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Hey guys, I’m gonna try to entertain you guys so this OS is dedicated to you guys.

Anika cries and remembers Shivay’s words which increases her pain. She packs her bag and decides to leave Oberoi Mansion.

Daksh enters Oberoi Mansion and hears Rudra telling Prinku “I am so happy that LADY BABA isn’t our Bhabi, instead my favourite bubbly person is our Bhabi, Anika didi and I have so much similarities!”. “Bhaiyya, you mean Anika Bhabi” Prinku replies. Daksh’s ear goes red after hearing this, his head is about to burst.

He heads upstairs saying “Anika is Anika Singh Oberoi” repeatedly. He asks the maid about Anika’s whereabouts the maid answers “She is in Shivay sir’s room”. So Daksh rushes there, Anika gets shocked seeing Daksh. “You are here? Daksh” Anika questions nervously.

“You cheated and now you are asking me I am here, you are mine Anika, only mine” he replies furiously. He gets closer to Anika and pushes her, Anika bangs her head on the corner of the bed causing her to get fainted. Daksh picks her on his shoulder and stealthily steps outside of the Mansion.

Shivay goes to Shakti. Shakti says “Shivay, Anika had borrowed some money for Sahil’s admission to Boarding School and you cancelled the administration so the school returned the money”. “How much money did the school returned?” Shivay asks. “About 15 Lakhs, and Shivay return this to Anika” Shakti replies. Shivay remembers Daksh telling him “Anika slept with me and took good amount, 15 Lakhs.

Anika wakes up. She finds her self in a dark place. Dark as a night sky. She tries to get up from the chair she is sitting. She notices that she is tied up. She shakes herself to get out but her tries fails. She remembers that Daksh pushed her and she banged her head and fainted. She shouts “Someone where, help me, someone”. A hysterical laugh echoes “Hahaha”. She sees a person but the sight wasn’t clear as it was dark there. The person proceeds towards Anika.

That person was none other than Daksh. “Why did you do that? What have I done” she questions Daksh emotionally. “Betrayal, you betrayed me, and went to Shivay, destiny always supports Shivay, everyone liked him in school, he became successful than me also rich, just because he is an Oberoi”.

Shivay remembers Soumya telling him “Anika is in Daksh’s room” so decides to ask Soumya. He goes to Soumya and asks “did Anika stay with Daksh that night, when you said that she is in Daksh’s room?”. “No bade Bhaiyya, I was really scared that night, Daksh Bhaiyya saw me scared and called Anika didi to stay with me and yes she stayed with me not Daksh Bhaiyya” Soumya explains. Shivay thanks Soumya and proceeds, he feels low on his sight as he said cheap things to Anika. He asks the maid “Where is Anika?”. “In your room sir” maid replies. Shivay quickly goes to his room.

He doesn’t find Anika there. He gets shocked seeing Anika’s phone broken. He wonders “Anika is not here and the phone is broken as well, the phone looks as if someone stepped on it”. He walks and notices blood on the corner of his bed”. As soon he steps ot of the room Shivay’s phone rings. He sees Daksh is calling him. He receives the call. “Hello” he says. “Hahaha, Shivay if you can save Anika” he exclaims. “Anika, with you?” Shivay says. “Yes with me, she doesn’t have much time left, turn your camera on I will turn mine so you and your wife can talk with each other and Anika can say her last words” Daksh says. Shivay quickly turns his camera and Daksh turns his. Daksh shows Anika, where she is tied up. Shivay says “Anika don’t worry, I’ll save you”. “Shivay…!!!” Anika says. Daksh quickly turns the camera to himself and says “The conversation is over”. “Daksh…don’t do anything to her” Shivay shouts. “I am in the old textile factory, old textile factory, Shivay old textile factory” Anika shouts as loud she can. Daksh disconnects the call.

Daksh shows Anika, the glass box type thing and says “This is my last gift for you”. Anika screams “No…”.

Shivay gets his car, and drives. While he remembers that Daksh has a phobia on fire, he calls someone.

Sahil gets worried about Anika and Shivay, Soumya consoles him.

Daksh puts Anika on the glass box thing. Anika shouts and scream but no use. Daksh closes the door of the box and starts the water. Anika’s body starts drenching in water. Shivay comes there and shouts “Anika”. Anika tries to talk but no one hears her only she can hear herself. “Shivay the closer you will get the water will increase”. Shivay ignores Daksh. But later he sees Anika’s half body is drenched so he moves back and says “Look, I am stepping back, decrease the amount of water. Daksh says “Sorry, I can’t help it” and laughs. Some people with a stick of fire comes near Daksh. As Daksh has phobia on fire he faints and Shivay sees Anika is fully drenched, he kicks the glass boxs hits it, asks the people to do kicking as well but it failed. Shivay asks the people to go out and ask for help. Shivay looks around and finds a metal stick.

He hits the box with the stick to break the glass. Thankfully it worked. The glass breaks and Anika falls on the ground. Shivay tries to wake up Anika. “Anika, wake up, Anika, you can’t do this, I am fed up with your nonsense talks, but I want to hear them, billuji, bagad billa, SSO… Say something… You can’t do this to me, Anika, Anika, I love you”. Anika tries to talk “Shivay, you misunderstood me I didn’t spend a night with Daksh” Anika says.

2 days later…
Tia comes to Oberoi Mansion. Everyone comes to see her. “I want to say something important” Tia exclaims. “Go ahead, beta” Pinky says. “Everything you think about me is a lie, I am married to Robin a.k.a Dishyunt, yes I am and I never wanted to marry Shivay. I have a camera fixed in my dress and a bluetooth thingy (the thing people wear on their ears to talk to people). And I pretended that I love Shivay, I did this only because a bomb is fixed on Dishyunt and my Mom controls me through the camera and I have to do it otherwise Mom will kill Dishyunt and she also tells me what to do with the Bluetooth, I am sorry everyone especially Shivay and Anika” Tia explains. Pinky says “We trusted you, Tia, but you…chi chi chi”. Dishyunt comes in front of Tia and informs that Tia’s Mom has activated the bomb. “Why didn’t you tell me the truth, I will get teh bomb fixer to deactivate the bomb. The bomb fixer come and fixes the bomb. “Tia, I am happy that you realised your mistake” Anika says.

1 week later…
Anika and Shivay gets remarried for the sake of Dadi and tells the media that Anika is his wife. After the marriage. Shivay says “I love you” to Anika in front of Anika. Pinky asks the photographer to take a family picture. The photographer does so.

The end…

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