Me and my love a shivika love story episode 47

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Doctor cabin

Shivaay knows that Anika has complications but he has to wait for doctor confirmation so he wait doctor checks Anika inside collect some samples of her and send it to laboratory

Anika and doctor came outside , shivaay see them with curious eyes , anika signals him to behave normally so he calm a bit

S- doctor is everything ok

D- mr.oberoi u know that I tell you that anika didn’t conceive again

( And this is the huge shock’for anika she see shivaay with teary eyes and shivaay looks towards her in guilty eyes ) Anika just attack of questions on doctor

A- what r u saying ,last night u told me na that I m pregnant , and what kind of complications r , and shivaay why u didn’t told me this

D- anika calm down u r pregnant but we’ll do some tests bcoz in your last pregnancy ur uterus is to week due to which u can’t carry the weight of the child but now it seems that u recover very fast so u can continued your pregnancy but we should wait for report ,u guys wait I’ll come, doctor leaves

Anika stands up and came out from the room but shivaay hold her hand she doesn’t want to talk with him but shivaay bend on knees and hold his ears and bent his head down ,

A- why didn’t you tell me

S- I’m sorry m Darr gya tha

A-  harr baar aapko Sara dukh khud he face krna hota h

S- I’m sorry

A- get up everything will be fine wipe your tears ,aapki beti kya sochegi uske Papa kitne cry baby h

He gets up and they hug and sat on the chair and wait for the doctor,and doctor came with the reports and……

D- congratulations u both ,Anika u doesn’t have any complications more ,and u r pregnant with a healthy child

S- thank u doctor ,thnk u thank you thanku so much

A- thank you doctor

D- u guys now go home and Anika u should take care of yourself properly ok I’ll meet u next week congratulations once again

Shivika leave from there shivaay teases Anika on the way and finally they reached home and they see all members r waiting for them in lawn area shivaay stops the car and share this news to everyone they r very happy they all enjoyed family moment shivaay phone rang he excuses himself and pick the call

S- hello

C- u r very happy

S- why u call me again

C- ok listen do you want ansh alive ,u know very well that  he is premature baby and due to which his immunity is very low and that’s why u preserve his stem cells do u want that I destroyed the cells

S- no pls tell me what do you want

C- abort your child

S- shut up and don’t do dare about to talk about my baby I’ll kill you

C- for your unborn child u kill your ansh ,this is not good

S- Don’t u dare talk about my ansh

C- I’ll wait for your answer

The caller cuts the call shivaay throw it phone and moves back he is hell shocked because Anika listen all conversation and tears r flowing from her eyes

S- anika trust me and listen to me pls

A- she moved inside the house and shivaay follows her

They both sat on couch

A- tell me the whole truth

S- Anika I have a friend name Arpita and she is the mother of Aryan ,she is not dead she is alive and Aryan is not my son ,she had crush on me so she wants to Marry me that’s why she hands me Aryan taaki tum mujhe chhod kr Chali jaao but u didn’t go so she tells me to abort our unborn baby and save ansh

A-but why u r obey her orders

S- u know na ansh is premature baby that’s why we conserve his stem cells I don’t know how she got ansh cells and she blackmail me to destroy it

A- shivaay u r SSO why u r afraid from her

S- I’m a father also Anika and u both r alone here if we r in OM so I didn’t care her warnings

A- shivaay have faith in Godthey didn’t do anything wrong with our ansh and this is for 1yr after 1yr ansh didn’t need those cells ,u don’t take any tension be happy your daughter wants her Dadda happy

S- thanks for understanding me

A- stop thanking me nd love me

S- I luv u jaanu

He calms a bit nd leaves the rest things on god suddenly door bell rings


Precap Now who + leap

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