Love from sky (epi 06)


When life put you in tough situations dont say “why me”.just say “try me”
Hi friends…
Abhi when to pragya’s house asap..and he break the lock and took prgya once she huggs abhi..
P,abhi i am so scared.i cant bear these things any more.i didn’t got chnce to take that chasma.sorry abhi.there a another girl she looks l..
Abhi cuts her off and kisses her forhead and huggs her again..
A,every thing is ok baba.dont worry..letz go from stop are my good girl na.nothing will happen to you. Sit here for a while. I ll pack all your stuffs okey??
Abhi makes pragya to sit and he stands near her.abhi use his gravity changing power to pack pragyas stuff in car within few minutes.till abhi do that pragya hang on abhis arm with stressed face like a kid who always hang on her mom’s hand

A,shall we move fuggy.. aree smile sweety.. i want to see your smile always.itz like power booster to me..when i am with you,you no need to be streesed..becouse i ll bear evey pain behalf of you and protect you like a shield. So smile now..
P,you makes me cry you love me this much. Do i deserve this much nice you are i love you abhi. I love you forever.
Both of them get in to car and left the house

P,where are we going abhi.. why dont we go to the temple.
A,wait pragya letz do rituals at night. Tll then letz go my home. It’llbe more safe..
P,do you have a home in earth too.. then who is that girl abhi..
A,actually itz not a home fuggy.itz just a lab we used To place on other planets when exploring them.we evacuate it when we are leaving..that girl is just a robbot clone.i’ll tell more about that after reach there.
P,you told ‘we’ there any one with you
A,of course fuggy.itz my one and only bro.i named him as purab after came here.i thought to introduse him before mrg but everything get ruined na.
Both of them reach to that previous forest.when the walk inside to the forest abhi hears some ones foot steps..
A,fuggy stop.. dont move.soneone is following us.
P,what..i dont hear anything abhi
A,you wont hear fuggy.i can here even ultra echo sound.itmean

sound waves withfrequencies higher than the upper audible limit of humanhearing. Ultrasound is no different from ‘normal’ (audible) sound in its physical properties, except in that humans cannot hear it. This limit varies from person to person and isapproximately 20kilohertz(20,000 hertz) in healthy, young adults.
P,areey meri ma pls stop your explaing.i hate p6.
A,very bad joke a doughter of such a scienstis how could you hate p6
Anyway come to me.hold me from your both hands.
As pragya done that abhi just kick the floor and they both began to move up(slow motion friends)pragya tighten her grip more and looks at abhi also looking at here their eyes met with each other.. eye lock happens and sanam ra supported this romantic moment from bg.
Abhi come to sense when he hit by branch
A,this tree is tall enough. Lets sit here. No one can see us..
P,abhi how did you that. I mean how we move up.great yar.. i also wand to be like you.
A,itz very simple fuggy i just loosed the bond btwn air particles and then pressure decrease automatically .then we can move against gravity
P,i got more sciense explanation okey?
A,ok. Wait i need to take purab
Abhi took her chain again and pressed it.
Purab i am onthe way.some one is following us yar.can you search about that.i want details as soon as possible
Purab,okey bro wait a second are you sure that something is following you? Nothing is ditected yet.

A,no yaar i m sure there is something.if redars cant detected use heat one cant hide from that na
Prb,you are correct abhi.there is some one but i cant scan becouse it can hide from our redars..its few metres away from you and coming towarads you
A,k thanx i ll handle this. Fuggy u stay here dont make any sound.
Something is coming towards the tree that abi and pragya on.Itz someone who wears black jacket.abhi didnt see itz face even
Abhi jumped from the tree directly on to the stranger.
Stranger(female voice) `₩¥£~₩₩£€¥€÷¥₩₩€£₩¥£€€£¥₩
Abhi,oh no.. is this you.. iam damn sorry yar..wait wait i ‘ll give you language itz..
Stranger hugs abhi and abhi too…
Strngr,why are you looking very confused.i thought to help my best i came here.
A,but you have to inform me early na.. any way select name for’ll be easy.
P,i wanted to surprice you yaar i didnt exept that you’ll break my spinal cord..i like this name. Bulbul.. call me like that okey.
A,actuly it suits you pagali.

P,this pagal alien left me on a tree.. i should try to get down my self as i cant control the gravity. He froget me when he met his best friend.
When pragya try to get down she slips her leg and fall down.. 4om down..
Abhi looks up as he heard the sound.. then only he noticed pragya has fallen down. She is at the centre of blood pool.. her head is injured and both legs were broken.she didnt open her makes abhi shok.
A,wht did you do fuggy.. i asked you to stay there see now what happens. Bulbul letz go to the lab.. she needs treatments immeadiatly.
Bb,nothing will happen to her abhi.. let s go.
Both of them went to the lab lifting pragya.
Abhi started to do treatments to the pragya with teary eyes..till then purab is on the mission with DOP’s truth..bulbul comes to there
Bb,hi. So how about life on earth.did you got any gf from here a?
Prb,arrey no ma..i ve to do so many thing wth abhi thatz it. I didnt froget you yaar.actually why did you came here
Bb.chup.i dont need your fake excuses.i missed you i came here and i need to help you & abhi as we promise that we are always be together so i came.
Prb. Oh… my poor silly girl.

Bb,areey i dont need your kindness.idiot.
Prb.Then what do you want…
Bulbul,i want kiss to here(forhead),here(nose),here(lips),here(cheeks)….(bulbul pointed those places like a kid)
Prb,oh itz simple na… purab comes to her and huggs her looking at her eyes… alla wariyaan plays in bg… but suddnly abhi called to purab… they broke the hugg immediatly before abhi come
A,whatz going on here guys..
Prb..wo nothing we were just talking is pragya she okey?
A,haan she is okey.. but both legs were broken.i gave here our treatments.legs will be recover with in two days

Purab.. download some videos regarding to the weddings.. and arng like those things on the ground. I mean on the earth.eclips also wll there tonight. So i’ll make pragya mine forever.
Prb,sure bro.we’ll arrenge.and when we are going to talk about that robbot.
A,just after eclips purab.. frist thing is marrage na. Then letz talk about that

Friends.. i updated this while in the class.. sorry for mistekes and i didnt writr upto precap.. i ll post nxt part asap..
Thanq for your lovely comments..

Credit to: tina

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  1. great ya……….

    1. thnq di..

  2. o god what a story I just love it. r u from Tamilnadu.and by the way I am Krithika from Tamilnadu.I am a silent reader. I love u r story very very very much.I feature if I become a director I am dam sure I will take u r story first.I don’t know how to thank 4 such a amazing story simply superrrrrrr please don’t stop at middle atleast 4 me and u r fan’s please

    1. hi krithika..thanx for loving ff this much.. itz great pleashr to me.. i wont stop this yaar.promise i’ll continue for you.
      actually i am from sri lanka.. your nearby country.and i wish,you to be a film director.. then definietly i’ll write film script for your film.. thnx again krithika.. no matter where we from.. but i must appreciate your motivation..

  3. great….really nice suha..

    1. thanx emmy ♥

  4. physics and there technologies going above my head .

    1. hi dear.. if there’s anything wrongctell me.if you are not much interested in that just tell me okey..

  5. Hi Tina….am slient reader if ur story….it’s super don’t stop plz……..plz continue …..where is another ff?when did u uplode that one?r u interst in science?

    1. i will continue it darling .. any way thanx for loving my ff.actully i am mad and interesting at aliens ufos …. since my childhood.thatz why i write this my fav couple abhi and pragya. i ll update that ff today

  6. What of the ff in which Abhi was a gangster and got married to Pragya was a reporter ……..won’t you continue that…… Guys seriously I love reading but I don’t like it when I can’t complete what I have started
    Please continue your ffs

    1. are uslyn beta.. itz not mine yaar.. cool down.. you talking about love of two poles na? actually itz not mine.. but i also love that very much i have two only. one is this and love before or after marrage is second one..

    2. Awesome epi tina.i think u like physics very much,i too same pinch.

  7. Great episode yaar…

    1. thnx dur..

  8. Superb episode.keep rocking

  9. wow super really love it…

  10. Awesome dr

  11. Nice! Superb! I have a small request from u. When u upload next episode please add the link of previous episode.

    1. sure shashi.. i ‘ll..

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  14. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Awesome …..

  15. Awesome Tina no words to say actually u have a great mind Tina and also creativity

  16. As usual u rocked it suha! Such a interesting story…and yes I am happy that u are also crazy about aliens and ufos…I love them haha thats y i am a crazy person..and my fascination started from the series of teletubbies when i watched it at a very young age lol…

    1. glad to know that we both are in same track.. i started to suffer from this madness when i am in gread 6.we had lesson about stars planets.. etc.. from those days upto now i always in alert regarding such things.. i always dream to be a alien with super powers lol.. but i love it yaar.. actully crazy is the perfect word than love.i ‘ve watched all the films about aliens ufo s.. and i’ve read my science fictions too yaar.. you must know the most funniest thing.. when ever i feel sad… i wish aliens to come and take me with them.:-D lol.

      1. Haha lol same here tats y I like koi mil gaya a lot…I think i watch that like so many times until my sis called me the alien name jadoo…how i wish jadoo comes in my life and take me away or give me supernatural powers to be super smart!!!????

    2. maya,,, if you meet any alien or if you got chance to go wth him please let me know yaar.. i also join with you.. hahahaha;-);-);-);-);-);-);-)

      1. Haha sure u will be the first person that i will inform u!! Provided that they allow me to contact other human beings!! Lol…Aliens pls come and take me away from this materialstic world!!! Hope i can give some signal to them haha

  17. what a story dr…
    its just awesome dr…

  18. Bakyashir,shrithi,reshma ..♥♥♥♥♥♥ thanq very very much..

  19. Good one tina..amazed to see ur thoughts in this story..keep going..

  20. thanx tharu
    thanx arshi

  21. Nizz Tina sis..i am a silent reader of all kkb now I hv started to comment..

    1. itz great jeffisha.. thanq very much for commenting♥

  22. Awesome Tina dii it was unbelievable amazing yaar actually I love chemistry not physics but here after in my life no science as I took commerce group anyways u made again a connection btw me and science i too love aliens vampires and all superstitions nd i want to know more abt it i hv some books too awesome dii loved it update ur other one too…

    1. thanx vishu for commenting.. and loving my ff…. it makes me feel glad about my ff.
      and when ever i read your comments more ideas come to my mind.. keep supporting dr sis♥

  23. Superb

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