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Shot 6

Next day ..
Twinkle wakes up slowly nd found herself lying in washroom … She gets freshen up in no time Nd goes to kitchen … While going she heared sound of door bell nd she went nd opened to find RIMA (uv’s elder sister married nd lives in USA … Same arrogant nd hates twinkle)

T: bhabhi aap

R: han mei hun kyu ani nai chayiye kya ??

T: nai aisa nai but u came without informing us so I asked

R(rudely): he hello this is my home i dont need to take permission from anyone to come here … Nd huh who the hell r u to question me u r just like a maid in this house nd mis***ss of my bro so be in ur limits got it…

T(with tears in her eyes): ji bhabhi saying this she was abt to leave but stopped by rima’s voice

R: hello who will get my luggage??? Shud i tell u to bring don’t u have sense huh go nd bring that saying this she pushes twinkle

Twinkle goes nd brings her luggage .. she enters inside with luggage nd rima order her to clean her room nd arrange all her clothes in wardrobe … But twinkle denys her saying that she need to prepare coffe for anita nd uv …

R: oh u have concern for them not for me right thik hai ab dek mei kya karungi saying she shouts for anita crying listening to this both uv nd anita comes der

A: rima wen did u come nd y u r crying baby kya hua .asks concernly

Rima again cries without saying anything. Di batao kisne kuch kaha ap ko .. y u r crying di plzzzz tell me asks uv

R: vo uv i asked twinkle to get my bags to my room but she said I will not .. but I asked her again because my legs were paining nd i was hell tired due to journey but she said that she not goona do nd vo muje daata saying this she hugs uv nd cries …

Uv was hell angry on her nd he looked at her with blood shot eyes twinkle gulps in fear by now she was sweating badly with fear that thinking wat is gonna come now .. uv breaks the hug start moving towards her twinkle moving backwards her legs were shaking uv took hold of her by her shoulder twinkle winces in pain because he was holding her very tightly .. did u say that asks uv angrily… Ha uv i said but before she speaks further she had a tight slap on her cheeks nd her lips start to bleed (stupid uv ne twinkle ko mara ????????? ) don’t u dare twinkle how dare u to speak like that with my sister saying this he takes a belt nd start beating her with that twinkle was asking him to stop but he didn’t … In fact he started beating even harder which made Twinkle body to get marks all the while anitha was smiling evilly nd rima as a smirk on her face …

T: uv plzzzz don’t beat me i will do wat u say plzzzz saying she holds his legs nd pleads him to leave….

Sarna mansion

Here kunj is getting ready to go for his meeting nd saw maya who is sitting lost somewhere kunj goes to her nd sits beside her

K: maya wat happened …Since from yesterday u are looking upset plzzz tell me yar i can’t see u like this saying he hugs her

M: kunj plzzzz spend some time with me plzzzz only this 2 days that’s all

K: ok maya i will come early today it’s a matter of 2 hours … Happy

M: ha kunj tq u come fast i will be waiting for u saying she kiss his cheeks ..

K: only this much i want more saying he goes towards her leaning for a lip lock.. in no time their lips met for a passionate kiss (sry guys for writing this don’t bash me again i am also unable to write this but wat to do i shud write na ??????????)

In gud 10 mins they broke this nd kunj kisses her for head nd leaves from der ..

While going he thought to meet twinkle once nd goes to luthra mansion nd he enters mansion nd shocked to see uv beating twinkle with belt nd twinkle is pleading him to not to beat he tightens his fist by now his eyes were red due to anger nd he runs near uv

Uv was abt to beat twinkle again with belt but he found someone holding his hand here both rima nd anitha were shocked to see kunj der … Twinkle felt more fear looking at kunj … uv turns his face to see kunj in front of him

U: how dare u to hold my hand just leave my hand says uv angrily

Kunj snatches the belt nd push uv making him to fall on ground … Kunj goes to twinkle nd made her stand she was unable to stand so she fells down kunj takes twinkle in his arms nd made her to sit on sofa … Here rima nd anita goes to uv nd made him to stand … Uv is fuming in anger he jerks the anitha nd rima who are holding him nd goes to kunj nd holds his color ….

U: how dare u to come to my house nd beat me ….. Nd don’t u have shame to touch others wife

K: shame plzzz uv u dont take that word says sarcastically … U shud be shamed to raise hand on ur wife… Nd torture her

U: she is my wife i own her i will do whatever i want who r u to say all this .. tuje kya lagta hai vo .. is she ur sis , .. orele ur Mis***ss..

By hearing the word mistress he starts to hit uv black nd blue … Nd all the 3 girls were trying to stop them but they weren’t.. so to control them nd before uv could do something to kunj twinkle slaps kunj making all of them shocked

T: how dare u Mr. Kunj sarna to raise ur hand on my husband … U might be my frnd but u be in ur limits … I already said that dont interfere in my matters den y u came here just get lost … She calls security nd asks them to throw kunj out … Kunj was abt to say something but before that security drags him outside .. while going ” twinkle i know u r hiding something with me that’s y u r doing this.. i know abt u from childhood u r not old twinkle ..But twinkle i will come to u again nd i will take u from this hell on that day u can’t stop me from doing that .. remember that ” says kunj nd goes from der …

U: how dare he to beat me nd touch u i will show u the real torture from now saying he takes her to room nd starts hitting her more with a bamboo stick .. twinkle was shouting screaming unable to bear pain …

Kunj comes to office angrily nd goes to his cabin … How dare u uv to torture my twinkle .. i will get to know the reason behind ur marriage nd den i will see ur end ….Says kunj just den his pa comes der nd asks him to come for meeting ..

K: don’t held any meeting now …

P: sir but this is important all the clients are present in conference room

K: i said na now u will teach me wat to do in my office shouts at him ..

P: iam sry saying he was abt to go but stopped by kunj

K: sry to talk like this u go i will come saying he grabs his laptop

P: it’s ok sir don’t be sry

K: ok come we can leave ..

Kunj complete his meeting nd goes to sarna mansion … He enters his room without meeting anyone … He sits on the couch nd start thinking abt twinkle ..

Here twinkle is in kitchen preparing dinner to her so called family … Her body was red nd has marks everywhere on the body ….

Sarna mansion

Maya comes der asks kunj wat happened.. kunj narrates everything wat he saw in the morning ..maya felt bad for twinkle nd asks kunj to save twinkle at any cost … They spent quality time … Maya felt very happy …

After 2 days ..

Kunj is in room nd he was thinking abt twinkle … Nd how to trace the secret his thoughts were disturbed by Maya’s phone call … Kunj was confused to see caller id written doc …
Who is this doc nd y he is calling maya .. thinking he lifts the call

D: maya today is Ur last day u fulfill ur wishes that u have … Nd don’t loose hopes nd kamzor mat padna .. i said to take treatment but u denied to do so ..

K: who is this nd wat r u talking abt …

D: hello who is this …
K: i shud ask u who r u nd wat r u talking abt …. iam maya ‘s husband

D: kunj… Shocked …
K: huh iam btw how u know my name ..
D: kunj iam ur family doc …
K: yes doc nd wat r u talking abt ..
D: vo kunj .. ntng i was just telling her to take care.
K: no doc u were telling this ur last day fulfill ur wish nd all tell me wat happened slightly shouts

D: vo ..Ku..nj maya is gonna die tomorrow stammeringKunj was shocked to here that nd the world is broken beneath him nd tears starts to rush down his cheeks .. doc wat r u talking don’t talk nonsense … Says kunj
D: no kunj iam saying truth she has cancer that too in last stage …
Kunj hearing this he left the phone which is in his hands nd sits on the spot wer is was standing …
He remembers Maya’s … Maya saying .. kunj after my death u marry a girl who takes care of u nd sana … Plzzz kunj spend this 3 days for me …. He starts ti cry remembering all this … Maya iam sry i couldn’t fulfill ur last wish now I will not leave i will save u from this cancer saying he rushes outside nd goes to maya who is sitting in lawn …

He goes to her .. maya stands at her place looking kunj coming towards her .. kunj goes to her hugs her tightly ..
K: y maya y u hide such a big thing with me . Starts to cry
Maya : wat r u talking abt kunj i am not getting ..
K: i know everything maya i had a talk with our doc
Maya widens her eyes due to shock …

Screen freezes on kunj ‘s crying face nd Maya’s shocked face …
Hope i reached ur expectations

Nd i know it was bit boring .. but next would be interesting ..
Plzzz ignore grammatical errors nd typing errors … No proof reading
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Guys I need u ppl’s suggestion for my another ff MY DESTINY MADE ME TO MEET U ..

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  1. Cheena2001Cp

    Hello….but very bad….you forgot me naa!!! ???
    But anyways…..It was a fabulous one…..!! Uv ki toh mar Jaana chaiye…Just ewww!!
    Go ahead with South Indian style wedding,it’ll be awesome..

  2. Anusha

    Waw dear its amazing
    Feeling very bad for twinkle how dare UV to say her as Mistress n how dare he is to raise hands on her n feeling bad for Maya n kunj I know now kunj ll save twinkle from UV n dis UV should suffer a lot n ur ff is not at all boring y ull say it as boring n post soon dear love u

  3. Shalini15

    Awesome fabulous mind blowing superb episode. Loved it Nishu. Nd I would love to know south Indian wedding rituals. Please describe that in your style. Nd post soon both.
    Love you ????

  4. Marrie

    Totally love it

  5. Himanigaur

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  6. SidMin23

    Why twinkle need to bear all the pain given by uv and hope soon kunj take twinkle from that idiot uv and hope soon we will see twinj and felt bad for maya and kunj post soon.

  7. such an amazing episode feeling bad for twinj and maya post the next part soon ☺
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  9. Ananya_DSK

    Nishu akka…. You are the best as always….
    I think a south Indian wedding would be just too good….! The episode was so sentimental… So beautifully written, poor Twinkle… Kunj too….
    Maya… Oh well… Everyone is in a sad state….
    It wasn’t boring akka!! It was emotionally very nourishing… And it had been such a long time… I missed your writings….
    Love you loads ? ????
    Loved it!

  10. Kiya1234

    Well written episode as always felt bad about twinj??and maya to this yuvi?? hate him but cant????go ahead with South Indian style wedding????I think kunj will save twinkle from Yuvi and after maya death Kunj get married with twinkle and twinkle taking care of sana????hope fully story is like that only ???????let’s see what will happen but whatever will be happened it’s all good end of the day post others ff too

  11. Unheard-Of

    It was sooo sentimental?…
    Uv was soo harsh on the poor soul?
    N kunj KISSED maya! ???? u really made me cry at that instance…
    The emotions were beautifully described n the plot is just as wonderful as u… ??
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    He tortures alot

    And kunj and Maya romance
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  19. Awsm episode but very emotional??
    How dare uv beated twinkle with belt…heartless man..????
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    1. Twinj2000

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