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Shivika room***

The dark night finally over nd the bright morning welcome the cute family sleep peacefully shivaay sleeping on couch in sitting position and carry shivika in his arms ,Anika sleeping beside ansh ,she woke up nd checks ansh kiss him on his forehead and stands up went towards shivaay take shivika nd placed her on crib looking towards shivaay and think that last night she is hell angry on him she has say sorry to him

A- once he woke up I’ll apologize to him she placed a kiss on his frhd nd came out from the room ,,

Shivaay also wake up then went towards ansh sat beside him and caressed his hair placed a kiss on his frhd

S- I’m sorry champ ,I’m really sorry I’m not a good father but I promise to aage se Aisa nhi hoga bilkul bhi hoga and he leaves from there

Anika came in the room handed a Pooja ki thali wakes ansh up

A- baby wake up see sun is coming wake up my prince

An- Mumma 5 min. More

A- ok

An- Mumma

A- I knew it now u wakes up automatically,take Aarti place a Tilak on his ansh frhd nd move towards shivika see her princess and caressed her

An- Mumma don’t u dare to wake up my princess , please sleeping her peacefully

A- ok baba now u came to me come n fresh n up

An- ok

She takes him to the bathroom after a while they came out ,

A- ansh u sit here I’ll come with Ur Breakfast

An- ok Mumma

A- good boy nd take care of shivi ok she placed shivika on bed and came out from the room


Shivaay is already prepared Breakfast,Anika back hugs him  shivaay realise her hands nd turn towards her

A- I’m sorry

S- I’m sorry

A- I’m angry on u

S- I did a mistake

A- shivaay m aapko ye nhi kehti k aap kaam Matt kijiye ya Sara din office se ghr pr rahiye hum theeno Ko sirf aapka thoda sa time chàhiye pyar chàhiye or kuch nhi

S- I’m sorry jaanu aage se Aisa nhi hoga,I love you

A- I love you too

Rudy comes in between

R- hey Bhagwan bhaiya have some shame there’s kids in the House

S- shut up Rudra

A- why r u shouting on him ,it’s your mistake u should start up anytime anywhere

R- Bhabhi teach him something

S- u both r

R- Bhaiya I’m very hungry kya banaya h

S- Ur favourite pasta

O- nd for me

S- your favourite grill sandwiches

O- ohh yummy can’t wait come guys everyone is waiting on table

S- ya let’s come u go I’ll take breakfast dishes

Omru left shivaay removes the aprin and hold the Breakfast trolly ,come Anika

Anika is collecting some ingredients

S- come anika

S- shivaay u go I’ll feed ansh and shivika both

S- ya but we do breakfast together  na

A- shivaay actually he didn’t eat this nd he take medicine also this is unhealthy for him so I just preparing soup for him

S- he became sad again that now he again forget about his son , anika wait I’ll prepare soup for him nd today I’ll feed him

A- shivaay everyone is waiting for you outside go Varna Breakfast Thanda ho jaayega

S- but it’ takes 2 min. I’ll made for him

Then Rudra again came

R- Bhaiya I’m hungry so much come na

S- Rudra u take this Breakfast trolly nd go I’ll come in 2 minutes

R- Bhaiya come na khana Thanda ho jaayega

Shivaay looking towards  who is still busy in making soup for ansh ,he hoping that anika tell Rudra to have breakfast nd leaves me here for making soup for ansh ,but for first time he realised that anika behaves like she has no right on him

R- Bhabhi ki taraf kya dekh rahe ho wo nhi rokengi aapko bcoz she knows that first u r our brother and then her husband I’m right bhabhi

A- he is all yours Rudra take him with u with a non affected smile

R- see

And Rudra takes shivaay with him ,and anika makes soup for ansh

Dining table***

Shivaay’s all concentration on Anika

D- Billu puttar ansh kaisa h ab

S- dadi he is fine now

D- u should stay with him na why r u came here

T- ya shivaay

O- dad I’m sure this Rudra takes him here

T- Rudra u should try to understand he has also his family now

R- dad but we r also a family na nd more than bhabhi nd ansh , shivika

Shivaay see towards Rudra shockingly bcoz somewhere he understands that bcoz of her ignorance everyone treat Anika and his kids as his second priority

T- shut up Rudra if I also did same with u om prinku and your mom what how u feel,nd shivaay u go nd be with ansh nd most importantly Anika she handles two kids alone she has no time for her go

With a jet speed shivaay reached to the kitchen he sees Anika serves the soup in the bowl

A- shivaay u ate very fast

S- Anika wait for sometime I’ll make soup for my son

A- he is not needed for your soup

S- huh

A- he wants u come with me well feed him together nd your daughter must be  hungry now

S- Anika pls may I make soup for ansh I promise I didn’t take time just 5 min.

A- why r u asking do it fast he must be hungry

S- with a huge smile he carry on his work and make the soup for ansh  ,Anika u go in the room and tell him that his dad make soup for him

A- yes he must be happy

Shivika room***

An- Mumma u r too late I’m so hungry nd shivi also troubles me see she wet my clothes

A- aww come I’ll change both of your clothes

After sometime they all wait for shivaay Anika feed shivika and ansh put his head on anika’s lap wait for his food and shivaay came with a huge tray of breakfast for his small family

S- sorry for the late babies

An- hey dad came see shivi I eat all and u just have mumma milk hehe

A- ansh Shivaay put the table on the bed and

S- aloo poori for my sweetheart nd special soup for my prince but sorry Princess I didn’t make anything for u u r so small na first u grow up then your dad make tasty food for u

S- may I feed u ansh

An- yeah dad

S- so go on aaram se it’s too hot

An- hmm yummy Mumma this is better than yours

After some spoons suddenly ansh starts frequently coughing shivaay tapaps his back but nothing to work and suddenly ansh faints in shivaay arms  and due to this the soup bowl looses from Shivaay’s hand and drown in shivika legs

A- shivaay shivika

Sanika ansh

S- om du

All members rushes towards their room

S- om call the doctor immediately

A- Rudra bring the cold water nd ice pack immediately

S– ye sb hua kaise

S- ansh wake up, shivika baby wake up

A- shivaay hamare bache

S- Anika stop crying he shouts on her nothing happens to them

Doctors came

D- ansh eats what

S- soup

Nd other doctor examines shivika

D- shivaay he ate mushroom

S- ya I make mushroom soup

A- shivaay ansh is allergic to mushroom

D- don’t worry I’ll gave him anti dose he must be good in some days , u guys r being careful yesterday he got injured nd now this he is so small

D- doctor what about shivika

D- she is injured by limbs but not so much serious

D- care of them i will came tomorrow

After sometime all leaves the room and ansh nd shivika take rest in the middle of the bed

Shivaay has no bounds of guilt he sat on the floor with thud nd crying badly Anika came to him nd hugs him make him calm suddenly they hear ansh shivika they rush to them checks them

S- I’m sorry both of u

An- it’s ok dad but your soup is amazing nd shivika also cooing to see them

Shivaay move out from there nd stand near pool side crying badly Anika rushes to him backhugs him

S- Anika how could I m

A- shh u didn’t do anything intentionally

S- but how I

A- shh bass they r Ur kids they are very strong

He hugs her she placed several kiss on his hair …..



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