i love you – shivika ff part 9 Last part

Hii gyez i am back with my thiss ff i know many of you forget about this but i have to complete so here is it today its have last epiaode thankyou all who comment on my ff who donot comment all silent reader thankyou gyez
I will give you link of last part you can connect with story

Part 9

Tia : Shivaay baby what is this
Shivaay : i can explain you tia
Tia : No shivaay baby i know this girl trap you 5 year ago she is trying to trap you and now she success how dare you Anika you trap my shivaay baby you blo*dy girl
A tight slap come on Tia cheeks tia fell downk and shivaay slap her
Shivay : How dare you tia to blame Anika you know i donot love in starting i tell you i donot love you i only love Anika if she come back i will go back to her but you said you donot have any problem now Anika is back i always love her i never want to hurt you but its you said you love me thats enough for you i tell you i donot want to be in relation with you but you force me now bear consequence and get the hell out from here
Tia go angry to shivaay house Shivay Hug Anika
Rudra : billu billi we are also here
Shivika embRess
Shakti come and hug Anika
Shakti : i always want to see you as shivaay wife infact i tell about this to pinki but pinki thought shivaay love tia so we drop our idea but now i will talk about Anika marrige with shivay to her

Pinki : o my maata my would be bahus is blushing
Pinki go and hug her
Everyone go from there
Shivaay held Anika and take her to his room
Shivaay : Anika come
Shivaay sit on bed and make Anika sit on his lap anika is blushing
Shivaay : o my god anika you are blushing the tadibaaz Anika is blushing
Anika : i am not blushing
Shivaay : really so you are not nervous
Anika : No i am not nervous
Shivaay : So give me proof
Anika : what
Shivay : kiss me on my lips now
Anika : Haww cheapde
Shivaay : why so just accpect you are nervous when o come close to you

Mature content
Anika look in shivaay eyes come to his lips and kiss him on his lips an instant his hold on her and pull her close to his . She began to kiss him smooching his lower lip shivaay took charge on kiss and hold her tightly turn her on bed and lay down her on bed and kiss her passionatly and slept hugging her
In some days shivika marrige done after marrige thwy become one in every way
The end

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