Me and my love a shivika love story 10th shot

Omg I can’t believe this I will write the 10 chapter of my FF it’s all bcoz of your appreciation guys thanks for your comments and suggestions I hope u all enjoyed it keep enjoying it and drop your comments and suggestions happy reading

Shivaay wake up and just stare his love quietly kissed her forehead and come outside Anika also wake and come outside she sees shivaay in kitchen ready breakfast in hurry she goes behind him nd backhugs he suddenly stops nd calm himself

S- u r awake
A- what r u doing baby
S- making delicious breakfast for u nd my baby
And why r u come outside
A- shivaay iam bored in room so come outside why r u angry
S- I’m not angry u make always me angry
A- sorry’
S- no Jaan I am just kidding I am sorry come have your team
Shivaay sat on sofa and Anika in his lap with her tea mug while shivaay see her his both hands underneath her clothes caressed her bump
A- amm stop it baby u r becoming father soon and after our baby birth u doesn’t have any chance to do such type of things so better is that you make habbit this starts now
S- I know after Baby birth u didn’t love me anymore u just love baby fake angry

A- aww my baby why r u assuming things you are my everything nd u r always be my first baby why I love more to him I luv only my baby j

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