Love from sky (epi 05)


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Abhi and pragya is going to the temple for marrage..
P,did you informe pandith ji abhi.. what about mangalsuthra.. did you bought it..
A,areey nothing to worry yaar.. every thing is ready there just have to come there only..
While driving abhi kept his hand on pragyas hand.. but she didn’t noticed that even.
A,are you okey fuggy.. what are you thinking about..
P,kuch nahi abhi… i thought about dad’machine.i dont know where was that.. he didnt told me about that.. do you know anything about that…
A,Actually i know little bit about that…i think this is not the time to talk about that.. look we reached to the temple. Letz go inside . There is a surprice for you…
P,surprice… woow… letz go in then..
Pragya got off the car and wait for abhi till he park the car ..
Before abhi get off he made a call to someone with a gadjet of his chain.. he just pressed it..
A,where are you dude. I am near the parking.. i felt some thing wrong with her.before we come in just have full scan on her. If you found something just informe me.. let this to vibrate ok..if there is something wrong i wont introduse you to her have to get ready for our second plan.. ok.. see you later.

Abhi and pragya went inside the temple..
abhi holds pragyas hand
A,fuggy.. are you are so cool no..
P,i am bit nervouse abhi.. i am going to
Marry na.. thatz why.
Abhi felt that his chain vibrates countinously..
A,fuggy..before the marrage i need to talk with you.. shall we go..
P,but why letz talk after the marrage… letz do rituals know what today night we can observe eclips we can do your rituals too..
A,yep i know that.. but letz come with me for few minutes.. they came to near by forest which is far from people.
P,why we are came here abhi..
A,wait baba surprise is on the way.. com with me.. abhi holds pragyas hand tightly and takes her in to the jungle.. after few minutes abhi trows pragya like a wood.. she hits a near by tree and felt.. in the same second blue colour ray lighted up around her… she started to scream what did you done abhi.. don’t hurt me please.. dont hurt me.pragya try to cross the blue colour ray..
A,hey wait.
If you touch this you wont live even for a second.. don’t move.. your game is over now.then abhi and pragya with ray circle get disapears suddnly..

A building with every under the surface of earth.. its situated few kilometres under the earth surface..
Abhi and pragya appears in that building..pragya is still with in the rays..

P,oh… that mean you got to know who am i..
A,of course.. now tell me who are you and where is my fuggy..
P,i won’t tell anything.. do anything you can do..
A,hey purab.. fix her that truth sensible chip. She will speek then. Do that hurry man.. i need to know about pragya.. you becomes very slow after coming to this planet..

Purab,give me one second bro…

P,no need of knowing anything….within ten minutes you will get cought.tracker is inside me.

A,very funny.. no one can track you when you are inside this ray circle.

Purab,abhi chip is inserted.ask everything

A,where is my fuggy.tell me.
P,she is in her house..
When pragya is getting ready infront of the mirror.. she show something moving behind to her.. when she turn to see that she saw her self

P,what the hell. Who are you.. just like me. Whatz going on hear
Duplicate of pragya(DOP),just watch n enjoy silently….
DOP punched to the pragyas nose and tight her with some ropes and put her in to rhe bathroom and locked the door. Then DOP came and got in to the car
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆Fb ends☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
A,purab.. have some more details from her she is just a robbot clone..after taking all the details destroy her body..but i have one more problem.this cannot be nikhil’s pLan.bcz this clonning robbot technology is yet not invented in this planet. i’ll take my fuggy here.. you carry on.. letz talk after that.

Precap eclips occour abhi lift pragya.. pragya looking lovingly at abhi’s eyes… abhi too looking at pragya’s eyes.. there are going seven rounds around the fire and sanam re plays in bg..

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Credit to: tina

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    . thanx emmy shrithi deeps di.. and all my silent readers.. i ll update tommorow yaar.. though i have to study for my exm,i ve adiccted to read ff s and write.. i ll update tommorow…

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