With LOve your’s SILENT READER

Hlw everyone I am Aami….
I’m a silent reader….firstly I want to say sorry to all ff writers here for not commenting in your fabulous writings…..sorry from bottom of my heart……..I think to say a silent reader but now my mind don’t allow me to not being a silent reader more….I’m a very big fan this writings….I’m from Kerala but I love Hindi programs expcly serials……the funny part is I am not interested in malayalam serials……so ma parents alwys says that they want to find a north Indian for their daughter….firstly I used this site for read daily upadates of some serials bcoz like all annoying naughty little brothr ,my bro too don’t allowed me watch my favrte serials……but now I thank him bcoz of him I came to know about the wonderful writings….
For me my ARNAV(Barun Sobti) is my every time favrite……I am crazy about him…….he is soooooooo mean to me…..even my teacher , frnds, rltvs n evryone who knows me know about my ARNAV pagalapan…..but here I read ff’s of swaragini more …….like ff I am a fan of this serial….but now I love the ffs more than the real serial….yes the story here is jst out standing……..both the pairs swasan and raglak are my favarite n I don’t lyk swalak n ragsan paris…. (sry If I hurt any fans)but for me swasan is my mossst fvrte….. and I read sooo many swasan ffs here n for me some personal fvrts tooo here…
they are just out of words……when I read some stories I feel their emotions tooo…….personally I love to read sooo much so I enjoyd here……

My favrte ff’s
Mr maheshwari and I
Dr swara and mr sanskar leads to swasan
The rain the spring the autumn
will you me mine forever
A smile that stolen my heart (ended)
How many shades you have swara(ended)
tujh mein rab dikhta hai
A magic of love
first love (kkb,ipkknd,yhm)

I read so many others too but sry I cant to all the names….I know there is sooo many other exel;ent ffs too here…..but sry I cant tell anything about thm bcoz I even not read it…. As I told you before I am here in only about one month….n in this one month I read whole episodes of my fvrte ffs from frst to current episode….

Sorry to tell about the writers………I just only say your names here bcoz I hve no rights to analysis yours work…..Anjali, Sree harini, Sam, Anu,Meher …….etc n etc…. sry i forgot other names sry……these writes r just amazing with their writing skills……..meher do you know I was crying when I read your last episode of A Smile that stolen my heart……n the epilogue wast jst fabulous……anjali n sree harini I love your writing I am eagerly waiting for yours nxt episodes……I both of your ffs our sanksar if very well pictured……and anu’s n sam’s works…..sam your story gave more secrets in every episodes….
ok I think to stop my blabbering……sry guys I love to talk sooooooooo much thts why I write soooooo much……….sry……n forgive me for not commenting in your writings n I promise I will never do tht mistake again….sry for spelling n grammatical mistakes…..
I don’t know who were elder n younger to me here…..I jst completed my 12th now…..
I like yours sisterly n friendly bonding here……I wish I tooo got a place In yours friend circle….can I……???

Credit to: Aami


  1. Jiya

    Yeah all are superb nd u should start reading anu’s ff they are just awww! My cute sissy always gives us superb ff nd when we are thinking that * it will happen nxt * bt she always gives us a B.O.O.M Saying that its nt the end guys nd all unexpected bt i love her ff nd inspite of superb writer she is superb by heart nd character

    • Aami

      thnkewww jiya.. ya i want to read anu’s ff….. I read some of the episodes….. but i dont have soo mcuh tym but surely i will read her full episodes…. ????

    • Aami

      abhiraami alla Aamina Nilofar…. ?? Aami is my nick name dear…. njn trivandrum aanu thamasikunnath…. ntha cheyya padikuvano

  2. Don’t be sorry dear cz m also a silent reader of many ffs? u r just like me
    *same pinch*

    Actually there was a funny incident behind writing their death… ??
    N I hope that epilogue makes u happy ??

    Baby u r already in that circle… Square.. Triangle.. N many more … Here everyone luvs everyone… ??

    M just sweet 18 ? so we are nearly of same age…

    Luv u loads ????

    • Aami

      aww luv u tooooooo dear….. am sooo happy to se ur comments…… ???

      Mee tooo jst 18 n soo happy to ny fist vote… ??
      am sooooooo hppy bcoz of am in your frnds circle but i never told u thnq…… bcoz frnds mein no sry ni thnks he na…

      ya u r ryt am hppy aftr reading ur epilogue it was jst supr…… hope more wrintgs from you. ???

      • Aami

        meher do yu know one thing i lved ur name sooooooooo much…….. its one of ma fvrte name… is this your real name….

      • Correct.. Don’t you dare to say sorry.. ?

        LOL I too luv this name.. But it not my real name.. Itz my pen name.. My real name is mugdha

      • Aami

        oh mugha is tooo a nyz name….. fisrtly i thibk to put my name as mehar but aftr seeing ur name i chngd…. ???

  3. Anjali

    Awww…. thank you sooo much aami…. in really glad you like my ff…. and I love all the ffs you’ve mentioned…. but I haven’t read one or two….???

    And yupps…. do read anu’s ff…. my sis is awesome…???

    And ofc u can be our friend…??

    • Aami

      am soooooo sooooooo hppy to see your comments…. ???
      and ya i want to read anu’s ff n i am already savd her full episodes link….. i hce no enough time now… so i am eagerly wyting…..
      thnku soooo much for bein my frnd….. really i lvd your ff sooo much… it is jst out standing… ??????

  4. Saher

    I agree with you totally all the ff u mentioned are superb I’m also silent reader to all the ff’s. I think u should read Ireena’s Don and his Roma this one is also awesome I love it. u will also like it.

  5. G_S

    Thank u so much Aami for loving Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai… I’m glad that u liked it…!!

    It really means a lot…!! 🙂

    Luv u dear… tc… 😀

    • Aami

      ya i lvd your ff spcly for a feminine ff…. i am not a feminist but i am against all evils that facd by a women….. swara’s travelig thrgh her lyf jst touch my heart…. ??
      hope more from you….

  6. Riya

    All the ff u mentioned are good but there is one more which I like a lot ‘swasan you are mine’ by bushra………..but I don’t know why she is not updating, anyone knows??????

    • Tu has removed that.. Cz bushra has copied that story.. It was originally written by laila mehtab n bushra just changed the characters n post it here

      • Sree

        What !!!! I was searching for that ff likr mad. I just loved it very much. I feeling very bad. Thanks for the information meher di

    • Aami

      ?? yes i tooo search for ot but i stop searching for it ehrn i know about tht it was a stealing stroy…..

    • Actually laila has posted this on whattpad… N when she came to know about bushra… She stopped posting further episodes there… N she said that she will not post until bushra removes the story from other sites too.. Hope so she post soon

      • Aami

        meher i want a help… plzzz how can i change this profile picture…. ??? i dobt want this pattern… plzzzhelp me

    • Dear I don’t know exactly what to do… Bt I hv made id with WordPress n smthng with gravator… U can contact TU they will help you ???

  7. Anu

    Anjuuuuu’s fanfic rocks!!
    Meher is also doing an awesome job. Sam is also amazing ♥

    I dont read much I would suggest u to read Bisha’s and Shreya’s fanfics. They are also awesome x x

    • Aami

      sure dear i will read it soon.. plz can you tell their fanfics names….??? ??
      and yes anjuu’s fanficks realy rocks… no words for it… ??
      lvd the cute meher’s stroy n sam’s secreatly beautiful story….

      am sry for not read your ff…. ??really sooo sry…. i hve the whole story link but no enough tym…. i dont lyk rush read thts why…..
      i promise i will read it soon… ???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.