Me and my love a shivika love story 18th shot

Hello guys welcome back ,, there’s is some issues of my writing skills to write about intimacy but guys I will mention in my previous updates that I will start this kind of track nd they r married I think these are common nd the issue of age of other readers so I just say one thing we all r educated students nd may be the student of class 8 or 9 didn’t allow to use mobiles nd of they use so they study science nd this is common ,,,,,if anyone hurt with my words a heartly apology from my side nd I will take care of scenes writing
Sorry for consuming your time here’s the next chapter enjoy it

Shivika room

Anika nd ansh sleep peacefully nd shivaay do some office work ,,,he heard knock sounds on his room door he get up open the door and find pinky stand there

S- mon you
P- u go outside I will talk with Anika
Shivaay go outside pinky come nd close the door ,,, shivaay secretly try to listen their talks but dadi catch him and beat him

D- bhaag yaha se
S- dadi but what they are talk
D- kuch baatein aisi Hoti h Jo ek SaaS he apni bahu Ko samajha skti h ,tu chal mere saath

Shivika room
Pinky take baby and slowly slowly wakes Anika ,Anika shocked to see pinky she stumble but calm herself

A- aunty ji aap
P- iam your aunty
Anika silent
P- say me only ma
A- ji na
P- tune kuch khaya
A- no
P- I knew it ,kha h ye shivaay
A- ma I am sorry
P- u gave a most precious gift of my life ,my shivaay’s ansh no need to sorry anyone be happy I will send some food for you eat and relax I will take baby with me

Pinky and Anika talk some female’s talk about baby , health care precautions safety and other pinky feed her and came outside with baby she directly go towards her room,, shivaay see her nd he hurriedly come to the room ,he find Anika sleep peacefully

He wake her up and try to enquire her about pinky ,,Anika start crying and she continuously crying , shivaay try to calm her he hug her and pacifies her ,,he thinks pinky do something bad with Anika
S-ANIKA listen to me mom said u anything ,just tell me once nd where’s ansh
A- he is with his dadi
Thank you so much shivaay for giving me a wonderful family thnk u
She hug him ,he also happy …….and they stay happy with their baby and love

THE END******?????

Thnk so much guys for your love and support I thought I will add some more in this story but I don’t want to this story boring and I think u all r now bored but pls send me your unconditional love nd support and keep comment
Thnk u guys take care

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    Beautiful ending

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    No dear we are not at all bored..Keep writing..i really enjoy it????

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    It is lovely ending dear

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