Me and my love a shivika love story episode 46

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Shivika room***

Shivaay and Anika sleep peacefully on the bed , shivaay cuddles her stomach very cutely ,,Anika wakes up and see her hubby like this she ruffles his hair place a warm kiss on his forehead came down from the bed  ,she moves towards ansh crib whr Aryan and ansh both r sleeping peacefully Anika move towards bathroom now ,she standing infront of mirror and see her glowing face and. Caresses her belly  then she gets ready and came out from the bathroom

Shivaay is still sleeping ,she sit besides him and teasehim with her wet hairs ,he smiled in sleeping and pull her in the hug

A- shivaay carefully ,I think u forgot that I’m pregnant

S- sorry Jaan ,I got appointment so u get ready we have to leave from 3 pm

A- but shivaay ansh and Aryan

S- ya we can’t take them in hospital , u don’t worry I’ll call on and Gauri they will take care of them

A- u get up and get ready I’ll make breakfast

S- r u mad why r u making breakfast I’ll do it and listen me carefully for the upcoming 9 months u will do not touch or do anything

A- ( she laughed on him) pagal ho gye h kya

S- tumhare kaam k chhakar me ansh ki delivery premature huyi thi ,jiske wajah se iski immunity week h and I’ll take any chance this time do u get that ,tumhe meri or ansh ki kasam

A- shivaay but who did all this work if I’m not

S- I’m here ,Nd I’ll manage u don’t take any stress ,u just take rest and makes my daughter healthy and golu molu

A- shivaay u r very happy na I’ll understand but how would you manage alone

S- I’ll take help of omru and Gauri Nd Fadi also

A- ok

S- wait for me I’ll come

He moves into the bathroom and Anika joins ansh and Aryan

Anika feeds ansh and Aryan is playing with his toys

Ary- mumma

A- yes beta

Ary- I’m hungry

A- oh my baby wait for sometime pls your dad come in few minutes with breakfast ok

Ary- ok

He again busy with his toys and ansh busy in filling his tummy , shivaay came  with breakfast he placed on the table shouts on Anika bcoz she is feeding ansh

S- Anika I told u ,and last night doctor also told you that you are week so u should conserve your energy and u feeding ansh.

A- shivaay it’s not a big deal , and what about ansh u know very well he doesn’t feed on milk powder and u don’t take any stress I’ll eat double relax pls

He calms a bit and takes Aryan on his lap and starts feed him Anika forward her hand to take a bite shivaay just stops her hand

A- what happen

S- I’ll tell u , you didn’t do anything ,I’ll feed u

A- shivaay

S- Anika 

Shivaay feeds everyone one by one first Aryan then Anika  then his little munchkin and one by one they all feed shivaay,,, suddenly door bell rings

A- now who

S- I think omru I’ll called them

He opens the doors and omrugauri standing on the door they came in and rudra just sit on the table and joins them in the breakfast table

R- Bhabhi feed me

S- no

R- haww bhaiya why Bhabhi doesn’t feed me

S- Rudy I’ll feed u

R- no only Bhabhi

S- Rudy

R- I’m not having your food r u happy now

S- it’s nothing like that I told you that I’ll feed u

O- shivaay why u called us

S- actually me and Anika r going somewhere so can you please guys take care of ansh and Aryan

G- of course bade bhaiya

R- whr r going ,,hmm on Honeymoon

S- shut up Rudra

O- shivaay but when u Nd Bhabhi go

Shivaay looks towards Anika ,Anika put her face down in shyness and a huge blush is paste on her face

O- shivaay what happens

S- actually me and Anika r going hospital

O- why

R- bhaiya r u ok

G- bhojai what happen heyy Shankar ji

S- guys calm down, actually your Bhabhi soon gives you a little neice ,we having our second child

R- bhaiya

O- o my god

G- heyy Shankar ji

Omru both attack on shivaay neck and hugs him tight, Gauri hugs Anika

R- bhaiya I’m proud of you,om u have to learnt this from bhaiya

S- years om when you Nd Gauri makes us bade Papa or ma

G- bhojai bade bhaiya badhayi ho

O- thanku Bhabhi

R- Bhabhi Bhabhi bhabhi I luv

G- bhojai u both leave for hospital I’ll manage here

Shivika leaves the house and reached the hospital they sit in the doctors cabin


Fun emotions and truth

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