Me and my love a shivika love story episode 42

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Everyone is present in the hall nd omru didn’t make eye contact with their Bhabhi bcoz of shivaay deed suddenly door bell rings they all are came into reality and Anika move nd open the door she is hell shocked,she can’t believe on her eyes her eyes got widened her lips trembling due to fear she is can’t move a little bit a sound came from other side

Ab andar bhi bulaogi ya bahar khada rakhoge Anika didi

Yes he is non other than our Sahil ( in this story Sahil is 18 yr boy he is not physically challenged ,he is a national tennis player due to which he earns or wins many titles and scholarship)

A- Sahil

S- yes me u r forget me but how can I forget you and Anshu where is he I desperately want to meet him  di r u listen me

A- yes

S- can I come in

A- no

S- haww why

A- no I mean wait I’ll come with Pooja thali

S- so there’s is no need

A- and she bangs door on Sahil face

She comes in hurriedly

O- Bhabhi what happen who is on the door

A- om Sahil came or agr usse Aryan k baare me pta nhi chalna chàhiye pls do something

Sh- let him know aaj nhi to kl usse pta chal he jaayega let him know

A- shivaay what r u saying

R- Bhabhi I think bhaiya is right

A- but how can I

O- Bhabhi we are with you,u open the door

And with trembling hands she opens the door and welcome Sahil ,he came in hugs Anika hugs shivaay meet with his buddy omru then his eyes caught Aryan who is busy with his toys Sahil move towards him and pick him up and said ,,di who is he

A- sahil leave it come u r hungry na come

S- so what so hurry tell me na who is he

Sh- he is my son Sahil

Sahil laughs hahahahaha

S- nice joke jiju but pls tell me na who is he

Sh- I told you he is my son

S- jiju if it joke then pls ends it here bcoz u know I don’t like any joke about my di and ansh

Sh- I said only truth he is my son

Sahil leaves Aryan on floor and. See her didi’s teary eyes he can’t imagine that his beloved jiju done  with his di ,,he is angry like hell he holds shivaay’s coller and pins shivaay in the wall omru Anika trio puts their efforts to remove them but Sahil didn’t in his senses

S- shivaay Singh oberoi how could you do this how

A- Sahil leave

O- Sahil leave

R- Sahil calm

Anika pushes Sahil and slap him tightly all r shocked shivaay  struggle for breath omru hold him nd made him sit

S- di

A- shut up I said shut up

S- di this man

Sh- wait anika m iska gunhegaar hu ye Jo chahe saza mujhe de skta h

S- di chaliye aap mere saath ab iss aadmi se Hamra koi rishta nhi h .

O- Sahil I know you are angry but atleast once listen shivaay

S- om Bhaiya u said this,u can’t see my di pain

Sh- Sahil I know I did mistake but given me a chance pls don’t take anika and ansh they are. My life pls don’t do this to me please

S- stop your drama

A- sahil atleast listen him once

S- ok di I’ll gave him a chance I’ll ask 3 questions to him if he answered one of them then I will believe that he truly love you nd his mistake will a planned by destiny he is truly a genuine guy but if he is loose then I doesn’t leave u and ansh here u both have come with me ,,,,


Sahil three questions , shivaay win or loose what do you guys want

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