Me and my love a shivika love story episode 45

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Shivika room**

Anika faints and hit to the floor , shivaay screams and immediately picks her up and placed on the bed,he sprinkle some water droplets on her she start to came concious stage but in sub concious stage ,he call the doctor immediately ,in this between ansh starts crying he picks ansh up and sit beside Anika holding her hand

After 15min.

Doctor came ,,,she enters in the room

D- mr.oberoi I have to check her u have to wait outside

S- but why I’m her husband ,I’m stay here only

D- mr.oberoi u r holding a kid and this is not for him pls take him outside

S- sorry I’ll go outside u pls carry on

Shivaay go outside and put ansh in his crib and stand outside the rooms door doctor opens the door and call shivaay in he came in and find Anika concious his half problem is solved he immediately sat beside her and take her hand in his hands

S- doctor what happen to her

D- first you should give me some sweets

S- my wife is ill and u want sweet ,

D- areeee mr.oberoi your wife is pregnant she concieved second Time nd u became father second time

Anika bent her head down in shyness but shivaay is shocked nd he immediately leaves his hold on her hand ,she is hell shocked that what is happening with shiv

D- u have to come clinic at morning now u take rest

Doctor leaves , shivaay see off her to the gate and came inside the room ,Anika is waiting for him ,he. Came in but doesn’t find Anika he moves and stand on the window Anika came outside from the washroom and tip toed a nd backhugs her hubby

A- baby im so happy ,thank you so much

S- but I’m not happy

A- stop kidding na I want to spend some time with you stop joking

S- I’m serious Anika I’m not happy

A- shivaay why. R u saying like that u  want princess na see your wish will be fulfilled why r u saying like that ,u doesn’t want this baby

And a thick layer of tears form in a Anika.  Eye he can’t see her like this ,,and for divert the situation he starts laughing

S- hey why my baby is crying stop crying why I’m not happy my princess comes home I’m not happy I’m super happy for a moment he forgets the complications in Anika pregnancy ,he just truly heartly enjoys their baby news

A- u r happy na

S- Yess Jaan my daughter came this time why I’m not happy

A- for a moment u scared me

S- I’m sorry now u should take rest and sleep well I’m just came to check Aryan nd ansh

He leaves the room locks the door and broken down he never feels so week  ,he beg infront of God for giving their child Life but somewhere he knows that what is happening next so he just want to spent a Lovely night with his unborn baby after go to the doctor clinic he composed himself and came into the room and lay beside Anika caressed her belly nd feels his baby presence nd sleeps cuddling her belly,,,,,,,



Hi friends thnk u so much for your comments and suggestions and likes I hope u all enjoyed it pls drop your comments and suggestions and likes I’ll post next part tommorow


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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear…

  2. Hkaur

    Nice episode. But what are the complications of anika which she doesn’t know but shivaay knows. Is shivaay thinking of aborting the child then he is doing very wrong in my perspective. But let’s see what happens he will not take such a step without any problem. Waiting to read the nxt update

  3. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

  4. ItsmePrabha

    amazing epi.. shivaay’s reaction is shocking.. cant wait for the next to know it..

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