LOVE AND IT’S SHADES – Episode – 34

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Sunlight slowly peeped inside the room through the window and touches Pragya’s face…she slowly wakes up and find’s Adhu, Aarav and Abhi r still sleeping peacefully while hugging each other… she smiles seeing them and slowly leaves to fresh up..she then, receives a msg from hospital that she can collect her reports at 11’o clock…she slowly recalls about BONE MARROW…and slowly goes to Abhi and sit’s beside him…she slowly cares his forehead and thinks”I know..u love Adhu so much…but, i cann’t tell this to u..becoz, it may hurt’s u..but, I promise Abhi! i will not let anything happen to our Adhu….!” ..slowly leaves from there…..

Later, Abhi , Adhu and Aarav wakes up and get’s fresh up…Pragya serves break fast to dinning table…Abhi finds still she is worried but, he too can’t do anything…so, he finishes his break fast and tell’s he have to go to Office today due to some work and will return soon… Firstly Adhu get’s sad..but Abhi promises her that he will back with in 2 hrs…then, she agreed…After sometime, . Pragya say’s that she’s having some work at, she too left from MM…


Pragya enters Doc’s cabin..and eagerly waiting for her reports… she stands seeing Doc..Doc silently comes inside and down his head and just simply handover her reports to Pragya and sit’s silently…Pragya is so worried seeing Doc’s behavior..she hesitatingly see’s her result and shocked to see’s negative..Her D.N.A and blood samples didn’t suits Adhu….she just broke down in tears…! Later, Doc slowly passes another reports to her and signs her to see..Pragya couldn’t understood anything..she see’s some one’s D.N.A and Blood samples suits Adhu and get’s surprised..and slowly looks at Doc…Doc say’s”Plz come in MR..” Pragya eagerly waits to see that person and shocked to see him…Yes, it’s none other than our ABHI! He smiles seeing her and comes inside room and sit’s beside her…Pragya eyes r filled with tears…Abhi see’s this and sign her NO……!


When pragya went for fresh up..Suddenly Abhi wakes up..and see’s Pragya’s phone is ringing…he didn’t find Pragya, he answer’s the call..that’s Doc. call. he say’s her reports will be come soon.. Abhi ask’s Doc to tell everything.. After listening everything Abhi requests doc to test him too..he is ready to do this ..and end’s the call…Abhi reaches Hospital before Pragya and gave his D.N.A and Blood samples… and waits in hospital….F.b ends…!

Pragya is crying becoz now, she feels so guilty by her thinking.she has hidden this big thing from Abhi and feel’s guilty…Doc understood their situation and leaves the room..signing Abhi… their just SILENCE for a while…………Abhi broke the silence and say’s “Pragya! why r u crying yaar? have u seen reports…We can save our Adhu..plz stop crying now…and slowly wipes her tears….Pragya slowly bends her head towrds his chest and holds his shirt tightly she still cries and say’s ” SORRY! I’ SORRY ABHI!”..Abhi slowly lifts her face and say’s”For what?” Pragya silently looks into his eyes..and say’s”Plz forgive me Abhi..i done a mistake..Ur Adhu’s father ..u too have right to know everything regarding her..but, i just want to hide this big thing from u..plz forgive me Abhi! plz” Abhi cupped her face and say’s”Pragya! u didn’t done anything wrong understood! i can feel ur pain ..u want to save Adhu at any cost that’s why u didn’t say this to me…becoz, u thought i will be worry about u..and tries to stop this,..But, Pragya! Is this much only u understood me? U know i too loves Adhu..she is my Daughter…My Life… then, hw can u think that i will stop u in ur decision? Pragya i agree that Adhu is ur life..u gave birth to her and brought up her but….She’s my Blood too…i too have equal Love for her…U know? What’s the difference b/w Mother’s and Father’s? U Mother’s can control ur feeling by crying out peacefully..u can lights ur heart by weeping and get’s cool down..but, we ! we Father’s can’t even Cry openly in front of every one..we always have to store our feelings and emotions inside our heart and have to behave normal to out side…. But it doen’t mean..A FATHER can’t love his child as a MOTHER…!” Pragya cries listening this and say’s ” Abhi! i’m sorry ..i just scared about u..becoz it’s too risky..If anything happen’s to u? No… i can’t bear it..that’s why i want to hide this from u…”and cries Abhi slowly lift’s her face and see’s into her eyes and say’s”Pragya i just got hurt for this only..if u explained me about BONE MARROW TRANSFORMATION..then, we will both struggle for this…why u left me and want to fight alone…Pragy! this is our BATTLE…Battle for our Child’s life..Pragya! i have missed to do everything for my leaving u alone…but, Now ! now, i will not leave u alone …If we have to win..will win together..! Now, It’s time for a Father’s Duty…! I will do it at any cost…!” Abhigya shares an emotional hug….

Later, Doc came inside and talks about BONE MARROW TRANSFORMATION and about it’s process….After taking some instructions from Doctor Abhigya leaves to MM…..


Abhigya explains everything about Adhu’s health and also say’s about BONE MARROW TRANSFORMATION… which shocks everyone….! Firstly Prem mehra and Sarla hesitantly say’s it..and tries to leave from there..but, Abhi stops them he slowly goes to Prem mehra and say’s ” Dad! i know u r worried for me..but, dad..just think I’m in Adhu’s place and my life is at risk..then, also u will say this? he slowly hugs him and say’s ” I know..u will do the same which i’m going to do know! Dad! i’m so lucky to have a father like u…but, don’t u think my Daughter also feels same like this about me? I had u since my birth and u have bought up me with ur LOVE…but, Adhu! she didn’t know about her Father upto 4 yrs..she didn’t had any memories with her father…. Now, u only tell me i have to do this for my Daughter or Not?” Prem mehra understood Abhi and agrees for this…Abhi went to sarla and say’s”Maa! u don’t worry about me..but, i just want to save my daughter at any cost…If my life can gives her new life..then, too i’m ready to do this…plz don’t stop me..maa..!” Sarla hugs Abhi with happy tears and kissed him on forehead and say’s” Adhu is so lucky for having a father like u…!”

After convincing evry body..Abhi get’s ready for Transformation process….


Operation begins…

Abhi and Adhu were given Anastasia and begins their Operation….

Pragya and rest of the family were praying for Abhi and Adhu’s safety …and tensly waits..their…

The screen freezes on Abhi and Adhu’s face side by side


Pragya see’s some people and get’s surprised seeing them….

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  1. really superb epic….

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    osam muah to cute little adhu

  3. Superb episode .very emotional one.Abhi’s concern towards Adhu was heart touching n the way he convinced everyone was good.I loved it.waiting for Abhi n Abhu’s recovery.hope they will be fine? Waiting for the suspense that u mentioned in the precap.

  4. Superbbb nd too emotional yaar……I didn’t expect abhi…….superbbb …..

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    Can’t wait for next episode

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  7. Superb adhya please end this sad part yaar …please show some good things in their life

  8. wow nice n super yaaaaaaaaaa

    but end is sad……….

  9. It’s really really awesome n emotional episode really sad n also father’s love on their baby really u described lovely really nice n hrt touching n emotional episode yaar

  10. Angita

    So emotional….loved it so much

  11. superb epic!!!!!!!!!!!! abhis fatherhood feelings was just awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Superb da loved it????

  13. Emotional episode… But I loved it..

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