Me and my love a shivika love story fifth shot

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Shivaay hang on call nd text them the. Address of dream house and he continue his work take Anika on his lap again caresses her hair nd bump suddenly she screams in pain
S-what happen shivaay asked worriedly
A-your baby kick me very hard this time
S-ANIKA can I heard our baby kick sound
A-SHIVAAY why r u asking iam sorry for not tell u before about my. Pregnancy and I have a guilt to snatch all your happiness of your being father from u
U don’t know about my morning sickness his appearance in my womb his growth in my womb iam sorry for being selfish ,Anika have tears in her eyes
Shivaay u have all rights to touch him kiss love him this is yours (. See towards her womb)

S-and u
A- I am also only yours
S-u both r only mine. Only mine
And they are hug each other,Anika again scream in pain
A-ahhhh not again pls
S- ohh my baby wants Papa
Shivaay rubs her bump again but Anika hold his hand and nods in negative she come out from his lap and lay on the bed slowly move her kurti upside nd show her symbol of love to her husband then she take shivaay hand and land on her bump. That moment the feeling they r enjoyed it. And both have tear in their eyes nd again baby kicks very hard which makes literally Anika cry first time shivaay feels his baby presence nd power of kick

Shivaay move his hand all over the bump very freely
S-baby stop troubling your Mumma plls she is in pain Na pls my Jaan,waise bhi first your dad give her lots of pain
Shivaay puts his head down and cry silently Anika console him
A- how dare you to talk like that u didn’t give me any kind of pain u just give me love your symbol in my womb don’t u dare to say it again and they hug each other
S- I love you Anika I love you
A,-i love you too shivaay
After sometime they break hug shivaay come downward on the bed (in such a position that Anika womb touch shivaay face) and shivaay with lots of pride lots of love start kissing their symbol of love and their baby also responding he kicks her Mumma but slowly they trio enjoy this moment nd they’re done with this kissing session
S-baby Ko to Papa ne bhott pyar kr Liya ab baby ki Mumma ki baari
A-shut up
And he move towards Anika and there lips met to each other with so much passion with the care of baby after sometime they broke. Their kiss
And the whole night they just explore each other in every sense nd consciousness


Shivaay wake up early and see his love her beauty her angelic glowing face he kiss her and pick his clothes and move out he prepare bed tea for his love nd back to room nd wake her she cover herself in duvet and give a morning kiss to her hubby

S-baby is alright
And baby kicks
A-he is absolutely right he said good morning to his dad
S-aww gd morning meri Jaan an kisses her womb
A-SHIVAAY give me my clothes pls
S-yaa shure
He made wear her clothes nd take her outside the room and he again’ go back to room to clean it then he clean all house then he takes Anika to bathroom and gave her a Cary bath nd made her waer her clothes then make breakfast feeds her give her medicines and then he go nd fresh n up nd Anika feeds him suddenly door bell rings

S- I think omru r came u stay here I am come
Shivaay opens the door hug omru they r very happy for shivaay

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      Thank u so much diya for your comment but shivika are not married till now and their baby is unborn now I I just prefer he or she for just kind of language or nothing else I hope u have satisfied answer if not u msg me again nd I also hope u enjoy my story keep reading

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