Me and my love a shivika love story sixth shot

Welcome guys once again thank u so much for ur unconditional love nd support its overvelming me thnk keep sending me your love and support here’s the next chapter enjoy

Omru come in the house and they saw Anika for a second they both are shocked but soon they come back to reality and look toward shivaay and smile in happiness and shivaay with tears in his eyes smile on his lips blush on his cheek nods in positive towards his brother’s they both jump on shivaay and tightly hug him

O-congrats bro
R-BHAIYA Bhaiya thnk u so much for make bhabhi pregnant I luv u
O-shut up Rudra
Anika fake coughs and draw their attention
A-i think I am also here
R-bhabhi Rudy tightly hugs her
S-rudra be careful why r u hurt your nephew or niece
R- sorry bhabhi did you hurt somewhere
A-no Rudra it’s ok
R-bhabhi we miss you so much
O-but she’s not running
A- om I know you are hurt but for now can we forget this
O- yes nd he hugs her
They all enjoy very much nd excuse herself to washroom bcoz of her morning sickness shivaay also go behind her and rubs her back when she empty her stomach Anika u wait I will call doctor
A- no Jaan it’s normal

9 times u vomited and this is normal
A- yes in pregnancy it’s normal
A- shivaay can you please do me a favour
S- why r u asking just say baby
A- I need some things from market the list kept on table can u pls
S- iwill
He give list to omru and they go to market
During tiredness Anika have no courage to change her clothes so shivaay come into the room closed the door nd remove Anika clothes and change it and gave her a lustful massage
Anika happy with shivaay gesture

Omru also came from market Anika sleep in his room
Shiomru trio talk
O- shivaay now what is your next move
S- first I should divorce Tia and marry to Anika
R- but bro I don’t think so she loose you so easily she’s behind u for your money
S- but I have to do this ru my baby is on the way nd I don’t want that people badmouth to him
O- we all know shivaay how much u love bhabhi nd baby
S- first I should talk to Tia about leave me but I am not able to leave anika alone
O- shivaay u have to do this bcoz if Tia has doubt on u then she never give u divorce
S- hmmm but Anika
O- we are here u go
SSO come in the house and directly go towards Tia room
Tia come and hugs him tightly nd say
T-baby baby I have To tell you something
S- ya
T it going to be father soon
Earth slips under shivaay feet his all happiness just gone away

End soon

I hope u all enjoyed it and drop your comments please

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