Me and my love a shivika love story episode 49

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Shivaay reaches  his room with lots of bags handed  he saw Anika sitting on the bed with ansh and continuously talk with him

A- ansh let your Papa come today I’ll sue him ,,what he think about himself ,he don’t know the power of three of us me u and your sis we trio didn’t talk with Papa

Shivaay came  inside  cover his with a huge teddy  ,ansh eyes lighten up to see the teddy ,he move towards shivaay but Anika stops him and with a cute face he sat back

S- Anika today his birthday don’t do this to him let him allow to play with me

A- ohh u remember that today your son’s birthday

S- Jaan how can I forget

A- so why u came so late

S- sorry baby there is a urgent meeting pls sorry dekho tumhare prince birthday Wale din kaise mujhe phula k baitha h allow him na

A- she melts down with her hubby talks and he allows ansh to play with shivaay

Ansh jumps on shivaay and the both father son opens there gift

R- o come Bhaiya ki pitai dekh kr aate h

O- yes let’s go

And they both reaches shivika room and joins ansh shivaay

R- waise bhabhi how can you melt easily

A- Rudra how can I being angry with your Bhaiya long time he is everything afterall

O- awww

And shiv gets up and hugs Anika tightly she founds some ladies perfume smell on his coat

A- shivaay this is a smell of ladies perfume

S- ya actually Today meeting with Ms. Kapoor

A- ooo to USS ms. Kapoor k saath time spent kr rhe the isliye bete ki birthday party bhool Gaye

Shiomru ansh all four looks Anika with widen eyes and open mouth bcoz of her sudden flip ( bcoz of her mood swings)

A- tell me where r u in your office time with her

S- Anika what r u saying infront of ansh what he thinks about me

A- he thinks that after two kids his father wants enjoy his bachelor life

S- Anika it’s nothing like that it just baseless which you think

A- ok then tell me how u wear her colonge

S- we just hug so that’s why I think

A- haww chii how cheap things u did with her nd very coldly accept this infront of your son

Omru both sees that the cute fight turns into a serious one

O- Bhabhi u thinks wrong

R- Bhaiya never cheats u

S- Anika u know na that I only loves u or no one else didn’t you trust me

A- and in anger she said I didn’t trust you

They all looks anika and then shivaay’s guilty or sad face he didn’t say anything and he moved out from the room,omru pick ansh and follow shivaay

He is sitting near pool with moist eyes ,omru decided to leave shivaay alone for sometime they leave ansh on floor and leaves from the place

Ansh crawls and reach near shivaay his tiny hands pat shivaay back for grabbing the attention shivaay turns and found his little munchkin with a small smile shiny eyes nd the messy suite ,he smiles for a second nd picks him and adjust him on his lap ,

Shivaay removes ansh coat , waistcoat loose his tie nd  pants then opens  the shirt button

S- now ok

And ansh smiles in response

S- see how much your Mumma troubles me she said she didn’t trust me nd a lone year escape from his eyes

Ansh takes a support of shivaay and stands up on shivaay legs and wipe shivaay tears and give him a tight kissi on shiv lips and softly he said first time “”””””PAPA”””‘””” IN his kiddish tone shivaay eyes got widened he can’t believe on his ears he just can’t imagine so he picks ansh up and hugs him tightly

S- baby say once more

And once more ansh say Papa  his happiness has no bound he just want to tell anika but he stops but suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder he turns found anika covering his face with the same big teddy see this ansh starts clapping , shivaay indicates him to stop nd the cute boy again obey his parents and stop clapping , shivaay remove the teddy nd found anika crying

He also melts down

A- shiv I m sorry I don’t know mujhe kyu itna gussa aa rha h aaj kl u know na m aa pr apni Jaan se bhi  jyada trust krti hu

S- you don’t know that how your mood swings so much I’ll tell you actually in u my taribaaz daughter growing up which shows her tadi like her dad in the form of your angry mood swings

A- shivaay I love u

S- I love you too mera baby

And he captured Anika lips and ansh stares them , anika broke the kiss in mid shivaay sees her with confusing puppy eyes ,Anika signals him that ansh stares them

S- Anika what

A- shivaay bcoz of u I feel ashamed infront of my son , Besharam

S- baby don’t feel ashamed he is also the result of my besharmi

A- shivaay

S- Anika please one kiss pls pls nd again he captured her lips this time ansh also kiss on her mother’s cheeks

The family kiss finally broke nd they enjoys the birthday party of ansh nd enjoys




Leap again

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