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Dinner table****

Everyone seated on the dining table except Anika bcoz she takes care of her daughter so she is in her room

Ansh is seated on Tej lap on other day he is sitting on shivaay lap but he is angry with him so he changes his party, Tej feeds him and handling his tantrums

An- bade dadu I don’t like milk ,I don’t have it

T- ok ( and he kept glass of milk aside) what my little prince have

S- ansh don’t troubles bade dadu come to me I’ll feed you

T- shivaay

Sh- shivaay ye kya batmeezi h ,Apne bete se koi aise baat krta h ,I didn’t do this with you

S- dad he is stubborn bcoz all of u

Ansh came out from the Tej lap holding his plate and move out from there and reach to his Mumma

O- shivaay see what did you do

R- Bhaiya this is not good

O- he is just 3 yrs old and u didn’t know about your kid ,bcoz u r busy in your business ,u know what when u miss his father’s day his annual day sports day he never became complaining bcoz he knows that u r busy

R- Bhaiya nd from last 6 months u didn’t have a complete meeting with him bcoz u after your wake up he leave for school nd u came late in night so he sleeps,isme uski kya galti h

T- everyone continue there breakfast Anika handles ansh

Shivika room***”


Anika sitting on the bed and folding the clothes suddenly her eye catches her son which stands on the door holding the plate ,he came to bed and forward the plate Anika doesn’t speak anything just silently feed him by her hands ,he finishes his food Anika put him on her lap,and backhugs him kiss him too

A- why my baby is sad

An- u know what Mumma dad doesn’t love me anymore

A- and why baby thinking like that

An- I don’t know

A- listen baby u know na Papa have some office work nd he is busy in his work so much , that’s why he is little bit frustrated,nd he loves us very much u know na u r our Jaan so why my baby saying like that

An- he only loves his business ,nd chachus even Khanna mamu  nd with wet eyes he hugged Anika and in between sobs he sleeps

Shivaay came in the room with guilty eyes and a milk glass in his hands

He stops for a second bcoz he saw his little family just on the bed ansh nd shivikaa sleep in Anika lap and she caressed there hair

She saw shivaay nd wipe her tears she crying bcoz her little boy crying so much in her arms

S- Anika wo m

Nd Anika indicates him to speek slow they both r sleeping

Shivaay went to them nd sit on the bed place a glass on the table

S- Anika he slept m iske liye milk laaya tha

A- shivaay he doesn’t have milk ,he only have hot chocolate by Gauri prepared for him

S- that’s why he is not having milk

A- hm

S- sorry but I didn’t know that,but Gauri is pregnant and in this condition she makes it

A- he is your son he didn’t do Gauri any work even walking except his hot chocolate he always wakes Gauri up and she makes for him

S- but I didn’t

A- I know u don’t know that

S- Anika what did I do u know the workload nd in between this I didn’t have time for you all

A- shivaay we doesn’t need your time but atleast u didn’t scold him jb tk aap Ko kuch pta na ho, u know what how much he crying

S- Anika I’m really sorry but u understand about my work

A- shivaay I understand about your work but he is not

S- I know I did a mistake

A- aapko pta h isne kya kha mujhse that u don’t love him anymore u have time for omru nd khana also

S- Anika but how can he thinks that I don’t love u three ,u guys r my lifeline nd omru u know what r they meant to me

A- shivaay ANSH loves omru more than u

S- so why he is saying like that

A- shivaay he sees u everyday aap kitna bhi late ghr aaye omru se Bina baat kiye nhi site or even u cooking with them,u remember that one day u came early from the office and ansh wants your help  in his drawing nd Rudy takes u with him he silently complete his work and sleep

S- Anika but why u didn’t tell me

A- shivaay no one comes between in u omru so how can he comes in your between

S- Anika don’t say that who told u that he is come in between us ,and u three are my life ,nd he is my son how can I do that with him

A- don’t worry I’ll handle him

S- no I did a mistake nd I’ll rectify it nd don’t say this again that u three are nothing to me or I don’t love u ,gave him to me he takes ansh caressed his back nd said ready my little creature I’ll come early from office and we four go to park

He kiss on her daughter cheeks lay ansh on bed nd kiss on his frhd nd give a small peck to his wife leaves for the office


A- ansh get ready your dad will be come anytime he takes u to the park come on get ready

An- really Mumma

A- yes baby

An- yeah my super dad Mumma I’ll come to share this news with chachu

A- go

At 6:00

An- Mumma when dad comes

A- baby 2 min More


An- Mumma I’m sleepy

A- baby your dad phone isn’t reach he comes in sometime

An- but park is closed now

A- don’t worry we go to ice cream parlor

At 9:00


S- deal is done me.mehta

Such a long discussion mr.oberoi nice to meet you

Khaana- sir your meeting took 4 hrs today

S- ya  wait what what’s the time

K- its 10 sir

S- are u mad 10 at night ,oh god how can I forget and why u didn’t u tell me the time or give me the remainder

K- sir u told to switch off all mobiles bcoz deal is confidential

S- whr is my phone

K- sir take this

S- 79 miss calls from Aanika,Khanna this time any kid  park is open

K- sir kids park is closed at 7:00

S- u should go and opens the park I want the park open

K- yes sir

At 11:30

He reached home and saw everyone is sleeping

He went to his room

And see everyone in his room with doctor and ansh lying on the bed and doctor prepares stitches for him


An- Mumma dad is not coming

A- baby he promised me don’t worry he will be coming at anytime

He listens car sound nd he run towards the main door his leg twist nd the stairs hit on his head due to which he got cuts on his forehead

Flashback end

D- u all r going outside I have to stitch

A- doctor pls aaram se he is just 3 yr old without stitches it didn’t get well she crying virgrously

They all saw shivaay he is having tears in his eyes Anika went to him nd hugged him

A- shivaay dekhiye na tell the doctor don’t stitches him he is so small how can our baby bear the pain

S- Anika wait I’ll

D- mr.oberoi I have to stitch them otherwise it got infected,u all pls wait outside

A- no I’m not going anywhere

D- u have to stay here but pls don’t do this infront of ansh he would scared

All members leave the room and only his parents in the room ansh see them in his small eyes they paste a fake smile on there faces nd on backside they just hold there hand tightly

Doctor start to stitch ansh he crying at first and both shivika have tightness there first nd having tears ansh have its stitches and doctor covers them nd sleep

Everyone comes to the room

R- come doctor

O- doctor anything serious

D- no

They all leaves from there rooms Anika sat beside ansh holding his hand and crying badly

S- Anika I’m sorry

A- u should,,,,,,agr aaj ansh Ko kuch ho jaata to

S- hey don’t say anything like that I’m afraid to listen about that

A- it happens bcoz of u ,ok first u tell me in which u r busy that u forgot about us

S- Anika I’m in meeting

A- u know what he crying in pain blood oozing from his head shivaay he is not a second version of SSO I bear anything he is too small nd see he got stitches,he crying nd continuously call u ,nd u off Ur phone for a meeting this meeting is important for you more than ansh

S- Anika I’m sorry I know I did wrong I forget about that

A- u forget about that,u forget about your meeting u forget about Omkara exhibition u forget about to listen about Rudra girlfriend u forget about ,u forget about cooking ,u forget about Gauri how can you forget about my son damn it

S- shivaay never seen anika like this and this is valid bcoz his son is in danger bcoz of him

Anika he is my son too

A- oh do u remember this

S- ok I’m sorry I know you are upset wth me but trust me I didn’t do anything by intensionally

A- stop it I doesn’t want to hear about anything ab iss baare me kl baat krenge u must be tired go and sleep I’m here with my kids

S- but where I’ll go to leave u alone if u need anything I’ll here only

A- as your wish

She just sat beside ansh whole night nd shivaay too carry shivika in his arms sat beside ansh





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