Me and my love a shivika love story 14th shot

Hi guys thnk u so much for your comments keep sending me your love and appreciation I can’t believe it is 14 chapter and tmrw I will post 15 th it’s amazing experience guys here’s is the next chapter enjoy it


Shiomrudadi all r enjoy in shivaay happiness baby,then,DNA ,then divorced, all happiness come in a row

S- dadi iam so happy
D- it’s all bcoz of your child karma puttar
R- Bhaiya he is very lucky for you
O- u r right Rudra
Dr.- mr.oberoi your baby is fine we checked him properly but we have to take them in observations today just for betterment u can take discharge tmrw
S- thnk u doctor
Dadi u go home I I will come back with my wife and kid in their original house,omru take dadi home iam here with Anika
O- take care of bhabhi
R- and bhaiya take my sweetu early in home
They all bid bye to shivaay and shivaay enters in Anika room
Anika try to feed baby he is sleeping in his mother’s lap shivaay come and sit on Anika bed

S- what happen
A- shivaay see na he is very stubborn ek dum ziddi like u how much he trouble me to feed he didn’t feed

S- try once I am also he can’t deny
A- u both make your own team
S- baby we both r in your team
A- awww my both babies are damn cute
Shivaay take baby in his lap and tell Anika to feed him Anika slowly put her bud in his mouth and the soft small tiny lips gives pleasure to newly mother Anika start crying she just hold shivaay hand and enjoy this lovely cute moment (guys I just try to show a eternal connection between Mumma and baby so I will write some these kinds of language)

S- Anika baby what happen why r u crying
A- shivaay u can’t imagine imporatance of this moment in my life he is our ,our ansh
S- yes we decided a great name of our baby ANSH
A- no there is change ansh is Nick name of our baby ,he is my shivaay’s ansh he is symbol of your Love towards me his name should be SHIVANSH

SHIVAAY have tears in his eyes and hug Anika soon he discharge Anika and take them in mansion

Shivika with there baby standing on the main door of mansion Khanna handle there luggage dadi come towards them with Aarti thali do there Aarti and welcome them soon all members gathered in hall and they are shocked……


Guys sorry for short nd late update but I am also eagerly waiting for next chapter bcoz there is more fun more twist more love and I will promise to come again tommorow and update new chapter but drop your comments and suggestions plssssss

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