Me and my love a shivika love story 17th shot


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all members retired to their rooms dadi take Anika and baby in shivaay room for rest and dadi leaves after 10 min. Shivaay came

Shivika room

Shivaay is coming room in lots of anger frustration clearly visible on his face ,but his frustration go away to see the scenerio her beautiful lovely family sleep to cuddle each other he close the door remove his coat ,he find baby is awake he take baby and sat On beside Anika,,,,baby start crying due to which anika also wake up she forwarded her hands to take the baby but shivaay stands up and sat on the couch with baby Anika find it weird but later she knows why shivaay do this she is very weak due to the operation but she stands up and move towards shivaay but ,,, shivaay ignore her

A- shivaay I am sorry
S-who I am to u ,why r u saying sorry to me but get that one thing he is mine do u get that who r u to doing such type of disgusting DNA test hmm ans me
A- shivaay don’t say that we both r yours,,and he is only yours first then anyone else but I have do this for me bcoz u r the only men in my life only u r shivaay who touched me who is the father of my baby ,,,she starts crying shivaay doesn’t see he quickly puts baby on the bed nd pull Anika into a hug

S- I am sorry Jaan I am soo sorry wo just aise he
A- I understand now leave me what did baby think
S- he thinks his father such a romantic person
Baby starts crying Anika take him and try to feed him but he is not
A- shivaay see ur son again trouble me
S- Anika u know na he is not feed without me so why u try wait for me I’ll come
A- acha and when u going to office he is on hunger strike so I will put a habbit
S- doesn’t need of any kind of habbit bcoz now I will work from home
A-r u mad
S- yes in your love jaanu
A- shut up now take ur son
She gives baby to shivaay and lifts her clothes from one side nd rest her back on bed , shivaay came forwarded nd puts Anika bid in baby’s mouth nd happily he start fill his tummy ,,
S- Anika I think baby want something something
A- what

S- he want that his dad join him in feeding
A- I think ansh get finished his milk he should sleep ,but ansh doesn’t leave anika
S- see he want this only
A- u both r make your gang and torcher me
S- this is love not torcher
A- come join Ur son

Anika uplifts right side clothes take the baby in one arm other arm around shivaay neck and with his one hand shivaay help Anika to hold the baby now he tease her flesh with his tounge she signals him to no ,,, shivaay silently kissed over them start accompanying with his son

A- ummm baby jaanu slow pls
S- ok mom
And after 30 min.both father son finished there milk nd sleep

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  1. It is nice… But please don’t write such intimate scene of shivika…

  2. Priyali

    I think that till the hug was OK.. but Pls be sensitive to other readers’ age.. Pls don’t write such intimate scenes..

  3. Nice
    Pls don’t write intimate seen

  4. awesome do write such intimate scene of shivika afterall they are married

  5. Update soon and update is awesome

  6. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

  7. Awww.
    Update soon

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