Me and my love a shivika love story 9th shot

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Shiomru trio meet nd plan for how to find the truth about Tia pregnancy
R- Bhaiya how is this possible after your marriage mostly u slept with me
S- yes Rudra I know nd this is the reason I can’t believe on Tia
O- shivaay we have to do DNA test
S- I know om but if the results are matched ,how can I face Anika nd my baby she never let me to touch my baby
O- shivaay why you think negative if u didn’t do anything wrong then why the results are
S- ya but how can we perform DNA Tia doesn’t agree
O- shivaay I have a plan
S- what
O-SHIVAAY u have to do acting that u r very happy with her pregnancy and take her to the hospital for routine check up and u so some settings with doctor to perform the test

R- but o be careful we have to do this DNA test with someone honest to oberois if this news breaks in media they make a issue

S- has dr.chatterjee but he is out of town and come after 2 months

O- shivaay we have to wait until he come during this period of time we have to behave with Tia nicely

S- but om I have to be with Anika she needs me
O- I know you just manage shivaay for Bhabhi and baby
R- so mission lady baba kick out start
Os- yes

After That day shivaay be nicely with Tia he and omru are playing their roles very well and here Anika pampered by his shivaay very much and time just passed away 2months passed now Anika have a growing big baby bump bcoz she is 8 months pregnant now he doesn’t allow her to take a step out from the bed in day time omru with Anika nd take care of her while during day time SSO in office nd oberoi mansion and in night time shivaay with Anika and take care of her nd just doing all household work Anika care his romance and he knows that next day dr. Chaterjee r come back to India but he make his thoughts side line nd busy with herove nd baby
Night in dream house

Shivika settled to sleep as usual Anika rubs her bump nd talk with baby shivaay is very happy to see her happynd lay beside her nd caressed her bump and they both sleep hugging each other bcoz tmrw is a big day for shivaay


Guys done with this chapter I hope u all enjoyed it drop your comments and think what happen next what do u want tmrw I will again come back with lots of twists

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