Hello sweeties… it’s me haritha again… to irritate you all with another stupid story.. it’s not an ff.. it’s just one shot.. one shot of our abhigyas story.. so let’s get into story…
Ya… it was on the time of a train journey.. I saw at first… it’s too late at night even around 2 o clock… I entered to train to try to find out my berth.. ha.. at that I found out.. my berth no: 56.. I placed my bags down.. and tried to lie on my birth.. as I climb up.. I see someone lieing there.. oh god.. whose in my place.. I will wake him.. as I too feel sleepy… ya it’s not him.. her… but her face is covered with book.. so I slowly take that book.. ya she is smiling.. what a cute smile.. how cute she is…. her hair came to her face.. as I couldn’t see her.. so I slowly remove her hairs.. suddenly she holds my hand calling chottu.. chottu.. who is that.. I slowly withdrew her hands.. but she holds it tightly.. oh abhi you trapped now.. but it’s k… I love this type of trap… oh god… I can’t control myself.. how beautiful she is.. right na.. as abhi disturbed his hand..she also disturbed in sleep.. she kissed on his hand.. wow meri first kiss…. but if she sees me and realise she kissed then she feels uncomfortable right.. so I just need to move. Suddenly she opens her eyes…
Sorry.. is this your berth…. as someone lies on my berth.. and this was free so I just..
Abhi: it’s k…
You can sleep here… I just..
Abhi: no need… you can sleep here..
No yaar.. I have too loads to study.. look at all these books don’t you feel putty on me.. right. I knew you will Be.. how can a person can study all this that too for me.. why are smiling are you feel I am fool…
Abhi: no yaar…. you are too cute.. and innocent too
How can you knew it?
Abhi: from ur talk itself.. if you don’t wish to study then why are doing it…
So you get that point right… but what to do.. my family don’t get this point that’s why.. do you knew I am going to write my exams… after study leave.. I don’t like this stupid engineering.. because I hate drawing… you are still smiling…
Abhi: k then what you like to do?
I like to do.. a lot of things.. I like to go around the world.. roam all places.. have all my favorite foods.. make masthi with friends..
Abhi: ( wow so cute she is na.. ).. k then what you wish to study..
Actually I don’t like to study.. I like to start my career in film field..
Abhi: film field.. means..
Related to music.. scripts..
Abhi: do you love music..
Haa.. I really loves it.. from this irritating studies.. only this gives me some enjoyment.. don’t you knew when there is release of new movies.. me and my friend… jump from hostel to watch.. kithana masthi Hein na..
Abhi: ( kithana ajjeb ladki).
Are you thinking I am really mad.. or different…?? Haa.. I am always like this… I loves to talk.. don’t you knew what my maas instruction is not talk to any strangers during train journey. But I can’t look now i become friend of you na.. is I am right..
Abhi: of course..
Chee.. what a fool is am l? We have talked this much I don’t ask about you and knew about you.. so tell me what’s your name.. what are you doing?
Abhi: I am Abhishek prem mehra.. I am also like you studying engineering… but I hate that too. Because I love to start my profession as a singer…
thats really nice.. k which college..
Abhi: SRK college..
oh go SRK..
Abhi: is that any problem with that?
She just hit at his head. No bhudhus I am also studying at same college. I am really thinking that but I don’t see you there.. as all the boy’s were my friends there.. hey don’t look like this.. they are only just my friends that’s it..
Abhi: sorry.. till now I don’t ask your name..
My name is pragya Arora.. which year..
Abhi: 3rd year.. what about u?
Pragya: same.. I am in civil..
Abhi: I am in electronics…
Pragya: k glad to meet you.. Mr
Abhi: abhi.
Pragya: no bhudhus..
Abhi: glad to meet you miss..
Pragya: pragya..
Abhi: no bubbly..
They both laughs..
Pragya: so you too are going for exam right..
Abhi: haa..
Pragya: k now let’s study otherwise. My maa..
Pragya starts to study.. but abhi can’t because now he subject of study in bubbly…
Pragya: bhudhus.. if you look like this.. then I hope.. you will fail for exam.. abhi understand what she means.. they both studied…
They reached at station…
Pragya: where are you staying..?
Abhi; my own flat…
Pragya: are you alone..
Abhi: haa.. is that any problem with it…
Pragya; no bhudhus.. how many rooms are there?
Abhi: why are going to sketch plan.. bubbly.. anyways three..
Pragya: so you no need of that 3 rooms right..
Abhi: haa..
Pragya: k let me ask one thing bhudhus can I stay in your flat as paying guest.. so I will got your company… and also can easily enjoy.. can go for film with you.. so there is no need of jumping the wall.. if you have problem then it’s k..
Abhi: I have no problem.. but if your maa… knew about it..
Pragya: no bhudhus.. she will also don’t mind as she knew her daughter.. as she didn’t make close company with anyone. So easily.. if she trust them more.. she will do so..
Abhi: so you have trust in me..
haa.. bhudhus.. if your family have any problem..
Abhi; hey not like that.. as I have only sister and dadi as my family.. they will not have any of problem..
Pragya: then what about your parents..
Abhi: they passed away.. sorry bhudhus.. it’s k bubbly..
So they started to stay on same flat.. abhi step up kitchen by pragyas wish and pragya cooks for abhi. One day as Prague was in kitchen her phone bells.
Abhi: bubbly.. you have a call.. just take it and tell that I will call back..
Hllo.. who is this speaking.. pragya is busy.. so she will call back..
Hllo.. hllo don’t cut the call Mr. Abhishek mehra akka bhudhus… hey who is this talking…
Ya it’s me bulbul… oh bubbly ki sister.. haa. I am itself… I have heard so much about you… and it’s first time we are talking… I too heard so much about you.. let me ask one thing how’s the love track going?
Love track? Haa bhudhus.. and bubbly ka… hey bulbul what are you talking.. we both… hey bhudhs.. akka meri jiju.. I knew what’s going through your minds.. pragya comes there… abhi gives phone
Di… I talked with my jijju… what jijju.. bulbul did you make him tortured by your stupid thoughts…
What di… stupid thoughts na.. k let’s see to which path this track goes she ends call…
Sorry bhudhus.. she is always like this.. it’s k bubbly…. k let’s have food.. they both went to sleep.. In that night they both couldn’t sleep yet as by thinking bulbul words.. this last 2 years… that the moment pragya and abhi meet each other… they started to enjoy this engineering life.. studies become no problem for the both by helping each other they enjoyed all moments together… they go for movies.. tour… whole college started to say something about them.. but they both don’t care about anything.. now it’s time to end college life.. it’s too painful for both… but they have to do that..
At last they both reached their home.. but they both were not happy as what they where because they miss each other…
After one year… as pragya started her career in film industry as a script writer.. she was too engaged in it so she don’t get time to remember about him.. her film shoot is going on.. on that day.. music recording is happening at studio.. so she went there to check it.. ya she was really surprised.. as the one who is signing the song was his bhudhus.. he too get happy that.. his bubbly is in front of him.. they both hugs happily..
Pragya: bhudhus you here… it’s really a surprise.. at last you reach at your passion..
Abhi: you too. Look you are become script writer… that day they both spend time for each other after one year…
They both are in a restaurant having a candle light dinner.. as the time to leave.. whole the sudden.. it’s happen.. abhi lean towards by raising his hands.. will you marry me bubbly?..
What will her answer.. is she accept it or not… how can she neglect… as she also loves him a lot… from that moment they started a new Life a new beginning.. this is what bulbul said…
But there is no thing… one lie that I told you… they are not seeing for the first time at train.. they have met before that.. don’t you knew when.. it’s a long year back story.. it was on republic day.. at that time pragya is studying on 4th standard.. she is in rally.. during that time a boy come forward and gives her a rose flower and ask her will you Marry me.. that’s none other than our cute abhi…
Do you want to knew her reply.. she said that.. I will marry you.. if you become a singer as love music…
Ya that’s why abhi started his career in music.. but as time goes.. he lose his interest in that girl as he thinks that it’s because of his childishness. But even now they both don’t knew that they are the both same one…
So I wish you all don’t convey this secret to them…. so my story ends…
See you soon with my daily ff

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