Me and my love a shivika love story episode 54

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Shivika room****

An- dad can I ask u something

S- sure baby what happen

An- I’m your mistake ,,,, I’m a sin

A- ansh

S- baby what r u saying

An- dad tell na ,,I’m NA NA NAJAYAZ

Shivaay anger is on high peak he can’t tolerate who taught ansh this

A- Anshu baby no she is having tears in her eyesbcoz his little making a curious face and wants his answer

S- ansh u said this to u

An- wo dadi sorry,,,pinky aunty told me this

– shivaay looking towards Anika nd she bend her head down bcoz she can’t tell shivaay that pinky can’t accept ansh nd she hate him so much

S- come here ansh ,,,U R my son u r not a mistake u r god’s gift to us nd u know na u r shivansh singh oberoi so how can u say that u r najayaz

An- I’m sorry dad

S- no baby I’m sorry

An- I love you

S- I love you too mera baby

Shivika cooing shivaay response her aww I love you too my princess

  • Shivaay feed them nd move out from the room and went to dadi room

S- dadi m kuch Dino k liye goa Jaa rha hu Apne bacho or anika k saath

D- to aagya tujhe yaad k omru or hamare alawa koi or bhi h teri zindagi me

S- dadi u know about that so why u can’t tell me

D- u should understand this duffer now go and enjoy ur vacation


Shivika nd their kids bids bye to everyone nd went for Goa

In car

Annika nd kids on back seat nd shivaay drives the car,,, Anika feed shivika and ansh sleeping peacefully

S- Anika come here in front seat with me

A- shivaay concentrate on your driving nd kids r alone at here if they fall down then

S- put the seat belt na nd I’ll drive slowly don’t worry come na

A- no I’m not coming

He makes a puppy face

She puts seat belt on kids nd from back seat she put hand on shivaay chest nd her head rest on his shoulder

A- baby try to understand pls

S- hm

A- u r not father u r a kid wo bhi smaller than them stop the car ,he stop the car nd anika came in front seat

He doesn’t start the car

A- shivaay starts the car nd lets go

S- first give me a kiss

A- kiss on cheeks

S- Not here on my lips

Nd they both have a deep liplock in the car after broke the kiss

S- hmm after the long time I’ll get my sweet dish

A- now can we go with slightly blush

S- Anika stop blushing otherwise u r responsible for my acts

A- shivaay chaliye

S- first u promised me

A- what

S- that u give me one more daughter after this vacation

A- shut up these two r enough for us

S- Anika pls only one

A- shivaay aap pagal ho gye h kya ansh kitna bada ho gya h ab log kya sochege

An- mom yesterday u told me that I’m so small

And they both turns nd see their son listening their talks and Anika being more embarrassed now nd shivaay enjoy the moment very much

An- Mumma ialso want a sister give me na

A- shut up ansh

S- no ansh tell your Mumma that give us a princess more

A- shivaay aap ghr chaliye aapko to m batati hu angry looks

An- but dad for princess we have pray to God na dadi told me that God sends baby on earth

Shivaay smirks towards anika

S- don’t worry ansh we get our Princess soon

An- promise dad

S- yo son

Nd they both hi fi each other nd anika put her head down in shyness

S- ok ansh what if god send brother for u

An- then again I’ll pray for a sister

S- Anika 4 he tease her badly ,ok baby but what if again it is brother

An- I’ll pray till the god didn’t fullfill my wish

Nd shivaay laughs loudly

A- shut up ansh sit down,u have shivi na happy with her otherwise I told her that u didn’t love her

Nd ansh busy in playing with shivika

S- ansh Ko to smjha diya or uske Papa Ko kaise smjhaogi

A- shut up

They reached hotel nd went to the room



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