Me and my love a shivika love story episode 53

Hi guys here’s the next chapter

At morning

Shivika nd ansh both resting on the bed nd their parents sat beside them they both r not sleep for a second last night

S- Anika they are fine na

A- shivaay they are fine don’t worry

Omru dadi came in the room

D- anika how’s kids now

A- they both r fine now dadi

R- Bhabhi didn’t u both sleep last night

S- no actually

O- shivaay Bhabhi u both take some rest

A- first they both wake up

S- don’t know when they both wake up

D- chalo gave some rest omru come with me and they leave

S- Anika why they both r sleeping

Anika see the curiosity in shivaay eyes she went towards him and sat beside him

A- what happen

S- I’m sorry

A- why

S- I’m not a good father I’m the only one father in this world who injured his own kids ,I’m feeling so shameful

A- shut up and she hugs him,u r best son ,best brother ,best grandson , and a good father nd husband too

S- u r right Anika first I’m best ,son , grandson,brother nd then I’m a father and husband ,,,,u guys r not my second priority how can I do this with you all ,,,my kids waiting for me and I’m busy in family or business,,,I’m very particular about my meeting or office work but I’m forget our anniversary many times,,,,how could I do this how

A- shhh stop listen we are love u so much that’s it

Suddenly shivika starts crying nd ansh also wakes up

A- see ur monsters wake up

S- hey don’t u dare say my munchkin as monsters

An- Mumma

A- yaa mera baby she takes shivika in her arms nd Kay ansh in her lap ,feed them nd shivaay see his cute family

A- come here she called shivaay

S- no

A- baby come here

Shivaay went to them and anika land both kids in his lap

A- sambhaliye Apne bacho Ko they need u

S- thank u , I love you

A- I love you too

Rudy came

R- Bhabhi Bhaiya u guys go and fresh n up I’ll here

S- Anika u go I’m here

R- Bhaiya gave them to me u both go

A- hm shivaay come

An- Rudy chachu I’m bored

R- so what we do baby

An- give me your phone

R- ok take this

He opens the gallery nd sees the photos new old memories then he found shivika marriage pics

An- chachu Mumma pappa

R- yes champ see yourself u r looking too cute in the outfit

An- chachu why r u wearing in your parents marriage

R-  hey kids r not present in their parents wedding kids r born after wedding

An- chachu but I’m here

R- bcoz u r born before marriage nd u r enjoy your parents wedding so lucky

An- wo to m hu

Pinky hears their talks secreatively

An- chachu I’m coming in sometime

R- ok

An- nd u take care of my princess

R- ok mere baap Jaa

He came out nd pinky catches him

An- dadi

P- shut ups I told u na don’t call me dadi idiot

She corners him

P- u want to know na how u born before your parents marriage

An- yes aunty

P- so listen ,u r a sin nd u r a mistake of my shivaay ,nd your mother that cheap gold digger disgusting women is my shivaay’s mistress nd u r a NAJAYAZ  aulad of my shivaay

An- that time doesn’t know the meaning about that nd he can’t understand what pinky taught to him he just run away ….

At night

Anika feeds ansh and he seems to be lost , shivaay is with shivika , notice them nd went towards

S- what happen ansh

An- dad can I ask you something

S- sure baby



Sorry for short update guys actually I’m down with throat infection so not well don’t worry I’ll give next time a big one nd pls drop your comments and suggestions and I’ll post next chapter tommorow


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