“I DO LOVE HER” – A Shivika OS

Hi guys this is y.balamirra ,a silent reader who always wanted to write something on shivika
this os is all about how shivaay and anika realize their love.
scene 1
One fine morning, grand celebrations were going in the oberoi mansion
It was the wedding of shivaay singh oberoi and tia kapoor
shivaay sits in the mandap.pinky and jahnvi bring tia
tia sits beside shivaay
everyone looks happy (except OmRu, u guys know why )
shivaay takes the garland and turns towards tia
om and rudra shout …….”wait”
everyone look at them in a confused manner
omru drag shivaay into a room….
omkara: shivaay , how can u even think of marrying ladybaba ?
shivaay: tia is perfect for me .
rudra: bhaiya , close your eyes and just start imagining
the person whom you see before you is the one whom you love the most
omkara: whom do you see shivaay?
(shivaay closes his eyes and starts imagining)
shivaay: (he whispers ) “anika”.
omru: yes.
shivaay : i love anika , yes i really do !!!!
thankyou om and rudra
(they share a group hug)
they go to the mandap and shivaay makes an announcement
shivaay: this marriage will not happen
everyone is shocked
pinky : oh my mata
suddenly,anika starts smiling ,she feels happy
tia : shivaay baby , how can you say no to the marriage ?
(shivaay doesnt reply)
tia: baby reply to me .
shivaay (shouts) : tia, stop calling me like that
how can i ever marry u when i love someone else !
pinky: oh my mata , shivaay whom do you love ?
(tia stroms out of the mansion)
everyone leave the mandap
shivaay takes his car keys and goes to anika’s house
anika opens the door..
anika: billu ji , aap yahan?
shivaay: where else will i go ?
you wont call me inside?
anika: come inside
shivaay kneels down and says
anika, i can see you everywhere , i think about you each and every second
u affect me anika , u complete me
ms anika, I LOVE YOU
anika : baggad billa , i think i love you
yes i really do !!
they share a tight hug as if they are never gonna leave each other.

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  1. I Lov it

  2. Shaza

    It was awesome…but it was like a lil too easy na !!?..I mean Shivaye didn’t think about Tej and shakti? ..and what about the families reaction and Anika didn’t come to Shivayes wedding ? …and if shivaye would realize also he always think about other b4. Him na …don’t mind ??……it was really awesome..hope u will write more ff’s /OS on shivika and ishkara too ?..?.will be waiting for it …I want somewhat like this to happened but it’s gonna hpnd though ?

    1. Y.balamirra

      ur ryt ,i should have included such things
      ill make sure this mistake doesnt happen again
      love, balamirra

  3. Ananya7044

    Its really nice.., but very short and abrupt. .keep writing more

    1. Y.balamirra

      thankyou , ill make sure it is long next time
      love balamirra

  4. Sat

    Wow very nice, but I never thought shivaay’s will ever propose to annika like that.. at least shivika is united here

  5. Short but beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jazz1

    Short but superb and beautiful. If u can plz write more

    1. Y.balamirra

      ill write more next time

  7. Shirt but Awesomeeee

  8. Its really awsm …. But little short.. Plzzz update next episode ASAP

  9. Sooooo gd…..i liked d way hw shivaay proposed annikaaa.. . …..

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