Me and my love a shivika love story 13th shot

Hi guys here’s is the next chapter enjoy it

The newly became parents just adore there baby he is really very cute Anika try to feed him but he is not ready for yet so he start crying seing this they both are panic and try to calm their baby but they are fail , suddenly door opens and they both are shocked bcoz omru are standing with dadi

Dadi have tears in her eyes smile on her face doesn’t want to remove her eyes from her great grandchildren there is silence in room all were just stand in statue position only baby keep crying dadi came towards Anika take baby she is continuously crying and all have tear in there eyes shivika down there heads in shame and guilt dadi pacifies baby and he is stop crying seing this they all passes smile to each other dadi came towards shivaay and lightly slap him 3-4times seing this baby again start crying

D- bhott bada business man h na tu bhott bada ho gya m kon hu ek budhiya Jo tumhare ghr me tumhare saath Rehti h

S- dadi
D- Matt keh mujhe dadi
S- kahuga 100 Baar kahuga aap ho meri dadi
D- why r u hide this from me
S- dadi it’s long story I will tell you later
D- agr aaj k Baad tune Aisa kuch Kiya ya mujhse koi baat chipayi to acha nhi hoga billu and she again slap her lightly baby again start crying
D- nhi maar rhi tere baap Ko tu chup hoja mera bacha
R- waise dadi ab to Bhaiya baap bann gye h Aisa kuch kya kuch bhi nhi kr skte ha ha ha
S- shut up Rudra why I can’t do anything after becoming a father then he realised what he said mistakenly nd see Anika angry
R- hawww bhabhi see him after baby he wants to enjoy his bachelor life
S- no it’s nothing like that Anika
D- shut up u both
Anika puttar u also hided this from me ,leave it now u r coming with me in your house
A- but dadi shivaay and I r not married so which right I have to stay in mansion
D- this is my house and this is the order of Kalyani Singh oberoi that her daughter in law is come with us in her house with her great grandchildren

A- ji dadi
Nurse come to check the baby and and Anika dadi give baby to Anika remove her jewellery and a bundles of notes give to the nurse
R- dadi why r u give your jewellery to nurse we are going to poor
D- shut up mera bass chale to m saari Daulat ispe vaar k de du
O- I think bhabhi needs rest we have to come outside shivaay come I have to talk to you
O- shivaay reports of DNA test
Om handed reports to shivaay
Shivaay opens the envelope and start crying bcoz there is NO MATCH he has tears of happiness he hugs om share this news with dadi nd Rudra suddenly his phone rang advocate name flash on screen

Advocate- congratulations mr.oberoi your divorce is done with Tia
Shivaay just overwhelmed there’s is no boundaries of his happiness he is fly in the sky
He hug omru tell them they all r happy for anika and shivaay
Screen freezes

Full of romance

Guys I hope u all enjoyed this part pls drop your comments and suggestions and yours wishes to what scenes you want in the story iam just start with some intense romance so pls drop your suggestions what kind of Romance you love to see

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  5. Awesome epi dear???..write dad’s line in english pls…i am from south india so i don’t know hindi completely i am not good in hindi ,i know somewhat???…and shivaay ‘s good day☺☺☺…so many good news for shivaay ….awesome?????post asap???

    1. Sorry it is not dad it is dadi????

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    Dadi ShivIka OmRu Scene And Conv ?? It’s Awesome Shot??????

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