Me and my love a shivika love story episode 37th

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Dream house***

Aniomru trio waiting for shivaay but there is no signs of his comeback

O- how he’s so careless

R- once he comes then we all angry on him

A- omru I think u both now leave dadi and Gauri waiting for u both

O- Bhabhi but how can we leave u and ansh r alone at home

A- I’m habitual u guys go

O- ok Bhabhi but take care of yourself and ansh and call us in any kind of emergency

R- bye my baby chachu coming soon hmm

O- take care ansh

Omru leaves

At unknown place

You promised me pls pls promise me someone said that words shivaay

S- I promised you nd I’m sorry for

And the person die,……

At 01am night

A- shivaay still doesn’t came home I think I should call omru

She takes her phone but suddenly door bell rings

A- I think shivaay came

She opened the door and start her lecture

A- shivaay where r u since morning ,u can’t imagone how much I ,but she stopped in middle bcoz shivaay doesn’t give any kind of reaction his hairs is messy ,his eyes has a thick layer of tears she noticed and worried

A- shivaay what happened is everything okay na shivaay answer me I’m talking to you ,she waves her hand infront of shivaay and finally he came into reality ,, shivaay what happen she again asked

And shivaay takes out a innocent soul from his back ,,yes he is a 3 year old boy who is extreme cute holding a teddy bear tightly and scared from Anika ,,first  a smile appears on Anika face to see a such a innocent face and absent mindly she said shivaay he is very much resembles you agr ansh bada hoga to Aisa he lgega shivaay see her shockingly but her smile is vanished bcoz the little boy is a Xerox of his husband  , suddenly a layer of tears form in her eyes she can’t speak a little word

A- sh .. shivaay koñnn h ye

S- Annika I’m sorry I’m really very sorry I’m sorry nd he holds Anika legs

A- shivaay stand up nd tell me who is he

S- Annika he .he .heiss my. Son

And hold of Anika on shivaay shoulder is released immediately nd shivaay try to hold her hand but she jerked off

S- Annika pls listen to me Annika pls for once plsss

Anika come inside the house and shivaay also come inside with the kid

She sat on couch and tears just flow from her eyes like river shivaay bent on knees holding Anika legs and pleading infront of her and saying sorry continuously but Anika is not mentally present infront of him

And the little cute boy standing in the corner with holding his teddy nd he is sleepy nd continuously yawning nd rubs his eyes Anika eyes catch him she gets up from the couch nd move towards the kid

She bent on knees and try to talk with a kid

A- what is your name

My name is Aryan

A- very nice name u r  hungry

( Hey guys I am using “”””k”””””” for kid)

K – yes

A- come I’ll feed you Anika take Aryan in kitchen and feed him with her hands he falls asleep on kitchen slab she caressed his hair and take him in the room placed him on the bed locks the door she came outside and she see shivaay is standing infront of her with holding his ears

S- Anika I’m sorry pls forgive me I know this is not easy for you but I … I and he starts crying bcoz he knows that Anika told him that she shares everything but doesn’t share his baby love ( I’ll mention this dialogue in ch 2,3) he knows after this she leaves him and he can’t handle her separation

Anika holds shivaay hands and take him to the couch nd make him sit offer a glass of water he hold the glass nd drink it

A- tell me the whole truth……..



Pyar tune kya KiA

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