Me and my love a shivika love story episode 44

Hi GUYS thanks for your comments and likes and I’ll clear one thing aryan is the kid which is called as a-shivaay illegitimate child here’s the next chapter enjoy it

In garden

Shivika are enjoying on the swing in the garden and ansh is also with them , shivaay hold him nd play with him Anika happy to see him happy

A- shivaay

S- hm

A- agar aaj m or ansh chale jaate to

S- pls don’t say like this Anika I just want to forget this ,u know na u nd ansh r my life my everything lies in both of you I am nothing without both of u ,I don’t know i survive or not if I lost u both

A- so tell me truth na

S- Jaan give me some time pls

A- shivaay whenever you comfortable to tell the truth till I’ll wait but tell as soon as possible don’t loose my faith and yes one more thing whenever you didn’t told truth pls can’t try to touch me or come near me and ansh ( hiding her smile)

S- Anika if you trust me I’ll understand ,u didn’t want that I’ll touch u so I can’t but atleast no do this same thing with ansh ,u did like this from last one week and I am not able to hold my son atleast don’t do this to me ,I understand now my touch is impure for you and I promise I’ll not come near ,u relaxed I’ll go somewhere or shift my things also


A- ok but how can you shift my heart which only beats for you buddhu I just kidding nd sorry I’ll not let u to touch me nd ansh but u know na I love you

S- acha g only sorry no u got punishment for this

A- I’m ready

S- come I’ll give you your punishmentt

A- haww cheapde

And she runs from there leaving father son behind

S- ansh u need sister na I know I know don’t worry your dad give you a little cute sister soon

At night ______

Shivika room*****

S- Anika where is everyone

A- shivaay Sahil left for his hostel nd omru returns to mansion and my prince sleeping peacefully cuddling his big brother

S- all set

A- what

S- see everyone is gone and our little munchkin is also slept soo

A- what sooo

S- sooo Anika

A- not soo. Just go nd sleep

S- Anika this is not fair

A- shivaay u want to sleep outside the house

S- SB mere saath Aisa he krte h,no one’s love me anymore ( he tried to act cute)

A- ohh I look my baby come here and sleep

S- so rha  hu meri maa ( suddenly he remembered pinky and his eyes got teary )

He silently move towards bed nd sleep silently a lone tear drop downs Anika understand this so she came towards him silently hugs him from behind nd soothing his pain

A- shhh bss ab theek ho jaayega shivaay pinky aunty mujhe maaf kr degi

S- anika I missed mom,dad everyone

A- we are with you baba pls now stop crying like ansh otherwise he will tease my small baby

S- I’m not small I’m big one

A- awww nd they both laugh loudly due to which ansh awake

S- oh no

A- don’t worry I’ll handle him u go and sleep

S- Anika I know why ansh is crying

A- what do you mean by this

S- actually I promise him that ill give him a sister but his mom’s doesn’t want that his son’s wish got fullfill

A- aap phir shuru ho gye

S- Abhi kha hou kya

A-dono baap bete ek jaise h meri koi baat nhi sunte and suddenly she faints and fell on the ground

S- anika



Happy family

Hi friends I hope u all enjoyed it actually I want this part will be halka fulka bcoz last parts r of so much drama emotions so I would like to little light this one I hope u all enjoyed it pls drop your comments and suggestions and likes I’ll post next chapter tommorow

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  4. Who is this Aryan

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      Aryan is the kid who is now in shivika house as shivaay illegitimate child

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