Love from sky (epi 03)


Friends,i posted this twice before. But it didn’t published. So i thought to try more once.some times this and those both will published.. any way sorry for these happenings. Tell me if this ff is booring. I feel so.. then i can try for good on this sc fic.sry again for grmr n spelings miatkes

Nxt day morning

Abhi,gd morning pragya.. can u do one thing for me.
Pragya,what should i do abhi.. wait i’ll have a bath and come.let’s talk then
Abi, no no just wait.(abhi pull pragya towards him and close pragya’s eyes.(sanam re plays in bg)pragya felt the warmth of abhi’s chest.abhi took pair of chasma from his pocket and wear it on pragya..
Abhi,open your eyes pragya.see how it looks..
P, oh no.chasma?why this.i can’t wear eye sight is well more than enough.
A,arey pragya itz not for your eyes. Itz for security yaar.wait i ll explane. When you need to cntact me you can tch this nut.whn you touch it cameras in these lenses will active. And here when you tch this pin you can see many options here. It will apear on chasma glass.only u can see includes night vision, gps and small speaker also’ll got to know about it while will u wear it now??
P, okey i’ll abhi..
A,that’s my chashmish
P,chashmish??but please tell me,from whom you are saving me.
A,i’ll tell you go & have a bath.breakfast is already waiting for you..
P,tike.. give me ten miniuts.
Pragya went to have a bath.till then abi arrenged the room properly. Bt actully he done it using his super powers.he just hit the floor by foot.then all the like pillows bedsheets raise up and fallen to proper places..

(Once again pragya began to scream loudly.. and she fainted in the bathroom)
abhi runs towards the bthroom and broke the door.he exsited by seeing pragya who is fallen on The floor.he lift pragya and kept her on the bed.. he removes pragyas wet hair which is on her face.. (slow motions)abhi was mesmerized by seeing her beuty.she must be the most beutiful girl in this world,he told to him self.. till pragya is unconsious.abhi kept his finger on pragya’s rosy lips and gave a small blue current(it s shock wave) pragya opened her eyes slowly and her eyes met with abhis eyes.. abhi has frogettn to take his finger from pragya’s lips.. eye lock happens and had for few miniutes.. (sanam re plays in bg) .both of them come to senses becouse pragya’s sudden sneez..
A, dry your hair chashmis.if not you’ll get cold. What happen in the bathroom.why did you fainted
P,actully abhi.. i have phobia on spiders i don’t know to explain the fear even.when i saw spider anyware i feel that im very helpless.when my dad is with me he use some chemicals to erradicate spiders from our house.but in this house nothing is commen than spiders.i am extremly sure .. my death is only happens becouse of spiders. That much i am afraid on them..
Abhi loughs @ her cute actions

At evening..
P,abhi i want to go to market to buy some goods shall we go..
A,no you can’t go anyware just give me the list.i’ll bring them. You stay here.
P,no i also come with you.itz booring to be home at always pls abi…
A,no just be here..we’ll go somewhere tommorow
P,promise me
A,pakka promise

Abhi went to the market.

Then pragya comes to her room and took the chasma given by abhi. She wore it..(you are much pritty with this,she told to her self) in the same scnd lgts go off.. in the next second lights turned on.but pragya was missing.

Abhi came to house. He looked for pragya but she wasn’t there. Abhi confirmed that she has been kidnaped.

In a dark hall.. pragya was there.. she is crying badly.. at once door is open by some one. And hee ask his gurd to turn on lgts.. when lights up pragya stand up.
P,who are you.why did you bring ne here.
Welcome miss pragya.. i think you can recognized me if i told that i am the owner of sky city project and best friend of your father since childhood.i m Nikhil kanna
P,i can remember you.. but why did you bring me may know,i can file case against you.
Nikhil,file a case.heeee(smiling rudely)do you think to escape from me?what a bad idea
Anyway if you want to be here peacefully you have to do one thing. It will be very simple.answer my qestion.wheres that machine?
P, what machine?
N, dont act like a baby.your father has invented a machine which can travel trough space. Planet to planet.. but he didnt reavel about that.i need it. I tried lot to catch him. But for my bad luck he will make me the most richest person in the universe. . And i know you know about what i am saying. So this is my kind request. Pls tell me where is that machine.. i think you can answer it just now.
(Pragya was super shocked after hearing this)
P,i did’nt know anything about that. My father hadnt never told me about that. Please trust me. Leave me pls..
Nikhil,are you kidding me.i’ll never leave untill i find that machine.okey your are not going to tell truth na? So sorry miss.. any how i want the truth.
(He ask some men to come and he leave that place by odering them to bring him truth anyhow..)
They turns on the lights of the hall.and closed all the doors.. one from them started to come towards pragya.hi kutti. Will u come to play with us.. we know the way to take truth out. Let’s enjoy..
P,don’t dare to come one more step. I’ll kill you(pragya said wth teary eyes)
All men started to laughing at her and one man toched the coner of her dupatta…
At the same second ,very strong wind blowed from oneside of the hall.everyone looks at there..abhi is standing on there with a red angry face.. he shout very loudly.. no one was able to bear his voice..even pragya.
A,how you strong enough to bring her here.. abhi hit to a iron table near him and he separated it’s one leg. He started to beat every man with much anger. But suddnly one man hit abhi from his makes abhi stop for a while.but in the next second he lift that person from one hand and throw away..

After the fight finished pragya run to abhi and hugs him tighty..abi also hug her..(sanam re plays)
P,i told you that i also come with you. But you left me.. see what happens.don’t leave me again.
P,what?i can’t undrstand any thing.what happened to you
(Then abi ask pragya to hit his back head slowly..& pragya done that)
A, sorry language transmetre has been damaged..let’s go home idiot…
P,idiot?? Who?? Is that me..
A, ofcourse.. what are you doing with your chasma.i gave it u for your protection yar. You have to use that when you are in a trouble.anyhow i found you becouse of it’s signel.
P,i totaly froget it abhi. Sorry.. next time i’ll inform you via this okey?
A,no next time sweety.i’ll never left you again.i’ll protect you like my eyes..sorry althis happened becouse of me.
P,now let’s go abhi.i don’t want to be here anymore.(while talking she get about to fallen as the hall is dark.. but abhi hold her.)
A,why can’t you obey my words.(in very anger tone)
P,what i have done now
A,just ware your chasma and turn on night vision.then you will not fall again
Do you get that idiot??
P,okey .you are same like my paa.. he also shout at me always.
Pragya thinks,why i can’t bear his anger.why i always want to be with this love.?with an alien.. will i have alien babies.. oh great.. oye pragya what are you thinking.. he is just your gurd na.
A,though i protect you i am not your gurd okey(with a kidding smile).. arey itz joke chashmish.. so what kind of babies you like. Hee heee
Pragya become damn suprice..
P,how could you know what i thought . Thats not fair yaar.. anyway don’t read my mind again.. and don’t take them serious okey?
A,okey meri ma… pragya slept in the car.Both of them reached to home.. but as pragya already slept, abi lift her and kept her on the bed.. when abhi turned to go back.. pragya hold his hand.

Precap.. ithna pyaar??♥♥♥

Thanx friends for your support..

Credit to: tina

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      .anyway this ff is just my imagination tweety..
      thanx for every comment…

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