Love from sky (epi 02)


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Pragya, i can’t my dad alive..pls let me talk to him.i beg you. Pls abhi.
Abhi.. pragya you have to wait untill time come.till then i’ll show him.. abhi bent towards his shoe and knoked it once.then a round shape something came out.. abhi throw it to a wall and that round shp thing becomes a liquid matter when it hits the wall.. aftr few secnds it becomes a clear 4to of Mr viwek who is on air..
Abhi,don’t mind that sweety. Itz becz gravity of our planet.pragya,where is that planet.tell me something about that.
Abhi,now itz enough..have your dinner and go to bed. From today i also in this room okey? Ask your maid to find another place to work.. i cant sure anyone.and pls stop teaching..dont be upset.i’ll bring another english teacher for kids.
Pragya,okey.. but why this sudden change..whats going on.from whoom you protect me.
Abhi..i ll tell them tmrw.just sleep.. don’t get scared to anything.. no one can touch you even when im alive. You are my duty pragya. So now sleep..

Abi went to terrace while pragya try to sleep she felt happy bcz her father is alive.. not only bcz that. She felt that she got the best insurance to her life.. she felt that abhi is really caring for her.. pragya close her eyes and fb shows..
onth After Mr viwek’s disappearance.

Pragya was walking on the street without any sense while thinking about her dad.there were lot traffic at that time bcz heavy rain.a car came and about to hit pragya.pragya closed her eyes by thinking papa.. i m coming to you as she knows time is not enough to move and most probably car will hit her… till she didn’t open eyes.. she waited for the car.she opened eyes slowly.then she saw someone is holdin her hand tightly.. she didnt know how he save her. But before say thanks he had disappered amoung the crowd. Pragya didnt got chnce to see his face even bcz he was wearing a black raincoat wich covers the whole body..
Fb ends..

(Sunte hain jab pyaar ho toh
Diye jal uthte hain
Tan mein, mann mein, aur nayan mein
Diye jal uthte hain… (pragya sing in her mind)but abhi can hear that also.. he laugh at him self.

After few hours. Abhi is sleeping on the flor near pragya’s bed and keeping his head on bed.. pragya started to scream louder while sleeping.. abhi pls save me.. don’t let me die..
Abhi panicked and pinched pragya. Arey honey wht hppened. Wht us the dream that make you cry huh?? Pragya’s eyes was full of tears..
Pragya,abhi.. will anyone kill me..i feel so.i saw a dream also…after you told that i’ll be targeted i feel so scary.. who going to kill me.. she hugged abhi while wiped pragya’s tears
Abhi,look baby..i am here.when abhi is near you even mosquito cant bite you.don’t think too much.i ll hndle evey close your eyes and here na… pragya sleep by holding abhis hand

Precap pragya is kidnaped by some one.will abhi save pragya. Stay tune on guys.

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Credit to: tina

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