Me and my love a shivika love story 12 th shot

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Shivomru trio stand outside the hospital and wait for the Anika auto and after 5min. A auto reaches trio rushes towards and find Anika unconscious in it shivaay fastly take her into his arms and come inside the hsptl he shout for doctor ,,, doctor examines Anika take her into the operation theatre shivaay is continuously crying bitterly om pacificies him and Rudra completes the formalities after 30min. Doctor came out with a baby and handed to shivaay congratulations for the baby boy
Shivaay just stood numb adjusting the baby in his arms and just see their symbol of love
S- he is my
Dr.- yaa mr.oberoi he is your boy ,he is very strong being a premature baby he is growing very well but he trouble her mumma actually mr.oberoi we did a small operation of Anika in which she can’t able to conceive again sorry but I have to say he is the only child of yours and take care of your wife she is very weak u can meet her dr leave shivaay feel hurt but happy for his baby just stare him his kanji eyes small hands little fingers shivaay just lick his son lightly bcoz he knows his son soft skin hurt by his hard beard omru also join the father son shivaay take his son in arms and move towards Anika room Anika is lying on the bed unconscious shivaay puts baby in crib nd come to Anika gently kissed her foots first due to which anika is awake she called

A- shivaay..
S- shhhhh
A- pls help me in sitting
S- wait
S- baby iam sorry
A- shut up where is my baby is it boy or girl
S- hmm your prince came
A- shivaay where is he pls give me
S- yaa wait
He take baby from crib nd give it to Anika and on the edge of the Anika bed she have tears in her eyes see her baby look likes a carbon copy of her shivaay
A- thank you for giving me this
S- no I m thank full to you giving me the most precious thing
There moment break by dr.
Dr.- how is you mrs.oberoi Anika puts her face down
A- iam ok doctor
Dr.-actually I have to tell you something. He is premature baby so we have to check that his all body parts functions properly or not so first u feed him then we should continue our process doctor leaves

Anika have tears in her eyes she is worried for baby but shivaay console her she gives baby to shivaay and lift her clothes to feed baby shivaay just see this beautiful moment
A- have some shame go outside I will feed baby
S- iam not going anywhere he puts baby in Anika lap
Anika puts his neck on her hand and with other hand she holds shivaay

Guys I hope u all enjoyed it pls drop your comments and suggestions and there is end of Tia very soon nd I will promise u all to come Tomorrow again and update a new chapter but pls do comments


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