

A,purab.. bulbul.. come here guys.. here have these things . You have to wear this for my wedding.and bulbul pls help my fuggy to dress this okey.. and one more thing.give smthing to eat her.
(Abhi gave shervani to purab and kanchivaram two sarees to for her n another one for pragya)
Bulbul: ok abhi.. i ‘ letz get ready boys
(Bulbul came to pragys room)

Bulbul,hi are you now.. seems to be fine na
P:of crs i cant walk still.
B,oh just froget that.abhi is with you na.he’ll lift you to anywhre that you wish to go. Shall we eat some thing

P,good idea.i am really hungry.but is there any thing to eat.
B,why not sis.actually i dont now any kind of food in this take this and text the name of things that you prefer to eat.
(Bulbul gave a plaine glass to pragya.and theres keybord on it.just like transparent tablet pragya text Kebab and 2 Paneer Pizza and 2 choclate lava
Cakes as desert.then that glass began to vibrate and green light came out from it as flasher(just like in phone) in the next second Kebab and Paneer Pizzas and cakes appears infront of pragya..
P,hey bulbul how this happen.what is this gadjet.awsm yaar..can i have any food like that.woooowww..
B,of course.. you can have any our world each and every person have one like this.. i you like this keep it with you..
P,thanq bulbul..i love i can eat every thing that i like to eat.but can yoy tell me how this happen.
B,hey these foods are very tasty na.i’ve never had this much tasty di..yummmy…
This is nothing di.when we text some food nano particles vibrates in high speed and emit green colour light detect the basic material structure that we neet to eat and nano particles vibrate till it build up the whole food item that we selected.thatz the thing happening..
P,very interesting yaar. Your technology is awasm..
B,prgya di.. here is your saree.. abhi gave this.i dont know to wear this.but you can help me na.
P,sorry bulbul,i also dont know to wear this.but lets do one thing.we can use the internet.there are guiding videos do we both can wear..

After few hours..
Abhi and purab waiting for the girls.the both look handsom with shervanis
Frist bulbul came to there.she is wearing black colour saree with golden boder…and heavy make up.. purab is looking at her without blinking and with opened mouth..
B,shut your mouth purab.else all
Human will come to know that
a dirty alien who don’t brush his mouth have come to earth
Prb,itz very bad joke yaar.where’s our sis in low
A,ill take both go to the mandap.

Abhi went to the pragyas room. She was sitting on the bed wearing maroon color saree with white perls.. abhi is mesmerized by her beuty and he didnt took his eyes from her.
A,are abhi what are you doing by standing thre.. come lets go to the up.eclips is comming near yaar.
Then abhi came to the senses

A,ok sweety letz go… i need to say one thing.your are the most beutiful girl that i ever seen in this universe.
(Pragya is blushing.. her cheeks become reddish like rose pettles…)
Come.. letz go..
(Abhi lift pragya from his strong arms by looking at pragya.prAgya kept her head on abhi’s chest and put her both hands arround abhi’s neck.sanam re plays in the bg) they both came to a large hall which is full of computers..
P,why we came here abhi
A,your surprice is in here fuggy.. wait

Suddnley a big screen appears..after few sconds.. pragya hears a familier voice to her..
A,look at it yaar..itz your to him.itz a video call with him
P,no i dont want.he left me na.i am angry with him.
Mr viwek.. beti,how are you..i know that you are angry with me.but i did althese thing for you.we’ll talk lAter about them.i need to wish you pragya.i am so unlucky becouse i haven’t chanse to be with you.but be strong.abhi is the best person in the universe for you.(pragya starterd to cry)dont cry meri
I bachchi.abhi’ll tell you everything and then hooe you’ll understand me.. my blessing is always with both of you..

Vdo call disconnected.. abhi wipes pragyas tears..

P,thanq abhi.. you are the one who gave me the best surprice.i love you abhi..
Pragya kisses every inch in abhis face..

A,now smile fuggy.. lets go up and complete the rituals..
They both entered to a huge glass box and at second they both disappears from there and appears on earth..

P,areey this much decorations.. wow… itz really nice abhi
A,credits must go to my bro.. comeon purab lets start..

Abhi lighted the fire..
And he lift the pragya and strted to do saptapadi.. pragya is on abhis hand..he is looking at abhis eyes.. abhi also looking at pragyas eyes..

A,fuggy i promise i be with you till my last breath left mr.. i promise you that never i wont leave you.i will face all your problems behalf you.i promise you i’ll love you forever…
Pragya tighten her grip and wipes her tears in abhi’s shervani..
P,i too promise abhi.. i ll love you forever..

Bulbul,what are they doing purab..
Burab.. itz indian ritual chulbul.
B, what.. chulbul nahi.. bulbul.. its bulbul.. why are they doing this..
P,this is called saptapadi.most

mportant ritual. It is called the seven step ritual, where each step corresponds to a vow groom makes to bride, and a vow the bride makes to groom. The vows are pronounced in Sanskrit in long form, or short quicker form, sometimes also in the language of the groom and bride. In many weddings, Saptapadi is performed near a fire; and after each of the seven oaths to each other, the groom and bride perform the ritual of agnipradakshinam – walk around the fire, with the end of their garments tied it??
B.. wow nice explaing.

Before she complete the sentense purab turns off the lights of decorations.and same second eclips occor and moon disappears..then abhi make pragya to sit and throw some cristal like things into the fire..then insted of yellow colour fire lighten up with seven colours.. it’s brightness streach towards the sky and throughout the forest for few minutes.. and abhi enchanted a outh loudly. After that he took a small sharp instrument like knife and cut his thumb himself..
Pragya shouts with exitement..
A,abhi why did you do that.. look itz bleeding.. pragya took abhi’s finger and about to suck that woond(as i know bleeding will stop then guys)

A,no pragya.. let it bleed.its our traditions..
And he put few blood drops to fire.. suddnly the colourful fire becomes only red… pure red..

A,look fuggy.. this is the proof.. proof for my love.itz real and true for you..
We do this in our marrages. When we put blood like this and if the flame becomes red that mean love is pure and true..
I’ve prooved you now my live is true for you..

Suddnly pragya took her hair clip and pinched to her thumb.

Abhi shouted with anger.
A,who ask you to cut your self ah?why dont you care about your self
P,abhi i also want to prove that my love for you.please make the fire colourful..

Abhi put some crystals to fire with very angry face… (this fuggy na.always do what ever she want to do.. it may be the way of human girls)

Pragya put few blood drops to the fire…. and this time too it becomes pure red..

By looking at that abhi kisses pragyas forhead and tie the manglasuthra and place kumkum on her forehead… and eclips become over and moon appears…

Precap thanu? Who is she?

Sorry.. this is tooo long frien ds and may be booring.. thanx for commenting and supporting dears..

Credit to: tina

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