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Shot 5:
Twinkle is working in the kitchen but still she is weak Nd she was unable to stand properly Nd open her eyes properly … She was standing with the support of a slab by holding it … She was preparing coffee for uv… Just den she heard uv’s voice
U(shouts): twinkle … Twinkle bring my coffee I am getting late
Twinkle in hurry fills coffee in a mug Nd starts to move slowly.. somehow with difficulty she gone upstairs Nd entered her room
Uv: how many times should I call u can’t u hear
T: vo uv I am not well I am feeling dizzy isiliye der hogayi hai says slowly
U: I know abt u so don’t act … Give the mug now saying this he snatches mug from her hand … Nd huh go Nd prepare bf

Other side kunj comes to luthra mansion Nd a servant welcomed him … Anita comes der with a angry look but smiles after hearing kunj’s voice
K: GM aunty saying this he bends to take her blessing
A(with fake smile ): stay blessed beta ..
K: aunty can I meet twinkle .. yesterday I couldn’t even talk to her properly so ..
A: ok beta …But u take ur seat she will come
K: ok aunty …
A: how is Maya Nd ur daughter sana ..

K: yeah aunty all r doing gud ..
Both were talking some random things …. Twinkle comes out of the room while climbing down the stairs she felt dizzy Nd she was abt to fall but a pair of hands holds her in Nick of time … Twinkle is closing her eyes due to weakness … She slowly opens her eyes to see kunj in front of her(yes guys kunj came to her rescue )..
K: twinkle wat happened .. u first come here saying this he helps her to walk Nd brings her near sofa Nd made her to sit Nd he too sits beside her … He made her to drink water … Twinkle taps her cheeks.. she was abt to speak but she stood up with a jerk wen she heard uv’s voice …
Uv: wats happening here with anger… He comes to kunj Nd holds his color “how dare u to touch my wife ” says uv

K: she was abt to fall Nd I am helping her.. u ask aunty also …
A: wat beta I can’t say wat I saw in front of me this bi**h was with this kunj Nd he was touching her Nd hugging her
K: aunty wat r u saying shouts at her
Uv: don’t u dare to shout at my mom got it ..

K: shame on u guys how can u do this with her u r saging these many things in front of me Nd I can imagine how much u might have tortured her .. Nd I know u did smtng so thats y she married u .. wat u did uv he too holds his color ..
U: it’s none of ur business she might be ur frnd but she is my wife u don’t have any right to talk abt her ..
K: don’t u dare she was my frnd , she is Nd she will be forever Nd huh if I come to know abt u den I will rip u got it …

Uv: omg now I am scared of u plzzz don’t do like that says uv sarcastically haha haha…Wat do u think of urself … If u come to know wat u would do tell me … So listen to me carefully yes I married her by black mailing her … Because of that she is still with me baring all the tortures.. if u can u ask her says uv …
Kunj goes to twinkle Nd asks her wat happened but twinkle is standing numb .. plzzz twinkle tell me see I will be with u always I won’t let anything happen to u .. u trust me right den tell me wat he did with u such that u took this decision of marrying him tell me Twinkle he asks her by holding her shoulders … All the while uv Nd Anita were laughing at them .. twinkle just tell me wat happened damm it kunj shouts at her ..

T: ntng has happened Nd plzzz let me live my life don’t interfere in my matters u r no one to me Nd huh don’t come here again just get lost from here .. shouts her lungs out
K: twinkle really I am no one to u huh y u r talking like this tell me I will help u Nd I will take u from this hell come let’s go from here saying he holds her wrist Nd he was abt to take her but twinkle jerked her hand
T: I will not come kunj this is my house I will be here till my last breath Nd just get lost from here if u don’t go I should call security to kick u outside don’t made me to go to that extent got it .. shouts
K: ok fine I will go now but remember one thing I will get to know that secret Nd I will take u from here saying this he goes from der giving death glares to uv Nd Anita ….
After kunj goes out twinkle starts to cry sitting on her knees … Uv comes der Nd holds her hair made her to stand …

U: how dare u to let him touch u huh don’t u have shame to touch other guys … Vaise maan Na padega u didn’t uttered a single word I think u came to know that wat I can do if u tell him everything … Gud Nd now don’t waste time Nd bring my bf saying this he throws her due to which she fell down on the floor …
Twinkle slowly gets up Nd goes to kitchen ..

Sarna mansion
Kunj comes home with angry Nd goes to his room Nd bangs the door … All looks at him Nd were confused wat has happened to him … Here kunj is sitting on the bed Nd thinking abt twinkle Nd her situation in luthra mansion his eyes become watery wen he gets twinkle image in front of him ..
K(thinks): y twinkle y u did like this I am ur frnd Nd u would have shared ur problems with me Na ..But twinkle I will get to know abt it very soon…
Here twinkle is crying remembering kunj and his words .. wat to do kunj I know u still love me but wat to do I can’t tell u thinks twinkle …
Like this 1 month passed but kunj couldn’t trace the secret … He tried many ways to get know but he couldn’t …
Sarna mansion
Kunj comes to his room Nd saw Maya speaking in phone secretly … Kunj goes to her Nd calls her name Maya with fear hangs the phone
K: maya with whom u r talking ..

M: vo kunj I was talking with my frnd …
K: oh ok …..
M: kunj can u plzzz spend next 3 days with me … I want to be with u for these 3 days ..Asks pleadingly …
K: maya y u r asking like is anything spl der in next 3 days …
M: no kunj but I want to spend quality time with u plzzz
K: but maya I can’t for next 3 days I have some important meetings I can’t maya plzzz try to understand me saying this he left
M: kunj how to tell u that I am going to dye in 3 days … I have cancer Nd that is in last stage … I want to spend these last 3 days of my life saying this she starts to cry … Just now doc called me tell me abt this after verifying my reports … ..
At night

Maya is taking her tablets just den kunj enters Nd saw her ..
K:maya wat r u doing ..
Maya with fear keeps the tablet under the pillow… Ntng kunj I was just sitting ..
K: ok btw wer is sana …
Just den usha brings sana into her room who is sleeping .Here she is says usha
K: tq maa saying this he takes sana from usha Nd made her to sleep on bed beside him starts rubbing her forehead … Maya is admiring their bond ……
M: kunj shall I ask u onething
K: huh ask me my dear wify
M: kunj if smtng happened to me den u marry some other who can take care of u Nd sana
K: r u gone mad wat r u talking abt … Don’t u dare to talk like this again … Saying kunj hugs maya Nd kisses her forehead … Maya starts to cry .. kunj was shocked to see maya crying Nd asks wat happened

M: ntng kunj I want to be with u forever till my last breath plzzz don’t leave me …
K: maya I will not leave u till my last breath ok now don’t Think all this stuff just sleep ok
M: kunj I want to sleep on ur lap shall I
K: yeah of course saying this he made her to keep her head on his lap Nd starts rubbing his hands on her forehead …
Here uv comes home fully drunk … He enters room Nd saw twinkle who is sitting …He goes to her Nd holds her hand Nd pulls her towards him …
U: now I need u saying this he captured her lips …

Twinkle pushes him . Uv u r not in ur senses plzzz u just come here Nd sleep saying this she made him to sleep but he pulls her upon him ..
Uv: I want u that’s all Nd I am in my senses saying that he starts to kiss her neck ..
T: uv plzzz I am not ready leave me …
Uv : but I am ready saying he removed her top Nd starts biting her Clea**ge All the while twinkle was screaming to leave her but uv didn’t ..
He starts to unbutton her b** Nd starts biting her one br***ts Nd pressing the other one … Nd he made same with other one too … After getting satisfaction with them he left them Nd goes to her naval Nd starts kissing der while kissing he removed her bottom Nd in no time both were naked Nd wrapped in duvet …

He again captures her lips Nd starts biting her lips making them to bleed ..All the while twinkle was crying .. Nd he goes to her neck Nd starts biting der .. twinkle screams unable to bear pain wen he enters her … He made love for 4 hours Nd slept beside her being tired….
Twinkle slowly wraps the duvet Nd goes to washroom Nd sits under shower crying Nd turns the knob of the shower … Let the water relive her pain for some extent .. that water may smoothen the pain on the body but it can’t heal the pain inside the body … She slept in the washroom all night crying Nd she didn’t know wen she drifted to sleep ..
Screen freezes

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  1. Presha

    Awesome di…
    Loved it…
    Too good…
    Love u..
    Post soon

  2. Yaar when will twinj meet twinkles condition os so pathetic how can uv do this bad I think he is totally mad he is soo bad pls next soon

  3. Anusha

    Felling bad for twinkle,kunj n Maya can’t see twinkle like dis hate dis UV to core
    Amazing episode
    Post soon dear

  4. amazing episode feeling really bad for twinkle? hope kunj find the truth soon and save twinkle from that bl**dy uv i just hate him ? plz post the next soon☺
    take care❤

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  6. Baby

    gos nishu dida ♥
    u nailed it ♥
    superr emotional epsidoe ♥
    aapka fs ka har ek chappy ke sath meri ek saans or bad jaati hai hahaha but nt kidding m serious m soooo in love wid dis ff ♥
    loved it dii still crying ♥
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    pst asap dida ♥

  7. feeling really bad for twinkle hope kunj find the real reason behind uv and twinkle marriage and saves twinkle from that uv huh I just hate him plz post next one soon

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  10. Unheard-Of

    ? how can u make kunj luv maya soooo much?? not done….
    Maya ko plsss agle epiosde me maar dena?? cant see twinkle bearing uv’s torture anymore…! After this much emotional scenes i can say only one thing….. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
    It was soooo well written di n happy that u didnt let ur morale down n kept writing??
    Post soon…
    Luv u!?

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  12. SidMin23

    Why uv have to do this to twinkle can’t kunj got all the detail and help her. Now can’t wait to see how will kunj help twinkle to come out of it. Kunj should punished uv and I am sure uv might black mail her saying he will kill kunj or something like that make uv suffer a lots.

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  22. Fabulous epi
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