I love you – Shivika ff (part 8)

Hii gyez i am back now enjoy story and please comment on this if you not intrested in this then please tell me i will end this please tell me your view

Part 8
Shivaay : stop it Anikaa now stop how many time you run away from me you always run why cant you face your emotion you feeling
Anika : stop it shivaay donot make it difficult for me i cant leave you
Shivaay : thats what i want donot leave me na why you always left me
Whole fainly is shocked with shivika converstaion but om is understanding what they are talking
Anika : because you always hurt me you never care my feeling
Shivay : i never hurt you i always cRe for you i always care for your feeling but you always run away if you wanr you can run today also but listen one thing i love you Anika i love you so much
Anika is having tears in her eyes she run and hug shivaay and cry and hit his cheast
Shivaay : why are hiting me i love you my jhansi ki rani
Anika : why you confess so late if you donot do this then i have not stay away from you 5 year and you accpect that tia perposel also i left you and you donot care to come to me but you confess her perposel

Shivaay : i call your home that day ishana lift phone and she tell me that you leave for new york i am in anger and accpect her perposel
Anika : you are serious that much that you are in 5 year in relationship with her
Shivaay : sorry na and i never care for her thats why i never know where she is what she doing so we never fight thats why i have no reasone for breakup now stop you Question my jhansi ki rani
Shivaay bend down on his knee
Shivaay : you are first and last girl whome infonrt of shivaay singh oberoi bend and will you marry me
Anika is surpries and she is have tears in her eyes she nod in yes and bend and hug shivaay
Anika : bagad billa perpose bhi tadi mai
Shivaay : donot call me that
Whole faimly is shocked with shivika confession
And now one voice come from behind Awwwwww yes that voice of ishana
Ishana : Awww jiju you are so romantic
Anika : what jiju
Ishu : yes you accpect bhayia perposel now he os my jiju
Shivaay smile and hug Anika and ishana
Rudy start his drama
Rudy : you all forget me in your hug om hit him from behind and all hug in union
Om : i am very happy for you shivaay atleast you accpect my advice else Anika is gone
Now one voice come
Tia : shivaay baby

Tia : you blo*dy girl you trap my shivay baby
Shivaay slap her

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