Me and my love a shivika love story 31st shot

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Late night
Shivaay is not coming home
O- Bhabhi come and let’s have dinner ,u didn’t eat anything since morning pls have something

G- bhojai atleast for ansh have some food
A- you both don’t take stress , shivaay come in few minutes then we’ll eat together u guys go and sleep then they hear car sound

Shivaay came bang on the door nd doesn’t pay any attention to anyone he move towards his room
O- Bhabhi
A- I’ll handle him
G- bhojai take care

Shivaay come in room like tornado but his all angryness goes away bcoz his little soul sleeping peacefully he pick his clothes and move in bathroom

Anika prepared dinner for both of them and take in their room

Shivaay came out from the bathroom and sat on the bed and caressed ansh ,anika came in through which shivaay get alert ,Anika place food tray on table and move towards shivaay,she bent on her knees and hold her ears ,,

A- I am sorrypls forgive me
S- shut up
And he also join her on floor ,why u say sorry I did a mistake I’m sorry
S- I have to understand that
A- u know na for me your love is important or nothing else
S- nd my ansh
A- hey he is mine also
S- I love you Jaan
A- I love you too
Ansh start crying
S- see. He also. Loves us
A- actually he is hungry also. U stand up and have your dinner ,I have to feed ansh otherwise I will feed u with my hands

She gots up nd take ansh on her lap she see shivaay has no interest in having food she understands why
A- give me the plate
He gave her nd she feed him nd ansh
S- bss or nhi
A- one bite
S- ummm no.
A- Baba for me
S- ok give

Take your dishes and placed on kitchen
O- shivaay whr r u since morning. U know how much Bhabhi is worry for you
S- yaa I just angry but now everything is good
O- good you both having your dinner together hmm
S- no only I did eat
O- duffer Bhabhi didn’t eat anything from morning
S- oh shit.
0- go feed her
Shivaay come in room but he found anika is sleeping peacefully he doesn’t want to disturb her so he didn’t wake her

S- tommorow is a big day for us darling

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