Me and my love a shivika love story episode 48

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Scene starts***

Shivika sitting on the couch nd anika consoling him, suddenly door bell rings and they confuse that who will be come at this time

Anika open the door and find pinky stand on the door shivaay came and

S- who is oñ…. His words drop in the throat he is hell shocked

A- shivaay see pinky aunty is coming

S- Anika closed the door and came inside ansh is hungry

A- shivaay what r u saying see pinky aunty came our  home first time

P- shivaay u didn’t want to see your mother face at once

S- I hope u may leave now

P- I’m sorry Anika shivaay ,I know I didn’t do anything right but trust me in those days I will learnt that I’m nothing happy  without my child’s

A- shivaay gussa chhod dijiye na

S- I can’t forget what she did with my baby

P- I’m sorry shivaay maaf krde mujhe pls come home with me

S- I don’t want to come that. Home where my baby isn’t safe

P- at once can I meet my grandson

A- Yess ofcourse

S- stop Anika no will not bring ansh to her

P- shivaay pls and she faints

A- pinky aunty she screams shivaay moves and see she take her inside the house and make her concious

S- r u alright

P- u r near me im always alright and he hugs her tightly ,,,pls forgive me I’ll promise this mistake never happened again

A- shivaay pls

S- ok ma we will come with u

And they trio reach mansion

  1. .              6 months leap
  2.    Ansh’s birthday

anika have a big bump this time and she is in more worst stage than previous one bcoz of her mood swings , small things makes her angry but today she didn’t angry on anyone bcoz today her ANSH BECAME 1

all members r busy in arrangements bcoz there is grand celebration in mansion omru takes all responsibility of party and anika supervise them

D- puttar whr is Billu

A- dadi his business deal is more important than his sons b’day party nd his pregnant wife

R- o lgta aaj bhyii bachenge nhi

O- u r right nd they laughed

A- dadi today I’ll not leave him

G- bhojai ansh is ready

A- thank you Gauri where is my handsome

G- here

A- aww my baby looking dam cute in this three piece suitE

R- Bhabhi Bhaiya a Lso made same suite like ansh

A- yes Rrudra but he is late see guest are coming at any time

Shivaay reach. The mansion

Khanna- sir mam is so much angry

S- shut up Khanna

S- do your work

He moved inside and omru blocks his way

S- what happen

R- Bhabhi is so much angry

S- I’ll handle him

He faces anika this time



Guys I hope u all enjoyed it sorry fore but the small update now ill post next part tomorrow

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    It is lovely dear…

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    Awesome… Lovely part… Update the next part soon

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