LOVE AND IT’S SHADES – Episode – 35 * THE END*


Hi, Guys.. I’m so happy and blessed for having ur love and support…and this is my Final episode..of Love & It’s Shades! hope u will enjoy…..



Abhi and Adhu’s taken into Operation Theater..Abhi and Adhu r side by side…Abhi slowly see’s Adhu lovingly and cares her hair and say’s”Adhu! today ur papa is promising u..he will fight for u…May i loose or win..but, never let u loose in ur Life beta…i will get ur energy and happiness back to..u then, u can play happily with ur Aarav …That’s a Promise! beta..! and slowly kisses on her fore head…later, Abhi also given medicine and slowly get’s unconsciousness…

Operation Begins…. A Special Doctors team r fully concentrating and doing Operation…. While whole family and Abhi’s fan’s r praying for Abhi and Adhira’s safety….!

Pragya lights diya in hospital and prays in temple room..Suddenly she see’s her staff Nurses, Jr.Doctors and get’s surprised….! A nurse slowly comes to her and say’s “Madem! Today our Adhu beta is fighting with death for her New life with her Father…Hw can we just simply sit’s there? Adhira is our daughter too…She’s Princess of our Hospital..that’s why we r praying for us …” Pragya smiles with happy tears ..Nurse ask’s her to come with her..she slowly takes her to corrider and Pragya is surprised to see Patients of her Hospital whom she treated r also came here and prays for Adhira! she just had tears in her eyes and walks towards them..Suddenly, a old man stops her and say’s”Don’t worry beti! ur Angel will be fine..she will be back with smile on her face..!” Pragya identifies that old man..he is the one for whom Adhu fights with all Nurses and say’s they shouldn’t give him any injection…! She cries happily seeing So many people r praying for her Daughter’s Life..! her Adhira’s Life.. Now, she is really feels proud of her Adhu..and prays with them….


All r tensely waits for Doctor…Doctor slowly comes out and say’s “Congrats Pragya! Operation is successful! It’s really God’s grace ! i just really finds difficulties in it..But, must say Thanks to God..! ” Pragya say’s” No Doctor! not Only God’s grace …It’s The Power of a Father’s Love…It’s the Power of blessings and hopes of People..” She slowly turns towards her staff and patience and thanks them for their huge support and love towards her Daughter…

Later, Abhi and Adhu get’s conscious and shifts to Rooms…All went towards them and smiles seeing them safe…Slowly Abhi get’s conscious and see’s Pragya with Happy tears…he slowly tries to sit while pragya helps him…he then ask’s “Is Adhu fine?” and looks at Pragya.. Pragya smiles and say’s” She’s ur Daughter! hw can A ROCKSTAR Abhi ‘s Daughter will not be fine? Ur Fatherly Love made her Win …! Adhu is safe now! and will be safe always…” By listening this Abhi smiles with Happy tears and hugs Pragya….!

Later, Akaash takes Adhu to Abhi’s room… and Slowly Adhu get’s consious and call’s Papaa! Abhi emotionally kisses her and holds her hand…Pragya kisses Adhu and smiles seeing Abhi ..


Abhi and Adhu were completely Alright..Abhi signs his New contract and busy with it While Adhu too joins her school and Happily plays with her li’ll bro Aarav!


Now, MM is filled with full of joy and happiness… Pragya accepts Abhi as her husband whole heatedly and Abhigya consummated their Marriage …and leads a very happy and beautiful life with their kids….ya, Now, there r 4 kids in MM…Abhigya blessed with a baby boy last year and names him ANSH! …Purab & Bulbul too blessed with a Baby girl and names her as Aastha! Now, Adhira is so much happy and enjoying her sister’s duties well with her li’ll brothers Aarav and Ansh….and with her cute sister Aastha….! Every night Adhu tells stories to her brothers and sister…and sleep with them… Abhigya is now, so much busy with their children….and Mostly, Abhi! Abhi is enjoying his fatherhood with Ansh and Aastha! he really want to enjoy and feel every movement with Ansh and Aastha…which he missed at Adhu’s time… Finally, After having so many struggles and problems…Now, Whole family united and lives happily …


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  1. Sabeenia

    Big applause…………….grand success ya…….♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥


  2. Sabeenia

    Big applause…………….grand success ya…….♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥ sure going to miss ur ff….in these days I v never missed….pls continue any new ff….I ll b waiting


    1. Adhya

      Thank u…Emmy darling..Love U Too..

  3. Superb episode… Will miss your ff…. ????

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Dear Nirmala… don’t worry will be back with another touchy story…

  4. My hearty congratulations to you adhya …and don’t stop ur writing it has some magic dear …if u gonna start another ff please tell us

    1. Adhya

      Thanku so much Jessi for being a great supporter to me in this wonderful jorney..Don’t worry i will be back with another beautiful and touchy story…Just Stay tuned my dear

  5. superbb yarrr………………….i loved ur ff a lot………………………& all the best for ur future

    1. Adhya

      Thank much Nannu for ur great support..thank u so much..

  6. Lovely to the core darlu but gonna miss it a lot hope u cme back soon love u loads????

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..My dear Saranya… i gonna miss u too..don’t worry will be back u too

  7. Omg such an emotional epi yaar……….really ??????superbbbbbb hatsoff to ur work yaar………..awesome……..thanks for giving such a wonderful epi yaar………happy ending lovely………plzzz continue with new epi yaar……..i m teally waiting yaaar. …..??

    1. Adhya

      Thank u Rose…U r also a great supporter to me in this wonderfully journey..Thank u so much..don’t worry i will be back with another superb story..

  8. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Reshma.. thanks for ur love and support dear

  9. Maya

    Thank u for this lovely ending…lovely ff…lovely emotions….Thank u for showing the different shades of love….will miss this ff a lot…Sorry for being a silent reader of your ff….

    1. Adhya

      Hey Maya, i’m happy that i got a new friend…like u..hahh..thank u for ur love and support dear

  10. Superb!!!!!! Great ending dear

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Divya..u r a great supporter ..yaar thanku so much

  11. Maahi

    frstly srry fr nt cmntng these mny days but dizzz is a perfect story with perfect ending lvd it a lottttt keeep rocking dr awsomneness filled!!

  12. Wow wow amzing… This end is really really happy… great ..

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Sugan..u r one of my great supporter through this journey..thank u for being with me..dear

  13. Really awesome epic… with lots of emotions….. I am going to miss this ff…. pls come back with another rocking ff… I wil b waiting for ur ff….

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..dear Lakshmi..i’m so blessed for having so many lovely friends like u…yes, don’t worry dear will be back with new story…stay tuned..!

  14. Super story no word for express my felling but we miss you come bach with new story.I am waiting.

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Mukund Raj… yes, will be back with another touchy story..thanks for ur support

  15. Adhya

    Thank much Friends for ur huge support through out in this wonderful jouney..Thank u all for being with me and showing ur Love and Support towards me…But plz Don’t worry i will be back…with another Beautiful , Touchy story…Stay tuned..and be happy always..

  16. its really very nice epi..all r happy..aftr read ur ff..i felt so happy…congrats adhya.i hope u may start new fff …..

    1. Adhya

      Thank u…Nasima…i will be back soon..dear

  17. Sorry 4 late coml, but really miss u n u’s ff also… U r great pls come with rocking story of abhigya waiting 4 that., thanks a lot yaaa I love u n miss u my dear friend.., takecare n bye

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..di..i’m so happy by receiving ur comment..i know ur one of my best friend who supports me ..thank u for ur love and support…I will be back with another gud u dear

  18. Really superb ending… It’s really awesome n rocking yaar…

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..durga… will be back with new story

  19. Angita

    Sorry late comment but it was very emotional ending

    1. Adhya

      It’s kk..Angita..thank u so much dear

  20. Omg dii today is sad and happy day Fr me happy is that the episode was outstanding unbelievable dii sema episode actually I don’t hv any words to say dii these r just samples dii love u loadzz u hv made me cry smile blessed in cloudnine all emotions just with ur words dii I am blessed to hv u dii and sad is this ff ended so soon dii not fair dii but i will always remember this ff and will never miss it love u dii waiting fr ur next ff dii until then take care its a sweet cum careful order by ur sis ..

    1. Adhya

      Hi vaishu…I’m despiretly waiting for my Li’ll sister comment..i know we both gonna miss each other very badly..but, don’t worry my dear i promise…i will be back with another purely heart touching story…. u dear..stay blessed

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