Me and my love a shivika love story 7th shot

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Scene starts from
Tia- baby we r going to be parents soon
T-what happen u r not happy with this news
S-tia it’s not like that ,but how can these possible
T-shivaay what are you saying you have any doubt on my character
We are married couple and after marriage baby is happen it’s common why r u react like this
S-i know but Tia we doesn’t share any kind of couple relationship so how’s it possible

T-BABY I know that you are nervous bcoz it’s our first baby you take your time
S- it’s nothing like that Tia but
T-no but u should rest here I am going to share this news with other members
S- Tia stop

But Tia doesn’t listen to his nd she go downstairs to gather all the members and tell them that news

S- how’s it possible,we hadn’t slept with each other how this will be happen , I am shure Tia tell lie to me,pr m uske upper aise questions nhi utha skta agr wo sach me mere bache ki maa banne wali hogi to m anika or apne baby ko hamesha k liye kho dunga nhi m dobara Anika Ko nhi kho skta or mera bacha agr ye sach Nikla to m inn dono k Bina kaise rahunga
No it is not true I didn’t do anything with her she is telling a lie or nothing else but Anika Ko iss baare me nhi pta chalna chàhiye nd he comes out from the room

Tia tell everyone about her pregnancy but no-one is happy except pinky all other just give her blessings and go to their rooms

Shivaay come towards the hall but he doesn’t pay any attention to both pinky and Tia and come out of the mansion

Tia and pinky smirks

Shivaay reach dream house and come out from the car come in the house

Omru sat on the hall
O- shivaay u came come sit
S-where is your bhabhi
R – she has back pain also and her legs also swollen badly nd she just continuously vomit since morning her room to take some rest
she’s suffering from so much problems why u both doesn’t call me
O- bcoz bhabhi say it’s normal during pregnancy

S- sorry guys wo iam just worried for her
O,-its ok shivaay why r u saying sorry is everything ok u r going to mansion to talk with Tia what happen

S- om I have tell both of u something but for now I will go and check Anika she needs me but can you do me a favour. U both go oberoi mansion and give me every update of Tia action

O- but what’s the matter
S-i will tell u later but I have go nd check Anika
O- shivaay we are with you always we both go u take care bhabhi
S- thank you om Rudra
They both hug shivaay and leave shivaay closes the main door and rushes to see his love

He opens the door he see Anika in semi wet clothes messy hair a small towel in hand and swollen feets nd she doesn’t sleep properly bcoz of her backache he feels very bad for her he rushes towards her and sit beside her and take her head on his lap

S-jaan r u ok
A-SHIVAAY aap aa gye
S-yaa baby I am why u didn’t call doctor
A-its normal during pregnancy
S- it’s not done ye kha halat b a rkhi h
A- wo rukiye m change kr leti hu
S- shh iam here na why r u doing your own work u just take rest only rest u wait I will come back in 2.min.
Shivaay rushes towards kitchen he .made a special oil for Anika he takes it and go back to room
He locked the door Anika in sleep now
He slowly removes her wet clothes now she is without any clothes. Infront of her husband he starts applying hot oil on her back and feets Anika feel so relaxed and relieved with this and she enjoyed this very much shivaay happy with his love relaxation. But he checks she has fever also and she starts shivering bcoz she doesn’t wear anything shivaay stops massage and cover Anika with blanket but she is still shivering so he remove his all clothes also and accompanying his love in blanket Anika felt relaxed In his arms he rubs her back and continuously kiss her and they both sleep for sometime


Guys I hope u all enjoyed it if not so please tell .me this Story end soon if u like it so pls do comments and as I promised I update fastly and add your favorites tracks also

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