Me and my love a shivika love story 8th shot

Hi guys thnk u so much for your comments once again I hope u all enjoyed it if you have want some more in story so u can comment me I will try to put them in my story line here’s the next chapter enjoy it

Screen starts from

Two people (our shivika) cuddle each other in the middle of the bed and murmuring something in sleepy voice

A- ahhhh shivaay
S-what happen Jaan
A-baby kick me very badly
S- oh ho princess pls stop troubling your Mumma
A-SHIVAAY she is not princess he is my prince
S-no it’s princess
A-SHIVAAY prince na baba pls
S-ANIKA prince next time this time I want princess
A-u don’t listen me even u don’t complete my any kind of wish
S- Jaan it’s nothing like that u want prince I want princess if this time prince comes so we try next time for princess or vice versa happy
A- yaaaay I am super happy but shivaay if next time also prince came so what should we do
S- we will try again
A- next try also Prince came so
S- again try
A- shivaay how many babies u want
A- shivaay Chee kitne cheapde h aap
S- what cheap it has a logic darling just tell me how many days in a week
A- 7
S-we planned 5 kids Monday to Friday each day we will spent with each kid
A- and on weekends
S- in weekend we played with each other
A-. Shut up Chee u became father soon have some shame
S-. No
And they both start laughing
Shivaay (in mind) Anika I hope I will give you all the happiness the name of elder daughter in law of oberoi mansion but first I have to find truth of Tia pregnancy

A,-shivaay kha kho gye
S- nothing u feeling better
A- much better
S- u have fever I will give you medicine
A- my medicine is you nd my baby I just want both of you or nothing else
S,- I love you Jaan
A- I love you too mera baby
They hug each other changes Thier clothes and come outside in the hall
S- u sit I will make hot chocolate for you
A- shivaay u have to go OM what if Tia has doubt on u
S- I don’t care
A- shivaay what happen
S- nothing Jaan sorry shouting on u
He come toward her she rest on couch nd he sat on floor and hug her belly
Anika iluvu and baby
A,- I know. Now stop crying

Om nd ru reach mansion they found Tia is pregnant they r shocked they call shivaay nd trio plan something

Guys I hope u all enjoyed it pls drop your comments and suggestions

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