Me and my love a shivika love story 16th shot

Hello guys welcome back sorry for little late actually I am down with some throat infection but here’s is your next chapter enjoy it

Scene starts with
Anika shivaay nd ansh stand on the door of mansion dadi doing there Aarti and they take forward step nd comes inside Rudra come towards them hurriedly nd snatch the baby from shivaay’s hand

R- awww le my sweetu ,my baby Bhaiya kitni der lga di aapne pta h Maine kitna wait Kiya
S- awww sorry Rudra now play with your nephew
Shivaay holds Anika bcoz she has some weakness

Baby start crying nd all senior oberois gathered in hall Anika tighten her grip on shivaay hand

T- what happen I heard some baby crying voices
S- me too bhaisab
R- bcoz baby is here
Rudy comes out from the pillar , shivika also behind the pillar

P- oh my mata Rudra who’s child he is
Rudra gives baby to pinky
P- omm Shakti ji he is our shivaay
S- what r u saying pinky
P- I mean to say he is exact copy of shivaay
Shivaay feels proud on himself

P – bit Rudra ye kiska bacha h
Shivaay comes outside with Anika and said
S- u r right mom he is my child Ur grandson
P- what ,what r u saying ,u r in your senses or not
Pinky handover baby to Rudra and clean her hand with tissues ,,, shivaay dumbstruck with the pinky reaction

S- mom what happen
P- shut ups not a word more don’t know this girl puts who’s child on your u r only Tia husband and her baby father only

S- mom not a word against more ,he is my son nd he is my wife do u get that nd the cheap Tia I am not her husband and her child father

P- shivaay shut up Khanna Khanna security take all security comes in the hall ,,,,take this child nd this cheap outside from the mansion

Khanna comes forward take the baby shivaay shocked he just shouts on Khanna but stops in mid way
Khanna take the baby and play with him

K-awww le mera baby mamu k pass nhi aayega hn kya bulayega mujhe Papa jaise Khanna nd he starts starts laughing shivaay have tears in his eyes with the pinky and Khanna behaviour ,, Khanna gives baby to Anika and move outside with security

S- mom where is Tia ,,,,Tia Tia he shouts
She comes

Shivaay exposed her give divorce papers and DNA test reports also she ask for forgiveness he forgive her and order Khanna to send her home

Tej come towards Anika take the baby bless Anika and said
T- welcome beta u r daughter in law of oberoi mansion and he is our grand son
Baby start crying Tej try to calm him nd he successful he gives baby to Anika
T- I have no mood to leaves u but your bade dadu Have some work he comes back fastly and play with you my little angel he calls all servants and take bundles of notes from his pocket and give them nd leaves the house

Shakti come towards baby sorry for Anika he removes a Mata Rani pendant from his neck nd gives to baby blessed Anika and he also leaves

S- mom he is my baby if you believe me ,so believe this is my baby otherwise u doesn’t have any choice

P- shivaay I believe u but not this girl
A- aunty ji I know it’s difficult for u nd I know this situation I have to face it so I have DNA test
U believe on reports na she handover reports to pinky shivaay is hell angry with Anika pinky leaves dadi take Anika in room nd all the members retired in their rooms


What do you guys want

I hope u all enjoyed it pls drop your comments and suggestions thank you

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