Love from sky (epi 04)

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P,don’t leave with me.i want to talk with you
A,but pragya we can talk tommorow also sleep like a good girl.
P,no abhi.pls this is the perfect time to know?when my father lost i felt that i am so relatives also blamed at me.they said that my mom & dad left me becouse my unluck.(pragya is crying)

i left my home becouse i want to get rid of them.. i felt so insecure about my life. But yesterday i got to know i’m not alone atall.u are here with me. And i must say this.. i felt protection of your’s same like my dad.i need to thank you abhi.and one more are the one who loves me after my dad.. i felt that you are very close to me.u looked at me with pure heart.. no one on this earth will care about me as you did..i love you abhi.. i don’t know wht will happen.i am a homo sapien.i don’t know much about you. but i love you. untill my death i’ll love you.
Abhi looking at pragya with teary eyes.

A,then miss chashmish you makes an alien to cry huh??i started to love you from the frist second that i saw you..and you must know we are in big danger. Don’t know whats going to happen. But i’ll do anything to save you from nikhil.i’ll take you to your my world. But before that we have to do so many things. I promise you that i’ll sacrifies my life for you.i’ll never let anyone to heart you. My love,my heart,my life is

You honey..i love you more than my life..i can fight with whole universe to save you..

(Pragya hugs abhi and kissed his chest which is fulled with love for her.abhi kissed her forhead)

P,ithna pyaar.. why didn’t you told that before.i don’t know anything about your culture,tradition.. but i want to be your’s.forever abhi.. i think you know about our rituals.. i need to marry you..then no matter if i died becouse i’ll die as your wife.then we can face these trobles together… shall we abhi??

A,is it okey without your dad.

P,no he will understand our condition.

A,okey as your wish meri jaan.i’ll do anything for you’r know what,in our planet also having some kind of rituals. But not like yours. Our planet have to moons… so marreges take place only in solar and lunar eclips.. i’ll explaim more later
Now sleep my sweet princess..tommorow you will be my queen..

P,you’ll be my noughty hubby.. tommorow i can sleep in your arms.How lucky i am to have you in my life..

(Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
‘gar tum saath ho

Keep flowing
Like rivers in your world
My world is in your love
I will be able to adjust in your habits
If you’re with me)
Not in bg friends.. abhi sing it to pragya to make her sleep…

@ morning
A,pragya are you ready..itz time to go to temple yaar.what are you doing. You took more than 2 hours upto now..
P,areey chup.. i am already. I took some 4tos
A,which 4tos prague..
P,mine.. as a single… and i took photos of room also.after few hours i’ll become your wify na. So this is only the time i spent as a girl and my room is being only mine. I have to share it with you na;-)
A,ohh chashmish you are soo silly.
But i love you more becouse this..
P,okey enough tall alien.. now itz too late.. let’s move.
When pragya keep frist step to go.. she kissed the flor. She fallen down becouse she didn’t wear that saree properly..
A,godness.. don’t you know to wear a saree even.hee hee.. how old are you.. i think itz near 50
(Pragya staring at abhi)
A,take it easy fuggy.. itz just a joke yaar.actualy when i study about this world i didn’t find anything about my chip haven’t any thing about this. In this matter i can’t help you.
P,fuggy? What kind of name is matter atall i’ll wear t shirt and geans.marrage is mine na. I’ll ware what i want
A,don’t say like that. Just say i’ll ware gean and tshirt becouse i don’t know to wear saree.. any way get ready fast.. i’ll be in the car… ah frogot to say.fuggy is realy matching looks like a balloon when you wears a sareee…. hee:-D

Pragya is thinking(pragya,you are going to marry a chatter box.not an alien.always bakbaks.. what kind of alien he is.. some time this can be comming from his heridity.. please god save me from this mad alien)
A,hey fuggy is that okey to call your going to be hubby as mad alien.
P,areey abhi i warn you.. don’t dare to read my mind. It’s not fair.. if you do this once again,don’t froget i’ll not hesitate to kill you
(Abhi is smiling at her loudly.. it makes pragya more angry.pragya hit a pillow towards abi.. but abhi point at it by finger.then pillow gose towards the pragya and hit her belly(abhi can control the gravity of living n non living matters)abhi pushes pillow continuesly without moving a single step.but pillow did itz job.pragya fallen to the bed.then abhi reach to her and hold her by her waist.pragya try to move.. but she failed bcoz abhi’grip is very strong..)
A,you called me mad alien na??

Then i’ll show you how much im mad for you..
(This time with out trying to escape pragya close her eyes shyily..)
A,arrey open your eyes baba.. i am talking to this cute butterfly in you hair
(Abhi talking about pragya’s hair clip)
Pragya going to stand up by pushing abhi.

A,fuggy you are so cute with this much angry.. your eyes a glowing like stars… your cheeks are redish like red rose petals…
P,stop it abhi.. bread is not today’s i don’t need your is my hair are mad at it keep it with let me change this sa….(abhi cut offf her with a romantic lip kiss(slow motion friend)

Sanam re plays in background..

Precap .everything is ready for marrage.abhi feels some thing wrong is going to happen.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Abhi ♡Pragya♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  13. After a vry long time i am commenting…wow i really like ur concept frm the start…i also like aliens, UFOs and a lot like that…i used to ancient aliens in history channel…and i may be wrong but abt two times i did notice a UFO kind of thing here haha may be its my imagination lol but no my friend also had seen it so may be its something…and ya back to ur ff tats y i like ur ff so much…. expecting more sci-fi happenings in ur story…??

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